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  1. I believe OpenNT project will make this easier. Some dlls can be compiled from source code.
  2. This update works both in Windows 98 and Windows 95.
  3. I found this package from Chinese forum, it is a Chinese version. Not working for English systems. But it may be helpful to port English WinME shell to Win9x. https://mega.nz/file/sTBmURhK#Zu2pp-ChKZaFc3s2vc5LIActZx7DMOy4thQzUr8caIs
  4. I found when using calmira on windows 3.2(simplified chinese version), the system will grab both the letters in the input method and the chinese characters. And if I press the backspace key when using the chinese input method, It will delete 2 characters. I have tried to fix this bug. But I can't locate the problem. Can anyone help me?
  5. Can you release the beta version of the project?
  6. Finally, I fouind the problem. It is a bug of 20171108 version. I tried 20171025 version and It works just fine. I found the problem is in xul.dll. Did you add some functions in 20171108 version? 20171025 version can't show small windows in web pages. 20171108 version can show them but doesn't display normaly in nt4. I only know this is because xul.dll. Do you have a solution of this?
  7. Thank you very much.But it still can't render the background.I will have more tries to fix it. Can your virtual machine display images on pages correctly with the firefox3.6?
  8. This is the version from windowsme.I've tried this but it still can't render the background picture in the web page.
  9. It's strange.When I use msimg32.dll from windows2k.The browser doesn't even run.I recieve an error can't find GdiGradientFill on gdi32.dll.
  10. That's interesting.I will try this.It maybe can solve some render problems are exit in firefox3.6.28 for nt4.
  11. I have this problem too.I am using msimg32.dll from windowsme.I also tried msimg.dll from windows98.But background picture and some other html elements are still not rendered.
  12. thank you very much.I download the 2000 version of msimg32.dll.It maybe invokes some functions only in windows2000.
  13. I found this modified version of firefox3.6.28 for nt4 from roytam1.When I try to run it.It says it required msimg32.dll.Then I replace it but I recieve an error message about gdi32.dll.Is it really compatible with nt4?How can I run it without these errors.

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