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  1. On 12/27/2019 at 7:03 PM, trevmar said:

    Twitter works for me with this user agent string (an old Microsoft developmental build). This also works with Vintom.com (but not with msfn.org, strangely). (User Agent Switcher is your friend :) )

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 9.0; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko

    Welcome trevmar,

    Yes, User Agent Switcher, or uMatrix yessss

  2. 13 hours ago, cloudstr said:


    Hi roytam1,

    On Palemoon 27 accesing the site https://instant-monitor.com will cause CPU hogging as dozens of MSVCR120.dll threads start spawning and eating CPU. Worse, these threads will keep running even after closing the site and I had to terminate "palemoon.exe" process to get it to release the system resources ...

    This problem does not happens when accessing other sites, so I think it might be a bug of some kind.


    All these moving are the video-thumbnails with autoplay on loop mode - so right click / unnotch "loop" mode on each one of these moving video-thumbnails.

    Or right click / click "Pause" on each one of these...

    Or in about:config media.autoplay.enabled set to false.

    Or download SuperStop extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/superstop/?src=search - then you have to click Shift then Esc keyboard buttons to stop all animations on your tab - awesome addon! "SuperStop adds a Shift+Esc shortcut that stops background requests and animations..."

    Voilà miraculous event results here: CPU usage from 95 to 100% - decrease to 0%. That's all...instant-medication.:rolleyes:

    ..for all Firefox based browsers...

  3. Other suggestions:

    For replace New Moon (but I like "NewMoon"...):

    Noctus, Nocturnus, StrongMoon, MoonDream, NextMoon, NeoMoon, MoonBird, MoonLight, LightMoon, LastMoon, LateMoon, WinMoon, FoxyMoon, Foxtrot, RexMoon, RexyMoon, ...

    .. and for other: Surfer 52, SurfAny 52, AllSurf 52, WinSurf 52 ... Moebius 55 ...


    RFox ... RFox 28, RFox 52, RFox 55 ... WinFox ... WinFox 28, WinFox 52, WinFox 55 ... VERY short names indeed

  4. On 12/27/2019 at 3:49 PM, adata said:


    Sorry, unsupported browser. Please upgrade or try a different browser

    My easy solution: in uMatrix, changed all spoofed User-Agent strings to newest browser versions ...

    Result: no more "unsupported browser" blahblah

    Check with these links:

    Browser-Update.org: https://browser-update.org/update.html

    "Your browser is up-to-date." -and  "What is my current browser? Your current browser is ..."

    Browser Check UpdateMyBrowser.org: https://updatemybrowser.org/

    "You are currently using the latest version of Firefox. That is awesome!" ... "of Chrome... awesome!"

  5. @VistaLover,

    I don't use Proxies/VPNs point.

    With my video tests to test Firefox/Nightly 45.9.8 - I'm thinking of helping RoyTam1 to detect the problem and find a solution to it.
    So it's good to test different products to help the creator eventually....

    All three items of about:config you wrote about are on default "enabled,true" here ...
    Maybe I had tried this browser in the past, and I've made a mistake in about:config, who knows...

    I'm in a default RoyTam1's FF/Nightly 45.9.8 profile. And I don't want to bother installing "other solutions" in the browsers. To get through hard, difficult times we have, to make life easier, things need to be made simpler.

    This test link: https://demos.flowplayer.com/videotest/mp4.html says here: "No video with supported format and MIME type found." In uMatrix (or in uBlock too) I see, that I've all three in green, enabled: flowplayer.com, flowplayer.org and jquery.com, and none XHR (this see in uMatrix easily...).

    Hmm, uMatrix doesn't create any trouble, it's indispensable to me, and (I think) to all those who like a better security and like to have more knowledge and fun...try it to judge. And I've more extensions (some too indispensables to me) - about 10 altogether, it depends of the browser and times...If I have problems, I try to disable some to find the cause...


    You wrote: "Twitter normally send HLS streams"...

