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  1. Update: While I did manage to get Firefox 3.0a7 building with the "windows" GFX toolkit, and it launches, it only shows the title bar, with everything else being invisible and unusable. Firefox 3.0a4 was the same. I suspect the last version of Firefox that was able to work with the windows GFX toolkit was Firefox 3.0a2. I will try Firefox 3.0a3 though. The reason why I'm building Firefox 3.0 alpha versions is because I'm looking for a way to use the JavaScript parser/code from Firefox 3.0b1 or later, and I was hoping to get Firefox 3.0 (at least up to beta 2) building on Visual C++ 6.0. @roytam1Do you think it would be possible to use the "cairo-windows" GFX toolkit? I have tried, but because of dependency on USP10.lib, Visual C++ 6.0 doesn't recognize the script functions defined in USP10.h, causing 8 "unresolved externals". All those functions were used in "gfx/thebes/src/gfxWindowsFonts.cpp". Would it be possible to create your own definitions of those functions?
  2. @roytam1Thank you! Now I'm on the hunt for SetViewBitBltEnabled. My present error is "SetViewBitBltEnabled : Is not a member of 'nsIViewManager'. Update: It took a while to find that identifier, but I then realized I took the nsCSSRendering files from Firefox 3.0a2, instead of Firefox 3.0a4, which is the last version of Firefox which had its nsCSSRendering files compatible with the windows GFX toolkit, and not have ~300 counts of the phrase "gfx".
  3. @roytam1Do you know where the identifier nsBorderEdges is in RetroZilla? I'm presently trying to build Firefox 3.0a7 using the "windows" GFX toolkit (for Visual C++ 6.0 support), and I replaced the nsCSSRendering files, and I get an error "syntax error : Identifier 'nsBorderEdges'". By The Way, do you know of any software I can use to view the diffs of files that works in Windows 2000? Edit: nsBorderEdges seems to be defined in layout/style/nsStyleStruct.h.
  4. @roytam1What are the build instructions for your Classilla/Phoenix browsers?
  5. This comment really speaks to me because I have compiled a few Mozilla based web browsers (including NewMoon 26.5.0 and 27.9.1a1), and I notice while CPU usage through increased build time is a problem, RAM consumption has increased faster than the typical total RAM amount in the same period of time. I can compile RetroZilla with static libraries using ~130 MB RAM, while New Moon 27.9.1a1 takes ~3 GB RAM. The top 3 reasons why RAM usage has increased this much is because Mozilla switched from using Visual C++ 6.0 to 2013 between Firefox 2, and 38, Mozilla also made building libxul/xul.dll very RAM inefficient between Firefox 4.0, and 5.0, and the codebase (specifically libxul/xul.dll dependencies) has grown considerably. What's interesting is in my test with Visual C++ 6.0, and 2003 (7.1), building RetroZilla took 38% more RAM to compile in Visual C++ 2003. I also tried Firefox 32 in Visual C++ 2010, and 2013, and RAM usage was 51% higher on Visual C++ 2013. While building Firefox 4.0, I noticed libxul/xul.dll took 273 MB RAM to link, while Firefox 5.0 took 1051 MB RAM to link libxul/xul.dll. Building Firefox 45+ doesn't work for me because I get an out of memory error while building libxul/xul.dll. I do want to get a new computer soon, but not without DDR5 RAM and an AMD Zen 4 (or later) CPU.
  6. I tried building palemoon26-master on Visual C++ 2010 with the Windows 7 SDK, and I get errors relating to "subdata : undeclared identifier". Challenge: Try building NSS on Visual C++ 2010 or earlier, and post your error messages. I'm reluctant to try building New Moon 27, but is there a way to build NSS without building New Moon 27?
  7. I'm a little envious of your computer. I'm presently trying to compile Firefox 35 on a computer with 8GB RAM (3GB usable due to Windows XP 32-bit), and an AMD 4400M CPU running at 1.7 GHz. If the build succeeds, I expect it will have taken 3 hours to compile. I plan to get a new computer in late 2023/early 2024 because I want to wait for DDR5 RAM. If I were you, I would start a "new-regexp" branch that requires Visual C++ 2017, but keep a separate branch that is regularly updated that only requires Visual C++ 2015 in order to build.
