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  1. I had tried it but was confusing for me. In any case I solved the problem by making the partition active through a PE USB. But I wanted to know why FDISK was not able to do this.
  2. New HDD is only 40Gb, it's an old one. I made a 10Gb partition for C: drive but when I tried to make it active it said only partitions on Disk 1 (which was the USB) could be made active.
  3. It doesn't seem to work. I created a bootable USB, 8Gb. I booted into the USB as c:. Deleted and made new partitions with fdisk and then did sys c: d:. Got the message system transferred. But the hdd doesn't boot. Tried many options but the internal hdd just doesn't boot. What could be wrong? Edit : I had to boot into a PE through USB and make the partition as active and now it booted. From fdisk I was not able to make it active. Hope I will be able to install 98SE now. Can you tell me why I was not able to make it active from fdisk?
  4. Thanks a lot. I think this should work. Will try it out.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I understand how to boot from USB and use fdisk. But when I do this the USB is C: drive so I am not able to install Win98 on the internal HDD. How do I install DOS on internal HDD?
  6. I want to install Win98SE on a P4 computer which has neither floppy not CD. It had Win98 earlier but the HDD got damaged and have put new one. Is there any possibility of installing through USB. Searched a lot but not getting proper instructions? I need to install Win98SE only to be able to use an old piece of equipment. Can't install any higher version on this.
  7. I have an XP-Pro desktop computer to which an HP Laserjet 3030 is connected. The XP-Pro machine has 2 users, one being member of Admin group and other a restricted user. 2 other laptop computers on my home network, all XP pro have the same user settings and connect to this printer which is shared. Now some days back I had a motherboard failure and had to change the motherboard. I put an Intel DG41TY. Unfortunately the Intel install DVD was scratched by my computer person and would not be read. I downloaded the drivers for Chipset, Graphics, LAN and audio and installed them. Everything went well. I did not even have to activate my license again. I have a External Maxtor USB connected for backup to the desktop and this installed without any problem. But the HP Laserjet 3030 is just not getting detected. I uninstalled the software and the printer. But when I plugin the USB cable, nothing happens. I changed the cable but same effect. I connected the printer to my laptop and it was immediately detected. I think there is some problem of old driver still being there. Can someone help me out. If more details are needed I can give. There was a problem of "USB device not recognised" flashing now and then on the desktop. I think I have solved that by removing everything under USB Controllers and a number of things under System Devices and installing again. But that did not help in the printer problem.
  8. As you can read in my earlier post the problem is solved. Thank for the suggestions anyway. Sent from my GT-I9003 using Tapatalk
  9. How did this move from a call where they send a new HDD, to one where a tech comes and installs windows 7 on the new drive, then a few days later returns for the old drive? That is some **** serious RMA service in India. They do send a new hdd with their delivery person but the tech also comes for instal . However he just installs the initial factory setup which is of no use. The hard drive is later picked up by delivery person. I think lot of people in India would not be capable of restoring the laptop to factory state even with written instructions. Most are used to "free software" and getting work done by some local computer guy. Sent from my GT-I9003 using Tapatalk
  10. Just wanted to give an update, may help someone else. Booted through ubcd type CD, ran DriveImage XML and took image. It gave some i/o device errors but I took the backup. Dell replaced the hdd and their technician came and installed the original Windows 7 instal which was of no use really. Requested him to let me keep original hdd for few days and he agreed, called up to record this. I restored the image of my damaged hdd and to my surprise it worked. So I got all my software back without reinstall or reactivation. Ran Sfc and only problem was with tcpmon.ini file. Restored as much data as possible from old disk and whatever was not possible due to bad sector, got from backup. "Another robocopy GUI" is great for such purposes add it maintains original folder timestamps. Then came part about destroying data on damaged disk. Tried many tools like dban, wd lifeguard, mhdd etc but everything got stuck or slowed at bad sector. Spent a number of days in this. Finally shred command in Linux worked non-stop. Unfortunately by the time I reached half Dell technician came to collect the hdd. Was not able to check if recovery was possible or not, hope not. Sent from my GT-I9003 using Tapatalk
  11. How do I clone this disc and then erase it securely (I have posted in separate thread) Sent from my GT-I9003 using Tapatalk
  12. My Dell hard disc is failing according to SMART so I am going to get free replacement from Dell and they will take old one. I have already imaged the system using DriveImage XML ignoring "i/o device errors". But I doubt I can restore this image. Can I directly clone the hard disc with Raw Copy? Will that work? Before returning my hdd to Dell I want to make sure to delete it securely. What is fastest way. If I just delete the partitions, make new ones of different size and format to Linux ext4, will that wipe my old data securely? Sent from my GT-I9003 using Tapatalk
  13. Now laptop gives message on start up that SMART predicts hard disc failure and that I should take backup. I already have data backup. Tried to take image of c: drive using DriveImage XML. It gave"i/o device error" but I took backup anyway by ignoring all errors. Have logged complaint with Dell and they are going to send new HDD. Sent from my GT-I9003 using Tapatalk
  14. On the C: drive it is about 13Gb. I booted into a PE CD similar to UBCD4WIN and did chkdsk /r /f. It ran for a long time and found some bad sectors. But then the computer booted better. Earlier sfc /scannow would stop after 14% but after this it completed 100% verification and gave message "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them". I checked the CBS.log and there were 4-5 files which could not be repaired. The boot is still slower compared to before the problem and I have a doubt that there are still some bad sectors. Before the chkdsk I had tried to make disk image (Drive Image XML free) but got error message regarding i/o device error. Now have to try again if it will do the backup. Do you think the hard disk is gone?
  15. I have a Dell Studio 1555 laptop with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Since a week suddenly the boot times have increased a lot. Even during running the computer freezes at times and then comes back to normal. I have removed temp files, removed firewall software, scanned for virus and malware but no difference. Removed each ram one by one (2x2Gb) and checked but no change. The event viewer does not load at times and when it does or shows some errors in system log at boot up. The errors seem to be different each time. Still have some doubt on ram. Some more problems noticed: 1) Tried to run SFC /scannow. It went upto 14% and then said something like Windows Protection failed or some error, basically would not go further, tried twice. 2) Did chkdsk with fix errors on C: and it ran on boot and fixed few things, but performance still same. 3) Tried do do system restore from "Windows Recovery" option as well as from within windows. From "Recovery options" I got error some message like "Instructions at ....... referenced memory at ........... Memory could not be read". From within windows the system restore gaver Error 0x80070570, files/directory corrupted. Have only 1 restore point, old ones were deleted to make space on c:. 4) Event log viewer sometimes does not open, says service is not running. 5) Read on some forum that user profile may be corrupt so made a new profile and logged on, same problems. Sent from my GT-I9003 using Tapatalk