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  1. Keep in mind firefox is in version 79 already. So not beta anymore.
  2. I found that platform update and the supplement just won't cut it, gotta have atleast the first batch of 210 updates Windows Update gives you, plus VC++ Runtime 2015-2019
  3. Latest opera seems to throw an error related to SHAssocEnumHandlerForProtocolByApplication.
  4. Chromium's certificate errors can be fixed aswell as addons with rootsupd. I don't know if i could distribute it here so i'll keep it to dms. Here's a theme installed on Chromium 72: This was not my find though, it was thanks to an user in discord.
  5. I managed to get firefox 78 working with the search bar also working but youtube still doesn't work, for example. 64 seems to be the way to go at the moment.
  6. It wasn't me, it was my friend. He got it working by replacing system files instead of redirecting but i found this method to... break my windows installation
  7. yeah, that's what i meant Same thing as Discord, as it's 32 bit it doesn't work, though with firefox quantum and chromium working now the web discord experience's gonna be a fair tad better
  8. And with chromium 53 - 73 beta working i think we could make it work soon
  9. I've also been trying to make a mod out of these files but i simply get a bsod at bootup. Any idea?
  10. Chromium versions from 53 up to beta versions of 73 seem to be working with the extended kernel (if you replace system files). Anything above will throw a BEX64 related crash.
  11. So i got an issue with firefox 78 and 79 where youtube simply won't play videos. And also an issue that ranges from 68 to 79 where the search bar doesn't work at all, but the browser will display pages fine. Edit: From my experience, 64 seems to be the sweet spot, it renders youtube fine, and discord doesn't have weird scrollbars like it has with earlier versions
  12. I got the latest firefox beta to work. Strangely, i couldn't get 78.0.2esr to work.
  13. Hello. im Megadeth58. im from brazil and i've been lurking around in this forum, without an user, mostly for blackwingcat's Windows 2000 work. i've created a profile for the sake of why not? Anyways, here are my computers: 1. Windows 2000 Dell Vostro 1520: 3GB Of DDR2 RAM, 320GB ATA Harddisk, Intel Core2duo T6670 2.2GHZ this somehow works. 2. Windows 7 Acer Aspire E1-571: 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 500GB Harddisk, Intel Core i5 2nd gen idon'tknowthenumber 2.5GHZ
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