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Status Updates posted by XP-x64-Lover




    Does anyone have these files? Specifically the acpi5048_x64_intel_only_final.rar (Any help would be great).

  2. When I get the chance I will be testing out a particular Ryzen Motherboard that may just work Under XP x64. (We shall see when the time comes).

    1. i430VX


      Very nice. It'd be sweet to see XP Ryzen systems

    2. IntMD


      For Ryzen mobos (and generally for modern, new mobos), make sure you use the modded acpi.sys found here. Here are the instructions on replacing this file in the installation medium.

  3. I've changed my mind. I'm going to keep it up. Y'all have inspired me to not give up. So, XP x64 will remain my main OS for a long time; I can still squeeze more life into it.

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    2. dencorso


      Glad to hear it! :yes::thumbup

    3. Tengerecki


      But how? What programs can you use on it? Does anything support it? Skype? Anything? I love XP and Vista but my PC does not support it...:(

    4. XP-x64-Lover


      It takes allot of work sometimes but, it is possible to get many "modern" applications working or to simply search for alternatives; perhaps even create your own if you were experienced enough and had the time / passion.

  4. Hello, how are you?

  5. Important Update!! 

    Regarding: XP x64 SABERTOOTH X99 Drivers!! (Re-uploaded) & The "Experimental" ASMedia 3.1 / 3.0 Driver install method.

    Possible issue with the experiential ASMediaUSB 3.1 system driver files! :}

    Read more on my main post.


  6. Windows Server 2k8 x64 is running stable on Ryzen thus far; with third party pci-e devices for storage, usb & of course video. Drivers for sata is the default ahci drivers that come with windows; it's been working stable so far. Also, I have many devices and such disabled in BIOS; for instance SMT is disabled just in case. I'm currently logging everything i do or change to better understand the cause of a system failure if it arises. I'll update you all on further progress later on. "lol I'm currently using this system as I write this".

    PS: The reason I'm using Server 2008 Enterprise x64 is because windows vista enterprise x64 gave me blue screens before I could even log in; it was very random and would give me blue screens often and than sometimes not for a little awhile. I'm not 100% sure as to why Server 2008 is more stable on Ryzen since both Vista and Server 2008 are almost identical; for now all I can do is speculate.

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    2. XP-x64-Lover


      I see thank you, well for some reason the ASRock AB350 Pro4 doesn't work well with regular Vista itself but, it plays nicely with a fully updated & prepped Windows Server 2008 x64 for the most part. The only drivers I can't use with "stability" are the ASMedia SATA / AMD SATA and possibly the drivers mentioned by greenhillmaniac. I am however using the onboard AMD USB 2.0, 3.0 & 3.1 with little issue; the only issue I see is a USB ID issue the system complains about sometimes. (I've learned to appreciate Vista/2k8 and I find them or it to be a fairly rock solid OS.) I still prefer XP x64 and wish I had succeeded in getting it to work on that motherboard but, I'm just glad I made some big progress thus far; I was beginning to get discouraged that no OS other then 7 would run well. (I am very disappointed in most Manufacturers today; We users deserve a choice of our preferred OS.) Not to be forced or have Win10 shoved down our throats constantly. Whatever happened to freedom of choice; There was a time when the market was more open and allowed for more diverse users; and actually listened to the customer / user and their requests and suggestions. I think most of it comes from a place of greed and laziness / lack of imagination, vision and openness. Anyways, end of "rant"...

    3. asdf2345


      Could you give me your drivers folder from your Server 2008 install? I'm having issues with Ryzen on Vista, and it might be because of a malfunctioning AHCI driver in Vista,

    4. XP-x64-Lover


      Might be a wise plan to use a third party SATA controller to be on the safe side. (Since for me I had far less issues with one). Yet, in the meantime I am prepping a new install and am going to install the drivers, test stability and see about getting the driver folders you need to you. You may need a different motherboard because I know some can be finicky with NT 6.0. I'm not sure about that one though, but my ASRock AB350 Pro4 was stable at a certain point with WinServ2008 (Yet I don't recommend it), it was quite finicky though and everything had to be very precise and it was limited in it's usage, like what I could do lol. SO ultimately, what I considered "Stable" was a limited stability at a point. XD

  7. I have had no success with XP x32 / XP x64 on Ryzen; I got Vista x64 Installed though but, with random BSODs. I won't give up so soon; I still believe I can get one of them to work.

  8. Eight new XP x64 Device drivers are available for the Sabertooth x99 Motherboard.

    You'll find more information and the download link on my post called "XP x64 SABERTOOTH X99 Drivers!! (Re-uploaded)".


  9. For those of you that do not know or that want to know. I am a girl not a guy lol. :P

    PS: I wonder how many females we got around here? :dubbio:

    1. dencorso


      Less than a handful. Wonderful! Diversity is good.

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