    This test says none about HLS, so HLS are unsupported: https://demos.flowplayer.com/videotest/canplay.html

    Result says "maybe" or "probably" on ogg and webm format; under HLS are in blue: application/x-mpegurl and video/mp4 only and no result.

    Test HLS source: https://demos.flowplayer.com/videotest/hls.html

    This test says: "No video with supported format and MIME type found."

    "canPlayType('application/x-mpegurl') (empty string)"

  6. Here is the suite of video tests, to test latest RoyTam1's Firefox/Nightly 45.9.8 (look in uMatrix, please):

    WOW Clip - So sad!: https://www.facebook.com/wowanimal99/videos/vb.1829183510736189/562988857824294/?type=2&theater

    problem: facebook doesn't send edge-chat.facebook.com with its XHR (none)

    FunniestFamilyMoments facebook video: https://www.facebook.com/FunniestFamilyMoments/videos/2597210773698487/

    problem: facebook doesn't send edge-chat.facebook.com XHR (send only one XHR, so video play 1 second...): "Something Went Wrong We're having trouble playing this video."

    NBC News twitter video: https://twitter.com/NBCNews/status/1199384926925328384/video/1

    problem: twitter.com doesn't send video.twimg.com with its XHR's (none, and no video.twimg.com in uMatrix)

    NolteNC on twitter: https://twitter.com/NolteNC/status/1196449111127576579

    problem: twitter.com doesn't send video.twimg.com XHR's (none), so video.twimg.com is here, but none XHR's.

    "The media could not be played." ... "We cannot play the video in this browser. Please try a different web browser."


    YouTube play good:

    George Harrison - My Sweet Lord - Lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qJTJNfzvr8

    Nights in White Satin - The Moody Blues (HQ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs4RG9u8IVU

    Many XHR's from googlevideo.com, and youtube.com too...

  7. 48 minutes ago, VistaLover said:

    @msfntor 's reports are contradicting each other :angry: ; if he had installed LAV Filters system-wide, why would NM 27.6.0a1/Tycho use them (for Twitter) but not your Nightly ESR 45.9.x?

    I don't have K-Lite Codec Pack, but Sonic Encoders folder. Maybe I need download this K-Lite Codec Pack in my Windows?

    It's true, Twitter videos doesn't play in my FF 45.9.18 latest version: "We cannot play the video in this browser. Please try a different web browser." On Twitter videos only.

    - because twitter.com doesn't send video.twimg.com XHR's (none, no video.twimg.com in uMatrix). I see this all in uMatrix. Why? JavaScript is enabled of course.

    YouTube is OK. example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2LTL8KgKv8

  8. 10 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:

    However, I do have a "YouTube Box".

    A laptop with a Core 2 Duo that's over 12 years old.

    So you have "YourTube Box" downloader from Microsoft Store? System Requirements minimum Windows 8.1? - and without it, videos on YouTube doesn't play? You've downloaded it from which link?..

    And Twitter videos play?...

    I've too Core 2 Duo - and in Program Files folder: Sonic Encoders folder. Maybe this is not enough, what do you think about, please

  9. 10 hours ago, Mathwiz said:


    I would expect Arctic Fox to require the same LAV video .dll's as NM 27 for video playback to work. (IIRC there's a FAQ in post 1 of this thread with the links to these .dll's.) But I haven't confirmed if they work with Arctic Fox myself.

    Have an ancient version of NEW MOON 27.6.0a1-2017-10-06 - all is good, YouTube play, Twitter videos play...look at this Twitter video test: https://twitter.com/ChristoPrice/status/1160137655524270080

    - and I've NOT downloaded expressly LAV video .dll's, this New Moon 27.6 version works good for video playback, natively (but I've set general.useragent.override.twitter.com to FF 52.9).

    In latest Firefox 45 RoyTam1's browser YouTube play good, but Twitter test above doesn't play for now (I've set general.useragent.override.twitter.com to FF52.9)....

    It's good to have browsers with the native video codecs support.

