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  1. Thanks jadaz. Your post and the link are very helpful. I'm glad my Windows 10 computer is not dual booting.
  2. Thanks all! The good news is that the Compaq 6220 is now booting on its own . I followed RaniyShadow's instructions to use BOOTICE. It took two tries. The first time I used the NTLDR option under "Process PBR". It did not work. Same results as before i.e. black screen w/flashing cursor. Next I tried "Process PBR" with the BOOTMGR option. Bang! Windows XP is now booting! (I tried using Muti Quote but I must be doing something wrong as I could not get it work). For the record here are the answers to the questions that were asked: dencorso "What was the source computer?": It was a home built desktop. ASUS P5QL Pro socket 775 mobo Q9650 3.0GHz CPU 16 GB RAM. Vistapocalypse "What security software is installed?" None. The source desktop's AV was removed before the installation was cloned. jaclaz "For the record, the flashing cursor (top left, white on black) is often connected to an issue between CHS and LBA entries in the MBR partition table (and/or in the PBR geometry data). This often happens when a not entirely "proper" tool i used to do the partitioning or (this used to be a common case some years ago) when you transplant a disk from one PC to another (particularly laptops there were a lot of BIOSes around that used 240 heads geometry instead of 255)." Since the transplanted XP installation DOES boot with Hiren's CD, CHS/LBA & head geometry is not an issue. "Was it really-really BOOTMGR.EXE or more simply BOOTMGR?" It was BOOTMGR.EXE. "WHO told you that it was unneeded?" After I removed Win 8.1 from the source computer, it booted to XP with no issues. Then when I had the issues with the nc6220 laptop, I researched both XP & 8.1 boot processes. I deleted BOOTMGR.EXE from the desktop source XP installation. It still booted (and still does) XP just fine. So I also deleted it from the laptop. Here's my source on the boot process for XP & Vista and above : https://neosmart.net/wiki/windows-xp-boot-process/ Thanks for the info on GRUB4DOS. I normally use System Commander to dual boot Win XP & below. When I installed Win 8.1 I used it's dual boot feature which was - horrible. I will use it on another system that has Win XP and Win 7 on it. dencorso "But... where is the OP? Has he/she gone put out the trash and got hit by a 10-ton meteorite?" No, it was only a 1.657 ton rock as I took out our garbage/recycle bins last night and I was able to side-step it "Did he/she take out the Velostat cap to wash his/her hair and then aliens took the opportunity to abduct him/her?" No, I just send them a coded Morse code radio message and they pick me up take me where I want to go. But I stayed home last night and - slept "Or maybe the Compaq nc6220 laptop just disappeared in a puff of purple smoke as some old Compaqs are wont to do?" Not yet but I am also working on a Compaq LTE 5380 and while it was on life support it is now working and loving the Windows 98SE OS on it. It is a crucial computer in my recording studio and is un-replaceable. "So many questions... and no answers yet... it's sort of depressing, isn't it?" Not at all!!! Now that it's booting I'm happy as a clam POP QUIZ: Why would a 1997ish 133MHz Pentium with 80MB of RAM Compaq LTE 5380 running Windows 98SE be so important in a recording studio? HINT: It deals with the PCMCIA slot......
