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  1. I thought about changing UA before/during posting the problem, but decided to inform anyway, because even if I do solve it for me, it will still affect others and will not be fixed in the next NM version. Just now I set general.useragent.override.google.com same as default general.useragent.override.facebook.com - to Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:99.9) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/99.9 (Pale Moon) - and the problem is gone completely, Google search returns to normal layout. I prefer this unreal string. It directly/widely proclaimed - "UA is spoofed, because your site programmers/administrators are dumb or evil or both". Yes, I understand, that there are many cases, when not site authors, but site _engine_ authors (f. e., forum engine authors) are guilty, but most, if not all, NM built-in UA overrides are aimed on those who create that-f***ing-newest-Chrome-only-sites _themselves_. P. S. UA override _not_ helped for eBay item pictures. And there are some other (local-Russian) sites, that are affected with the same looking problem. F. e. at tv.mail.ru (TV channels charts) click on program name does nothing, instead of showing pop-up with detailed information.
  2. Does this happens only for me? 1. Different NM 27.10.* versions (all ia32), including last 20220108, in WXP SP3. Unpack, run with "palemoon.exe -no-remote -profile .\profile" (i. e. clean/fresh install with default profile without add-ons). eBay item page. Any item. F. e., https://www.ebay.com/itm/133031616590 Item picture(s) left to the item name. Click on arrows (to scroll pictures left/right) or on image (to enlarge) does nothing. 2. Same NM versions + FirefoxPortableLegacy v52.9.0 20180621 Happened yesterday. Google search results page now looks like some mobile interface - thin center column, blocks/tiles, no page number selection.
  3. While VLC v3 runs faster (smoother video) than v2 on both my WinXPSP3 systems, non-SSE and SSE2, v3 is unable to show streaming/http - "http error: invalid url" in log. Any v2 shows without problems this (or any other alive) URL. Sadly, I can not compare v3 log against v2 log - v2 does not produce log even directed by command line. So I stay at v2.2.1 (it reacts faster than later v2 versions when trying to stop the heavy/HD/4k video).
  4. Thanks for your attention and clear answer. Now I plan to install the old-https-program (BTW, ReGet download manager) to other WinXPSP3 computer in my LAN, that has SSE2 and where HTTPSProxy can work. When ReGet on my current computer will not download some files (and the destination site uses https strictly, search&replace 'https' to 'http' in download list can not help), I will move the remaining queue to the computer with HTTPSProxy. It can be done effortless, and, in most cases, this is more time-effective than trying to manually edit requests and read negative server responses one-by-one. P. S. There are some proxy sites, that do conversion from "old" to "new" https, taking "old" requests from user and sending "new" to destination site. Like other free proxies, they do not last long. I used two Japan IPs In ReGet proxy settings, but they stopped approximately a month ago, and other free proxies provided by FireFox add-ons "One Click Proxy" and "Best Proxy Switcher", do not do the mentioned "conversion". So I started to search how implement "my own" proxy, "with blackjack and hookers" (c) Bender.
  5. Is it possible to compile HTTPSProxy without SSE/SSE2? Actually I tested only the version included with launcher (v1.5.2 2018-11-06) - it does not run on non-SSE Duron, but does on SSE2 Pentium M.

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