  10. In the latest Arctic Fox v27.9.19 I've downloaded:

    lightweight theme from WaybackMachine/firefox themes: https://web.archive.org/web/20170909165308/https://addons.mozilla.org/EN-US/firefox/themes/firefox

    adblockingfiltersetp from WaybackMachine/legacycollector

    Toggle JavaScript from palemoon.org extensions (Privacy and Security) link: https://addons-dev.palemoon.org/extensions/privacy-and-security/

    uBlock O. v1.9.8 from WaybackMachine/legacycollector (cause github.com doesn't have download buttons...but from WaybackMachine/legacycollector another extensions (many...) "could not be installed because it is a Jetpack/SDK extension which are not supported in Arctic Fox 27.9.19")

    uMatrix v3.1.0 by Alessio Vanni - from palemoon.org extensions

    Page Load Time (with all four extensions) of deviceinfo.me page: 0.9 seconds best time (look down): https://www.deviceinfo.me/

    Tek Eye on the test 1: HTML5 MPEG Video Test says: "No video with supported format and MIME type found."

    All other Tek Eye tests are OK: https://tekeye.uk/html/html5-video-test-page

    Video codec test demo.nimius.net page: first video test H.264 / AAC doesn't work ("Video format or MIME type is not supported"): http://demo.nimius.net/video_test/

    So YouTube videos doesn't work: "Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available"....

    No videos on Twitter....

    In about:config - network.http.sendRefererHeader is set to 2 (default), media.ffmpeg.enabled is set to true (default).


    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!


  11. 11 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:


    I propose a morphed version of something like this (from here - https://www.freepnglogos.com/images/beats-png-logo-5027.html )

    Only three colors for the 'fox/panda', maybe four, then the fifth color is what is in red below.

    But the "b" would be an "R" (for Roytam) [or for Red Panda, lol].

    And I propose the same EXACT icon be used for ALL of Roytam's builds.

    The "red" area would be one color for New Moon, another color for Serpent, yet another for Borealis.

    Roytam adds another unknown browser down the road, it's the same exact icon but a fourth color is introduced.



    VERY nice proposition, I'm for this!

  12. 1 hour ago, ArcticFoxie said:

    I think you'll be very impressed.

    It's been my exclusive browser at home since mid-October.

    It's thanks to you @ArcticFoxie that I have paid attention to this new (for me) browser, after the customizations I will compare the speed of loading the home page and Google page, in different browsers with the same themes and extensions.
    So I'd like to welcome you to this Forum, thank you!

  13. The latest ArcticFox 27.9, New Moon 28.9, Serpent/Basilisk 52 - all are working perfectly! - all are RoyFoxes!

    - I see "Arctic RoyFox", "New RoyFox", and "RoyFox 52", too "RoyFox 55" (and beyond....) new brandings, what do you think about

    This is the first time I downloaded ArcticFox - this browser works very well, I want to customize it, add my lighweight theme, my extensions... then get my more complete impressions later.

    Thank you RoyTam1 for your HARD and FRUITFUL work!:worship:

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  14. 11 hours ago, VistaLover said:

    BTW, I used CAA to access it (caa:addon/browsec)

    I don't have CAA (Classic Add-ons Archive: https://github.com/JustOff/ca-archive ) extension, but why downloading it, cause I've downloaded from legacycollector WaybackMachine link for Browsec (this same version browsec-3.16.16.xpi): https://web.archive.org/web/20191029180612/https://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/603434/index.html

    I can download these (Browsec, Zenmate) - then window after click on icon confirm that all is good, but it's not true cause all links show insecure page - "Peer's Certificate has expired" problem. "Secure Connection Failled - The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading" ...on all websites

    privacy.firstparty.isolate have true (user set)

    security.tls.version.max have 4 (default)

    network.proxy.type have 5 (default)

    network.proxy.proxy_over_tls true (default) - all other network.proxy are default, but:

    network.proxy.no_proxies_on have user set string: localhost, localdomain, .localdomain, local, .local,,,,, www.google-analytics.com - all these on Serpent 55, but not set by me, but by Browsec I think (that is disabled of course).

