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Status Updates posted by Win10-Hater

  1. @Vistapocalypse

    YES! The Vista ship is still afloat because of the renewed interest in Vista due to the invention of the extended kernel, and it will remain afloat for at least the next 5 years according to me.

    1. legacyfan


      yay! long live vista! i plan to continue to use vista until at least 2023 and if even possible after that i will still continue to use it!:D

  2. Does anybody remember those days when it actually made sense to use IE as a daily web browser?
    They are never going to come back...... IE is going to be killed off completely few months later...

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    2. Mr.Scienceman2000


      I only used internet exploiter on intrawebs/switch control panels using activex aka infectivex that was security risk. I used firefox outside those. But simple web times are not coming back. I miss simple design that worked on any browser and sites not requiring javascript to be turned on to do simple task

    3. WinFX


      In my opinion the best browser that existed was Internet Explorer in its version 5.5 Service Pack 2. This version was the first to bring colored scrollbars, Ecmascript 3 and the second with AJAX after 5.01.
      IE6 did not bring large new version 5.5 except the theme Luna for XP and correct the Bug of the Broken Box if docType is used.
      IE7 brought the tabs, but I get disgusting since Microsoft did not give compatibility to Windows 2000 or 98 as in IE6 or IE5.5 if I had. Even even with extended kernel can not be executed.

      There is a site to revive IE5.5: http://reviveie55.ga

    4. Mr.Scienceman2000


      @WinFXfew reasons why it cannot run on kernel ex. One being is it is os component. And I would say HTML3 to be more less bloated than that. And microsoft indeed did violate standards by making it own ones and not sharing them to others. One example being NTLM authentation that was secret handshake used on microsoft Proxy server that was in wide use in companies and still is. Microsoft did not provide info how it worked and why other apps were able support it was since open source developers reverse engineered it. Example here. Second was activeX which was highly insecure program language inside Internet explorer. With it malicious site could even wipe your hard drive. Activex was pushed everywhere. Peoples seems have forgotten bad things about IE or never worked on corporate environment where peoples were stuck to ie6 only since some applications. It was never open standard. HTLM3 on netscape 3 or firefox 2 things would most optimal to non bloated web.

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