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  1. Thanks. I'm already downloading . I'll try to make an updated portuguese Win2k ISO with HFSLIP using all these updates. Also thanks for the 98se updates, even if some are missing those are quite rare and difficult to find.
  2. Thank you very much for this! Your work is really helpful to the portuguese software preservation/retro gaming community. Sadly most of these updates were lost time and this is the only place where we can find them as of now. A few weeks ago I also found this Portuguese Multilingual User Interface Pack for Server 2003 64 here: https://vl463l.s.cld.pt It also installs on XP 64 but only translates some UI elements while the rest stays in english. Not sure if it's worth something or if you already got it but it's here. Feel free to add it to your updates repository. Once again, thanks very much for providing us this rare updates in the Camões language :D
  3. Hi! Could you update the links for the W2K updates? I'm trying to make an updated W2K iso in PTG and sadly those mega links are broken and I cant find these updates anywhere else. Obrigado! Also it would be nice if someone had the windows 98 updates in ptpt...

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