  8. Does this mean you'll be switching to Visual C++ 2017 (update 6)? Also, how long do builds take with those 2 compilers on your computer?
  9. Thanks for the info even though it's disappointing to me. Does that mean there is no reason for me to try building New Moon 27 or 28 on 32-bit Windows XP? By the way, I'm not sure how to get configure in UXP to work with the Windows 7 SDK.
  10. I thought it had something to do with that, but I wasn't sure. How much RAM does linking xul.dll on New Moon 27.10.0 take? In my experience, linking xul.dll on New Moon 26.5.0 takes slightly more than 1.3 GB RAM.
  11. As Far As I Know, Firefox 60.9.0 is the last version that will work properly with Python 2.7. This is significant because I want a browser that I can build using Mozilla-Build 1.6. I'm not sure of the differences between Python 2.7.0, and Python 2.7.3, but if it's nothing major, I may be able to get up to New Moon 28 working on Mozilla-Build 1.6 someday. New Moon 27 shouldn't be that difficult to get working on Mozilla-Build 1.6 or Visual C++ 2010. I know there are problems with building on Visual C++ 2010 though, but I will try (somewhat) to get those problems resolved.
  12. @cmccaff1 The reason why I tagged ArcticFoxie is because I thought he would be most likely to reply to my post. I had a feeling New Moon 27 would be the recommended option. I assume New Moon 26 doesn't display MSFN properly is because New Moon 26 doesn't support CSS variables. @ArcticFoxie Confession: I only gave you those 3 options because Feodor2 removed his Mypal, and Mypal27old repositories. I have thought about forking New Moon for when I get a new computer (2023 is my target), and I just want some preparation time first mainly to get it building with my desired build tools.
  13. @ArcticFoxie New Moon 26 vs. New Moon 27 vs. New Moon 28, which do you think would offer the best performance on low resource systems (let's say a computer with a Pentium 3 800 MHz CPU and 512 MB RAM)? I want a browser (New Moon version in particular) that is still fairly "modern web compatible", while still being optimized for low resource consumption, and I want to know what you would recommend.
  14. If Windows 11 system requirements are going to be what they seem to be right now, I wonder how Microsoft will respond to Windows 10 End Of Service in 2025 when (official prediction) Windows 10 has a 53% market share among Windows computers. In my opinion, the deal breakers for Windows 11 will be the DirectX 12 compatible graphics adapter, Secure Boot, TPM 2.0, and CPU requirements.
  15. Do you get a "Couldn't load XPCOM" error message while trying to load New Moon 26.5.0?
  16. How well does RoyTam1's New Moon 26.5.0 work on Windows 98 SE or ME with KernelEx (insert your recommended version)? Are there any files that need to be added to New Moon's directory in order to get it working?
  17. It doesn't seem like reliance on application.ini is a problem, but the some of the code in "nsINIParser.cpp" (located in xpcom\glue) doesn't work on Windows 9x. I replaced the file with the one in RetroZilla, which allows Firefox to get past the "Couldn't load application.ini" error on Windows 9x, but still doesn't load. Here is the commit: https://github.com/ClassicNick/fx36oldwin/commit/389cadfb85c36d92fd37a1a41f17cab96d3ba1a6
  18. @roytam1 Do you want to include a mozconfig file with the source code of your browser builds?
  19. Because IME, that is one of the barriers to Windows 95 compatibility (Possibly 98 too).
  20. Would it be possible to do a build of Firefox 3.x that lacks application.ini?
  21. Recently, I have become interested in building https://github.com/roytam1/fx36oldwin and https://github.com/roytam1/palemoon26/tree/oldvc from source, but I feel like I'm lost when it comes to the required tools necessary for building. Could you publish a list of tools needed please? Ex. Mozilla-build version, Windows SDK version, etc.
  22. Or you could use New Moon 28.10.2a1, and then post your issues in the Pale Moon forum... Both suggestions make about as much sense (As far as I'm aware). In all seriousness, I do believe you should be filing your issues with RoyTam1's browser builds in this MSFN forum since he is the one releasing the specific builds we use.
  23. If I can do it, anyone could have done it... I could try taking a stab at it though.
  24. If someone were to download upstream's UXP source code, will the 1/2 implemented Shadow DOM v1 related commits be included?

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