  3. I am trying to get a Windows XP SP3 installation to boot. All I get is a black screen with a flashing cursor. Bear with me, this is a complicated case. I have been fighting with this laptop for 4 days now. I have been installing XP since it came out. I have done easily over 500 XP installs. I have never had this issue. Please Note: ======================================== I CAN NOT DO A CLEAN INSTALL of Win XP!! I have to get this XP installation working. The old 80GB 2.5" hard drive died and I replaced it with a 120GB 2.5" Samsung hard drive. It contained a critical application (for me) that the vendor requires it to be "activated" by their server when you install it. If you do not "activate" it, it refuses to run after a few days. Here's the catch: The vendor has shut down it's server that does the activation for this version of the application. And the vendor does not offer an off-line activation option as "support" has run out. They say "buy a new version". The new versions do not offer me any new features that I need or would ever use. ======================================== The target computer is a Compaq nc6220 laptop. Compaq shipped this laptop with Windows XP Professional. It's specs are: 2.26GHz Pentium M 2GB RAM 120GB hard drive BIOS is the last one released The 120GB hard drive is partitioned with 3 PRIMARY partitions: Partition 1: 2GB FAT for IBM PC DOS 7 Partition 2: 68.37GB NTFS 3.1 for Windows XP Pro SP3 Partition 3: 41.43GB NTFS 3.1 for DATA. The new(er) 120GB hard drive passed diagnostics and is working fine. Partition 1 when set to ACTIVE boots IBM PC DOS 7 with no issues. Partition 2 when set to ACTIVE boots to a black screen with a flashing cursor in the upper left hand corner. I CAN boot the Windows XP partition IF I boot Hiren's boot CD 15.2 and use the the option to boot Windows. XP comes up fine and I have loaded all the nc6220 drivers and Device Manager is fine. My app runs fine. It just will not boot on it's own. Here's what I have tried: 1. I booted the Windows XP Pro SP3 installation CD, used the Recovery Console, and logged into the XP installation. I executed FIXMBR and FIXBOOT. No help. 2. I verified that BOOT.INI was correct to boot XP from Drive 0 and Partition 2. 3. Replaced NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM from the WinXP media & copied them into the C:\ root directory. No help. 4. I verified that the HD MBR has NT5.2 boot code in it. I am stumped. Why won't it boot on it's own when Hiren's Boot CD can get it booted? The MBR code has to be correct, the VBR has to be right, and NTLDR & NTDETECT.COM have to be correct for Hiren to boot it. Yet it hangs when it tries to boot on its own. The only thing different from the 80GD drive install is I now have a 3rd partition for data. More Info: ======== I used Macrium Backup to clone my desktop WinXP installation that had the app installed (license allows 1 desktop & 1 laptop installation). The desktop had been used to dual boot Windows 8.1 & Win XP. When I bought a new Win 10 computer, I removed Win 8.1 from the old computer and configured XP to boot alone. I did find BOOTMGR.EXE in the root of the cloned partition and deleted it. A leftover from Win 8.1. At some point I will use a boot manager to dual boot the laptop with PC-DOS 7 and WinXP but for now I would just like to get XP to boot on it's own. Any ideas what to do next? Thanks for your help!
  4. I am shocked reading this. I have been sick the last couple of years and spent little time building computers. Last week I got back into a project that I had put on hold. It is my second W98 4 GB computer and I had bought a second license for it. RIP Rloew, you are a legend and will be missed.
  5. OK guys, a lot of good work here - 24 pages! I am on WinXP SP3 4gb RAM. FF 52.9 ESR. Most You Tube videos do not play. Some do. I downloaded Primetime and put it in the correct FF folder (took a while to find for FF 52.9). It does not work or show up in Plug-ins.. I have looked and Googled for 2 hours and I can not find where the heck "Preferences" are in FF 52.9. I've looked through all the pages under "Options" and can not find "Preferences". Where do I I enter these Preferences in FF 52.9? : ================================== To be able to install and operate the Primetime CDM, add and/or set the following FF preferences in about:config (be careful, all of these are cAsE sEnSiTiVe!): media.gmp-eme-adobe.enabled (boolean; true) media.gmp-eme-adobe.forceSupported (boolean; true; FF 49.0+) media.gmp-eme-adobe.forcevisible (boolean; true; FF 45-48, no longer used in 49.0+) media.gmp-eme-adobe.visible (boolean; true; FF 49.0+) media.gmp-eme-adobe.version (string, not integer; 17; required for manual install now that automatic install is no longer an option) media.gmp-eme-adobe.abi (string; x86-msvc-x86 (EDIT: x86-msvc-x64 for 64-bit XP users); not required, you can set it if you want to more closely mimic automatic install) media.gmp-eme-adobe.lastUpdate (integer; 1500000000; not required, you can set it if you want to more closely mimic automatic install) media.gmp.decoder.enabled (boolean; true) media.eme.enabled (boolean; true; defaults to false if you downloaded a DRM-free version of FF; thanks @heinoganda for pointing this out) ================================== Thanks! Tony
  6. I can't recall the DOS file size limit but PQMAGIC.OVL is 818KB on my PQ Magic floppy disk. FAT partitions are limited to 2GB so it's somewhere between those two. Way biger than your 50K file.
