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  1. Loads the mobile version, when trying to play it asks for an action (open or save). Newmoon 27.
  2. roytam1 Can I download the corrected one somewhere?
  3. New build of Firefox 45ESR: firefox-45.9.25-20200620-b5b03bdce-win32-sse.7z firefox-45.9.25-20200620-b5b03bdce-win32-ia32.7z
  4. https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.1a1.win32-git-20200613-2ddefd2bc-uxp-59a5adc93-xpmod.7z
  5. I have xul.dll changed 12.06 2020.
  6. Without language packs, first start.
  7. Everything is working. This is a language pack problem.
  8. Español (España) Language Pack langpack-es-ES@palemoon-28.9.0a1.xpi Other Language Pack langpack
  9. I will not (not a specialist). Very high-quality Russian does volkovysk Russian (RU) Language Pack 27.9.7, it inspired me to experiment. There is a lot of work and knowledge is desirable language. Example: We take the necessary version of Palemoon, it has two omni.ja files, you need to unpack them (open as archive). Find the localization of the en-US folder in them (omni.ja \ chrome \ en-US \ locale \ en-US \). In them we find the translation files * .dtd, * .properties and others. We also act with the * .xpi translation file of the language you need. Comparing the files with the original (e
  10. Langpack-palemoon-28.9.0a1 de_en-GB_es-ES_fr_it_pl_ru_uk Langpack Langpack-palemoon-28.9.0a1 bg_el_ko_th_vi_zh-CN_zh-TW Langpack Dutch (NL) langpack-nl@palemoon-28.9.0a1.xpi
  11. Try french for palemoon-28.9.0a1.win32-git-20200314-bad6974a7-uxp-41e5925b4-xpmod langpack-fr@palemoon-28.9.0a1.xpi
  12. Please tell me how to fix the language file (in particular Russian) for palemoon-27.9.7.win32-git-20200314-823a79830-xpmod? Tried different, none fit. :-( Russian (RU) Language Pack for NewMoon XPmod Language Pack
  13. Well, it's the little things, the main thing that the job is done. Thanks.
  14. roytam1 NM28XP build: not the correct link.
  15. New releases palemoon localization. https://github.com/JustOff/pale-moon-localization/releases
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