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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to report that YouTube stream chat is not working in New Moon 28 at all (in the latest version and in older versions too). i am testing it watching the recording, but I think things will be the same on a live stream. Does YouTube need some UA override rule, or is this cannot be fixed at all? Even yesterday it worked (though incorrect, always showing up the first messages at any point of the video, but failing to load the actual ones or to scroll down). But now it just prints out a message, that I use an outdated browser...
  2. Please, remove the duplicates above. This forum is very buggy. Not only it does not switch pages correctly in Chrome 49 (last available on Win XP), but the same problem also happens in latest Chrome on Windows 7 (checked just now), and the redirect to the last message after posting also fails in Firefox 63 on Windows 7 (it is not so old). I guess someone should make a bug report to the tech support. Maybe I will.
  3. Can I help the situation some way? I have some knowledge in HTML and JavaScript. It would be good to make a full set of LPs for New Moon v28. Also, I didn't quite understand why New Moon v27 is OK (compatible with the official LPs for Pale Moon).
  4. Thanks a lot for the detailed instructions! :) But I would like to add a few cents from me. I noticed that all language packs for New Moon 28.8.4 (tried Russian and French, they both have the problem) lack some strings (or have some bug?), that prevents the Web Developer submenu to show most of its items (except the first two). It seems to be a bug of New Moon, because I can't believe that so many people working on different translations for Pale Moon did not notice this thing! Can you verify it and tell if the problem is with translation packs (XPI files) or not? I already posted at Pale
  5. Thanks a lot! This helped me to deal with the problem (I made the string similar to the one used in version 27.9.6): user_pref("general.useragent.override.pornhub.com", "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:52.9) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.9 Goanna/4.4 PaleMoon/28.8.0a1"); Thought it's a shame that such big sites don't provide critical functionality when the UA string does not match expectations. The right approach is to detect the needed features. First I thought the problem was that I had an outdated Flash Player 17, but when I installed the newest version nothing changed. So it was no
  6. Hello guys, Sorry for the topic I'd like to raise, but it seems that PornHub stopped working on New Moon 28.8: it loads, no errors in Web Inspector console, but the videos are not played. I can see the red plugin icon in the address bar, and when I click on it, the popup initially has no text (maybe the translation xpi file error), when I click "Show all" the text labels do appear, but when I click "Allow" nothing happens. The Adobe Flash plugin is listed on about:plugins page. Any ideas why it is happening? I know I should use version 28.9, but there is no translation pack for
  7. Have you updated your graphics card driver before the problem began? Maybe it can be a driver, not hardware issue
  8. Hello everyone, haven't been here for 6-8 months, so I have 2 questions. Help me please =) 1. What is the difference between 27.9.1 and 27.9.18 versions of PM from the 1st page of this new thread? I'm currently using 27.9.6 version for XP (2019-03-23). 2. Some modern sites have JavaScript errors. For example, code snippets with syntax highlighting and diff support on emberjs.com don't work in PM 27.9.6, but work perfectly in Firefox 52.9.0 ESR portable. The question is will this problem be fixed by updating to latest 27.9 build, or should I use 28.x instead? Is the JavaScript engine
  9. Why not just port Rust to XP? Everyone would benefit from that.
  10. For me it's not true. Adobe Primetime CDM works absolutely brilliant with Twitch in Firefox 47 Portable (just for example). Also my Firefox 52 ESR Portable is configured to use it, and performs equally well there. But if compare to built in Firefox decoder (versions 42-52, again) the "native" realization (I beleive is uses system codecs) does not manage to playback smoothly even on my 4-core Intel Core i5 2500K with lots of RAM (at least when the video is something heavier than 720p 60 fps - say 900p 60 fps videos already freeze and loose sync with audio track on Twitch). Also C
  11. So guys, has anyone used exensions like Tamper Monkey or Custom Style Script to replace existing JS code of the site? Have you had problems with CSP headers during this? Please give an advice which extension is better for PM 27 and how to install it (maybe some editing of the manifest is needed). I will try to make GitHub working again in PM 27 then
  12. @siria , hat do you mean by hijacking? Some malicious JS extension code? It can be styled. There are many nice looking themes in the catalogue, and which is more important, you can go further and edit userStyle.css (I even made a video on YouTube about it about a year and a half ago). Personally I use Basic Blue theme (one of the first ones) that is heavily modified using custom styles. The result looks like this:
  13. Can you please translated that text on the screenshot from Greek into English?
  14. And that thing was broken again, and eventually not fixed this time Btw, why GitHub needs UA spoofing at all for Firefox 52 ESR if the code is compatible? How did you find that out if the UA spoofing does not help? Because there are no errors in Console? Why spoof UA to Firefox and not to newer Chrome? You listed broken functions; but they are not new. I asked about the new ones. It seems there are no such It seems it does not work for me in NM 28 because my 28 branch version is from October/November 2018. Is it too old for GitHub now? Maybe that
  15. But as I read on this forum, GitHub actually was working in New Moon 27 as of September-October 2018 (I visit this thread from time to time). What are the new features that are not supported and why GitHub had to deploy them, don't you know? Thanks for clarification about UA override (in about:config I saw option to override the UA on per site basis, and it was even enabled by default for whatever reason); as for the extensions, I already have tried one, the result is described above - it failed to deal with the CSP directive. Anyway, I did the following steps on my Chrome 45 (sor
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