    In my Windows XP, I've deleted in Registry under Windows NT whole AeDebug key ...

    So I don't use these or another proxies, but I don't bother much about...

    Thank you!

  15. 9 hours ago, VistaLover said:
      On 12/7/2019 at 1:06 PM, msfntor said:

    Yes, look to about:support page in RoyTam1's Firefox 45, under Graphics section: "Supports Hardware H264 Decoding    No; Failed to create H264 decoder" ...


    9 hours ago, VistaLover said:

    This is quite normal for the browser running on Windows XP, and it will persevere even when you manually install h264 decoding support in that browser (installing Adobe Primetime CDM or standalone LAV Filters DLLs); that setting only checks for a GPU-provided h264 decoder, it implies you have WMF (Vista SP2+) and a compatible gfx card; my old (end of 2006) Vista laptop I'm posting with doesn't come with such a card (with a H/W h264 decoder), so, while I don't need either APCDM nor LAV Filters for decoding purposes, the browser uses Vista's native WMF decoder only in software mode, thus heavily taxing my equally old Core 2 Duo processor... :(

    Yes, Windows XP here, so what do you think about WMF items in my about:config (media.wmf.enabled in default, true this one, others in false)?...Set it to false? or reset it? No problem?

    Thank you @VistaLover for your detailled, always interesting comments!

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  16. 3 hours ago, dencorso said:

    I don't think being confrontative helps any, I'm sorry to say. I do think ignoring Matt's offer (as in hiding one's head in the sand) leads nowhere. And his offer *was* ignored, while very minor issues continued to be discussed. There's much to gain and nothing to lose in accepting it. My 2¢, of course,,, but this is one occasion I think keeping silent a real bad choice..

    Okay, the olive branch is here, really.

    Two heads are better that one, right? It always helps to bounce ideas. United we stand, divided we fall, "we're all in the same boat here".

    Make hay while the sun shines.

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  17. 1 hour ago, VistaLover said:

    Sometimes, the problem of the uBlock0-legacy toolbar button going AWAL after a browser restart, especially on browsers that also support Web Extensions, can be mitigated by setting (in about:config):  


    The "LegacyToolbarButton" of "legacy" uB0 might better co-exist in the toolbar with adjacent buttons from other XUL extensions! ;)


    From what I see, uBlock doesn't support any icons on its left...so I put its icon at far left near address bar (this main one), then follow TrafficLight icon, then another (small) address bar, and to the right first uMatrix, then two other icons, so everyone agrees, no more problems!

    Thank you @VistaLover for your about:config tip, but it seems to me that it has not improved the cohabitation, which was already at its best!:worship:


  18. In Serpent 52: Tools/Preferences/Privacy - I don't have "Use Tracking Protection in Private Windows", "Learn more", "Change Block List" items ...but have these in Serpent 55. Is this normal, please?


    After downloading the latest version of uBlock O. (, icon not present after start of browser (uBlock is enabled) - but after disable/enable/disable/enable - icon is present after restart of browser...if I don't start ancient version of Serpent 52 I have. Repeat enable/disable/enable/disable - and icon is here...

    "My filters" list have only partially...

    If retourned to precedent uBlock version - have this same symptoms...

    These uBlock Origin problems I've in Serpent 52 and Serpent 55.


    I no longer have any problem with the icon, because I left only one another icon near uBlock icon, by moving a third one elsewhere (with "Customize" browser's function)....


    In Serpent 52 uBock icon is missing after start of browser, but in about:addons uBlock O. is enabled. Problem appears with ancient uBlock version ( or new version (, after today's first downloading of the new version. Customize browser function does not solve the problem. Icon appears after click on disable/enable uBlock in about:addons...No content if click on icon, small frame only... Before, with a click on the icon the window content sometimes appeared, but now - no more.

    So once again downloading the new version fixed the content problem, click on icon shows the complete window content. - but still icon is missing after starting, restarting Serpent 52 browser.

    In Serpent 55 (with new uBlock version) icon is present after starting browser, no icon problem.


