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  1. I've got one Compaq notebook, can't remember which model right now, which has pxe option, has USB but doesn't support booting off it. It also lacked cd rom and floppy so this was my way to go
  2. If PC has a USB port but doesn't support booting from it, you can use pxe boot
  3. Well I'm not an expert, also, I might be mistaken, but I sure remember disabling and re-enabling audio during driver installation.
  4. I had this error when installing drivers for 6600. If irc I disabled onboard audio in bios, installed video drivers and then enabled audio back. Go figure. Well I might be wrong, it was a few months ago.
  5. I've seen some info on this forum that 7950 will utilise only one GPU. Yep, there it is, rloew states that w98 will use only one half of the card (one GPU)
  6. Gonna try installing windows 2000 server. Had no much luck with w10. Was a bad idea anyway.
  7. I am not an expert but as far as I know it's almost impossible to determine what happens in backend by looking on frontend. By doing some googling we can find an information that activeX object runs from your PC in Internet explorer when go to windows update website. Question is how does it determine what updates are already installed and how exactly does this information gets sent to windows update server.
  8. Wow it's possible to run it on newer system. Didn't know about that and made a visual copy of it using Delphi
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