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  1. Hello guys, I have a very similar problem an a newer PC (well, it is not new, but it is better than an old one) on Windows 10. From some point in time about 1-2 weeks ago official non-portable Chrome started to show me white screen for 40-50 seconds on the first launch. Not only the first one - it repeats when I close Chrome and don't use it for a while. My OS and Chrome are located both on a SATA SSD on drive C:\. I have scanned my PC for viruses and nothing was found. No CPU and GPU activity when idle, the OS build number is 1909. I think it began when Chrome updated itself to one of the newest versions (was 115.x when I checked it yesterday evening, now is 116.0.5845.97 but the problem is still there). Any ideas on how to fix it? I don't want to remove all of my browsing history as I did on the old PC EDIT: I live in Russia, so maybe the reason can be in one of the IP which Chrome is trying to connect on startup is being blocked by the government. I don't use the VPN on a constant basis, since it costs money, and most of the free options are either being blocked or have very limited traffic available. Can I somehow find out what are the blocked addresses and redirect them to my own web server returning something like HTTP 404?
  2. Just out of pure interest - is the title bar blinking in Chinese browsers when you press the New tab button? I don't like the idea of using one of them, but maybe I should give it a try if it is not? I mean, Chrome devs will remove the "xp-theme" flag some day for sure.
  3. Oh, sorry, of course you are right. I meant Win 7 and higher.
  4. Guys, does anyone of you have an AMD GPU from 2011-2013 and a Windows 7 install? I have 2 rendering bugs in Chrome, one of which was inctroduced in autumn of 2019 (November or December) and is still not fixed, and the second one appeared in the 109 release (last official release for Windows 7 and 8/8.1). Here is how the first one looks: Way to reproduce: drag the DevTools windows partly offscreen and then return it back. The second bug is related to drawing favicons on some sites (like Yandex mail and YouTube). Random part of the icon becomes white, and this area is increased over time as you switch tabs. Here is how it looks (it happens even with a single opened tab): I wanted to ask: can I somehow fix this by changing my rendering settings in official version 109? UPD: Supremium by @win32 does not have any of these bugs, though the DevTools window border is looking kin of strange (top part is from Windows 10, coloured by the selected theme, and the borders are loke in native Windows 7 app). UPD2: The devs are aware, but no fix is available still since February UPD3: Enabling Override software rendering list setting did not fix the first bug with DevTools, but --disable-gpu-compositing startup key fixed the problem almost completely.
  5. Well, the same was true for Opera Presto (which had window.opera object). No one seemd to care much about it that days. Anyway, to use this object a website developer needs to know that such object exists, and only CatsXP devs know about it for the moment). Of course they can start forcing this thing around JS developers, but because the audience is way too small, no one will put effort in including this in the checks, I guess. There are commonly used solutions like Modernizr, which can make use of this info, but you can still write a userscript removing this object and apply it for all sites (in case the browser will allow you to delete this object, of course).
  6. AMD and NVidia dropped Win7 support only in 2021-2022. As for me, my 2 PCs use Intel processors form 2011-2013 (2nd generation Core i5 and 2nd generation 10-core Xeon). So everything is just fine with drivers and hardware on Win 7 from my point of view
  7. And so was also true for Windows XP back in 2014-2016 (I personally was using it untill end of spring of 2020 or so). Why? New Firefox based on Quantum was fast and beatiful, with very few bugs (and the people who really loved Australis theme stayed on version 52 on XP and version 56 on Windows Vista and 7/8/8.1/10), it kept working without problems for quite a long time. As for me - I never liked Chrome on Windows 7 because of thin and too light fonts. But I get used to it because a lot of sites in 2020-2021 completely stopped working in Firefox 62, and I personally did not like the UI changes they made in Firefox 79 when they introduced a new logo. So I got used to thin fonts and moved to Chrome.
  8. I thought that Opera is a Norwegian company with headquartes in Oslo...
  9. Can you prove it somehow? I use version 109 now on Windows 7, and it seems that I still have hardware rendering on.
  10. I guess you are wrong, because on XP you can still use hardware accelerated: - Video decoding - Canvas rendering - Animations rendering - Web page rendering I even turned web page rendering acceleration on and off via chrome flags and noticed the difference (on versions 45, 47 and 49).
  11. Fonts are just wonderful for me on Windows 7 (but are much worse on Windows 10 and newer, haven't tried Windows 8/8.1, but I guess they are the same bad there). Microsoft broke their font rendering since Windows 8 because of problems with fast page scrolling on mobile phones. Can give you a link explaining that. They just moved to grayscale antialiasing for a lot of fonts, that cannot be overriden in any way.
  12. Sorry for asking, but why do you suggest to use that flag? I tried disabling GPU acceleration several times in the past, it makes scrolling and ani,ations much less smooth for me (Windows 7 x64, Core i5 2500K overclocked to 4.1 GHz, 16 Gb RAM, AMD HD 7850 GPU).
  13. Hello everyone, I would like to report that YouTube stream chat is not working in New Moon 28 at all (in the latest version and in older versions too). i am testing it watching the recording, but I think things will be the same on a live stream. Does YouTube need some UA override rule, or is this cannot be fixed at all? Even yesterday it worked (though incorrect, always showing up the first messages at any point of the video, but failing to load the actual ones or to scroll down). But now it just prints out a message, that I use an outdated browser...
  14. Please, remove the duplicates above. This forum is very buggy. Not only it does not switch pages correctly in Chrome 49 (last available on Win XP), but the same problem also happens in latest Chrome on Windows 7 (checked just now), and the redirect to the last message after posting also fails in Firefox 63 on Windows 7 (it is not so old). I guess someone should make a bug report to the tech support. Maybe I will.

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