    Found the culprit. This is TrafficLight (v0.2.4.1-signed1 -signed) icon.

    Presence of TrafficLight icon next to uBlock O. (new version) icon has created these problems (in my Serpent 52). Moved TrafficLight icon, No more uBlock icon problems!

    And fortunately in "My Documents" I had recent backup of "My Filters" list....

  19. Video problems I've in Serpent 52:

    Some TESTS:


    bnonews.com BNO News - Aerial video from the Bahamas shows devastation after Hurricane Dorian - TEST Serpent 52: NO VIDEO frame in Serpent 52 and Serpent 55, but good in New Moon. 


    Decades.com - Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull talks with Sounds of the Time - TEST Serpent 52: NO VIDEO YouTube iframe,  but play in Borealis, New Moon, Serpent 55.


    tbs.com - Turner Entertainment - TEST Serpent 52: NO VIDEO frames after click Play button, no YouTube items in uMatrix (Borealis, New Moon, Serpent 55 OK).


    terrillthompson.com - YouTube Embedded Player Test - TEST Serpent 52: YouTube Embedded Player Test - in Serpent 52 NO VIDEO iframe in Example 1, 2, 3. All are Good in Serpent 55, New Moon.


    EWTN.com - TEST Serpent 52: video frame only, no frame content, and no items from brightcove and cloudfront in uMatrix...but in Borealis, New Moon, Serpent 55 all is OK!


    w3schools.com HTML YouTube Videos: TEST Serpent 52: NO VIDEOS if click on "Try it yourself" button under HTML, Autoplay, Loop, Controls examples. Play only under object and embed...but all is OK in New Moon, Serpent 55.

    ...and this demo nimius.net Video codec test page -:  http://demo.nimius.net/video_test/

    - says under MPEG4: "$ ffmpeg -i source.mp4 -codec:v libxvid test.avi" - "Video format or MIME type is not supported." So this MPEG4 video frame is black, with this morbid description, in my all RoyTam1's browsers.

    :rolleyes:And why not to try http://blog.nimius.net/index.html

  20. 20 minutes ago, TechnoRelic said:

    Fairly recently, 'Mathwiz' helped me get (MP4) INSTAGRAM Video working with (BK)ST-55 Browser under WinXP.


    I've test on Instagram, that not worked (on video), cause my ancient "Dark Mode" extension...but if notched Instagram case in this add-on, Instagram video worked!

    I've changed my darking extension recently, use now "Dark Background And Light Text" - and all works here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B2jvRllHJvc/



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  21. @vikmin, I think to be not so sure to find and perform operations in userContent.css - thank you!


    Some problems I've since a long time ago:

    I (rarely) have the slider that starts scrolling at high speed down the page, and stops at the bottom. If I try to go up, it comes back down at full speed. On Serpent 55, and maybe on other browsers too......
    I do restart the session, and everything is fine...

    On xiph.org, on video frame have: "Video format or MIME type is not supported." : https://xiph.org/video/vid1.shtml

    This video is on WebM, in about:config all four WebM statuses are on default. This problem I see on Serpent 55, New Moon, ...

    Another problem (Serpent 55, New Moon, ...): "Video unavaillable" announcement after click on it - the video subframe disappears....I can only right click/ Copy video URL, then paste on another tab, and play on youtube. I have some examples of this video behavior, ex: on stellasplace1.com: https://stellasplace1.com/2019/11/22/president-trump-calls-into-fox-friends-this-morning-amid-impeachment-probe-upcoming-fisa-report/

    And another problem: After some time, my DeepL translator stops functionning: https://www.deepl.com/en/translator

    - and I see red banner at the top: "There seems to be a problem with the internet connection. The functionality of DeepL Translator may be limited. (err429)" , and frame on the right starts flashing continuously. But my internet connection is good...Have this on Serpent 55, and other browsers too I think...but I use mostly Serpent 55.

    And Serpent 55: No pictures on Forbes website. On New Moon no problem, I've pictures on Forbes ...

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