  7. I am building a DOS & Win98SE game machine. The computer has 2 IDE drives. Drive0 has a 2GB FAT partition for DOS and a 8GB FAT32 partition for Win98SE. The second hard drive drive (DRIVE1) has a 2GB FAT partition for DOS data and a 6GB FAT32 for Win98 data/programs. I installed WinXP SP3 into the DRIVE1's FAT32. XP boots fine as does Win98SE from XP's BOOT.INI. DOS also boots fine if I set it's partition to ACTIVE and by-pass XP's BOOT.INI. When I boot to WinXP the C: drive is the Win98 boot partition with the Win98 WINDOWS directory but the BOOT drive is E: with the Windows XP. CD-ROM drive is F: .This is confusing but since I will use XP only for diagnostics/browsing I won't bother switching the XP drive letters around. QUESTION 1: How do I add PC-DOS to XP's BOOT.INI screen and get DOS to boot? QUESTION 2: What files does XP put on DRIVE0 and where? Thanks!
  8. CT4780 is a Dell OEM card - a Live Value! card. The Dell Part # is 180UR. The Dell drivers *should* work.
  9. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I downloaded & archived it as I have 6 computers still on WinXP. Tony
  10. Well, after 2 months of trying, I was finally able to register here at MSFN. I guess the system didn't like my email address even though it is valid. I've been a lurker here for a while. I am a retired CIO & I also retired from the Army Reserves. I hail from Newnan GA, just south of Atlanta. My systems of choice are WinXP SP3, Win98S, and PC DOS 2000 for Inel CPUs. I do dabble with Linux Mint once in a while. I built my fist PC in 1986 - a 386SX with SIPP RAM - all 4 MB of it (yes, I tossed it long ago. I should have kept the SIPP RAM ) Before that I used a Mac 128K. I cut the RAM chips off the Mac 128K mobo, installed sockets & 512K ram and the decode logic making my own 512K FAT Mac. It is still running with 6MB RAM. I wrote software in the 80's & 90's primarily on the Mac and DOS using compiled BASIC & Assembly language. I lost interest in the Mac when Apple dropped the 680x0 and went to the PowerPC chip. I still "play" with a Mac - a Quadra 605 with 128MB & a full 68040 (40MHz) running 33MHz. Someday I'll goose it up to 40MHZ and see what happens . I am also a musician and I have a small recording studio in my home. My primary DAW is a 4GB Windows XP Pro SP3 running Sonar 8.5 and Reaper. I sill use WinXP as the drivers for my 16 channel PCI audio interface do not work correctly under Windows 7 or above. I would have to spend $2,500+ get new hardware to use Win7 or higher. No thanks. It's running very well as is so I just leave it alone. I still use Win98SE to drive a rack of "vintage" syths and MIDI equipment. I just completed a new MOBO upgrade (Socket 478 3.0 GHz) on the Win98SE box and bumped up the RAM from 1gb to 4GB. I use R. Loew's RAM Limitation Patch 7.2 and love it. Before I bought the patch I was limited to 256MB as 512MB on my P3 800MHZ would crash. With the RAM patch I ran with 1GB RAM and it was rock so;id. I don't know what I will do now with all that 4GB RAM ! Kinda like when I upgraded my Mac Plus from 1mb to a whopping 4mb ! My current project is building a DOS & Win98SE box for games. Mobo is a Socket 478 3.0GHz P loaded with 2 GB RAM. I'm still fighting with drivers for it and I hope to have it stable soon. 7th Guest, the Myst games, Dark Fall, Crystal Key ect are the types games I like. I'm looking forward to learning here and maybe I can pass on a nugget or two.
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