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  1. Thanks very much for the replies and info guys...Helps a lot,.. Cheers
  2. Hi there, Have been looking for some info regarding the Artic Fox browser/specs,and haven,t been able to find any useful help...(except for Mac/Linux installs)...I have Win XP SP3.32 Bit OS!! I was wondering if this browser is for older hardware,or is it compatible with a SSE processor? Would anyone know how it would compare to MY Pal browser or to New Moon browser? Thanks for any helpful info that can be provided....AND a wonderful Xmas holiday season to ALL...
  3. Dave-H....Thank you very much for asking a mod to move my post,as this was where I wanted it to be in the first place..I don,t know why I have so much trouble on this particular website with my browser ...Right now I am using Safari on my IPad to post here,as my New Moon doesn’t, work correctly!.....NOW...hopefully someone can show/tell me what I need to do to fix this very annoying “cookie” problem ...ie: settings being removed and not being saved...
  4. I inadvertently posted this in the wrong forum a while back..and now can,t find it to mention that it shouldn’t,t be there.My browser is New Moon 28.5 0.a1 win32.....My problem is as follows...Under privacy/preferences/exceptions...I add url,s to the exception list,save the changes,and they stay until I close the browser for a short time,and they are gone!,,,extremely annoying..I know that when I was on FFx 52.9 ESR this never happened...What am I missing here or doing wrong??
  5. Having big problems with cookies being deleted and not being saved in my preferences/exceptions/permissions under the privacy category...I will enter url,s to be blocked and save all my changes....they will stay,but when I close the browser for any reason,all the entries I have made are gone....extremely frustrating....Browser is New Moon 28.5.0.a1..win32–got xpmod...What am I missing here or doing wrong??
  6. @VistaLover...Thank you for the detailed explanation re:newmoon versions..understand a bit better now.
  7. A newbie to this site,although have been following this thread for some time now..I am currently running NewMoon ver.28.5.0a1 -32 bit on xp....A question I have is when new updates are posted byRoy...When the updates are posted under the heading “Test Binary”..are these stable versions or are they considered as betas?...One other thing I would like to mention..I am writing this from my Ipad...because for the life of me I can not figure out how to correctly send a post from my desktop computer...Only ad blocker I have on it isNoScript whichI disable when on MSFN..Where a message appears to reply for writing your post,nothing happens!!....Hope this is understood.
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