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  1. Thank you for your answers and suggestions, guys. I will get around to trying these, and will post here to report success or failure. Greets :-) PS. Tried it, unfortunately for me both of the proposed solutions did not produce results. Guess I have to live with it. Thanks again for trying to help. Best :-)
  2. Hi guys, My WinXP 64 SP2 (updated to the latest) machine runs absolutely fine, except for a little annoyance: my system disk (Drive C:) shows in the system tray as USB-removable - see attached pic below. I have searched on the Internets for a solution, and tried a few things, but nothing seems to work. I also came across some posting in which a guy claimed that it is a bug in WinXP64. Anyways, if someone can help out, it will be greatly appreciated. My machine's specs: - MoBo: GA-K8N51GMF-9; chipset NVIDIA GeForce 6100 and NVIDIA nForce 430 - CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Toledo, socket 939 - System HDD (C:): WDC400JD, SATAII - Storage HDD (D:): HDT7250, PATA UDMA6 - DVD-ROM Drive (E:): GWA4164B, PATA UDMA2 - BIOS does not seem to support AHCI, only IDE. There is no "hot-plug" option. Interesting thing is that I use exactly the same machine with a different HDD (WDC800JD) to run Win XP Home SP3. The problem is not present; it only appears under WinXP64. Thank you for your attention :-)
  3. This is sad news indeed. RIP Rudolph; and heartfelt condolences to his family. I could not help it but remember a compatriot of mine who also passed away before his time a few years back. The guy was too an Win95/98 enthusiast, and did enormous favor to morons like myself by figuring out a way to bring out the Cyrillic phonetic keyboard in 95/98/XP. Until his aid, people were getting ripped off by commercial tools that not only did a p***-poor job in this regard, but also tended to totally mess up the Windows. Even today I still use this guy's tool on my two Win98 machines and my Win95 machine. People like these are a blessing, and will be missed sorely.
  4. Thank you very much, brother, you da man :-) How did you find this site? I have been combing the Internets, but only found phonies... Not to be Johny-ask-a-lot, but do you by any chance know of a Windows 10 x64-capable driver for Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition? ATI never bothered to provide driver for this fine card after Vista, I was hoping some guy would mod/hack a driver to be good for Win10, but never found anything anywhere. Big thanks and gratitude :-)
  5. Hi guys, I am trying to rebuild my driver collection, part of which was wiped out by mistake. One of the drivers that I have hard time finding on the Internets is: 9-11_legacy_vista32-64_wdm.exe So if some kind soul still has this ancient thing and wants to share it with me, I will be very appreciative. Thanks in advance for any help. Greets :-)
  6. My little project was blown out of the water - the desktop PC's CPU does not support 64-bit Windows 10 which I had on the SSD. Fortunately I managed to pull off almost everything of value from the SSD before reformatting it in order to try and install 32-bit Windows 7. Hope this project will not blow up in my face :-) Thanks to jaclaz once more for the help. Greets to all!
  7. Hi again jaclaz: I am really thankful for your quick and detailed response. Not many people bother with providing such a plentiful info, so my hat is off to you :-) I need some time to digest the info you provided since my knowledge in these matters is way not sufficient. Already did some digging on my own about the MBR vs GPT issue; not sure if a workable conversion can be achieved at all (in a sense that the computer will boot up after it). Most recommended tool is EaseUs Partition Master Pro, however I never got a solid impression that it can convert a system disc. Not to mention that the proggy is not cheap to get, which is a concern too. So let me try the first option which you suggested and see how far I can go. Will post the outcome in a few days. Thanks again, brother. Best :-)
  8. Hi jaclaz: Thank you very much for trying to help. Here is what I can answer to your questions: 1. The desktop PC is with a BIOS-based motherboard. The laptop was with a UEFI-based motherboard. 2. The SSD is GPT-formatted - see attached pic. 3. Never tried to boot the desktop PC with a USB drive, I presume you had in mind USB with Win10 on it, right? I think I have available USB flash drive with 8 GB capacity somewhere...
  9. Hi guys, I have a 256 GB SSD with a legit Windows 10 Educational 1803 that came off of my dead laptop Lenovo Ideapad 320-17ISK. I would very much like to use the said SSD with the installed Windows 10 in a spare desktop PC. So I plugged it in and turned on the computer only to see that the machine won't boot up at all; it hangs right after the POST screen. BIOS recognizes the SSD, which is surely set as a bootable device - to no avail. My search on the Internets did not turn up a meaningful solution to the problem. If anyone here can advise how to overcome the situation it will be much appreciated. Reinstalling Win10 is what I want to avoid due to license/activation concern, and also not willing to lose some stuff that is currently on the disk. Thank you for your attention. Greets :-)
  10. My thanks to erpdude8 and Dave-H for making it easier for me to fix the problem with the broken Office 2010 on WinXP. Greets :-)
  11. I too use Symantec Endpoint Protection (Client) version 12.1.6 on one of my WinXP machines. It is very heavy on the hardware, but is also very reliable and relatively easy to configure. Updates will be coming for at least one more year from now.
  12. Hello Heinoganda: Thank you for your reply. I will definitely consider transitioning to Windows Security Essentials. Do you mean that you have installed and are using TeamViewer 14.2.8352 on Windows XP? If yes, did you have any problems during install? Not long ago I tried to install TV 14.x.xxxx only to get a message that is is not compatible with WinXP or something... Best :-)
  13. Hi guys, Just want to mention that I installed latest version of TeamViewer 13 (13.2.36215) on my WinXP SP3 Home OEM machine and it seems to be working fine so far. Meaning I did not once get the nagging screen forcing me to update to the newest TV (which is 14.x.xxxx). Good, at least one thing works (still). Greets to all.
  14. Hi guys, I know it is pretty useless to whine about things that are completely out of someone's control; but I am so p***ed that I needed to vent out. I have not been using my Windows XP machine for some time now, ever since I found out that MS Office 2010 does not work anymore due to Microsoft's own cretinous updates. Back then I did not have the nerve and the patience to try to fix the issue and shelved the computer temporally. A few days ago I decided to play some old game on it, and turned it on. Almost immediately it became clear that: - Windows Defender's definitions cannot be updated any longer; I tried to update via the program itself, via the Microsoft Update, and manually - none of these worked. - Adblock and AdblockPlus no longer work in Firefox 52.9.1 ESR. When I try to browse any site now on the Internets, I get flooded by such a river of spams and ads that it is practically useless. - TeamViewer (11.0.xxxxx) drops the remote session to another computer after a few minutes, displaying some idiotic message that you have to update. Problem is, newer versions on TeamViewer are not compatible with Windows XP (at least I could not get it to work). - Skype does not work either. All in all, there is concerted effort to forcefully make people give up on WinXP - even though it is perfectly usable OS for people who do not care for the latest software or like me play older games. Worse even, we are running out of alternatives to programs that are needed in WinXP but do not work any more. I just cannot understand one thing: nobody puts a gun to the head of Microsoft and their ilk and try to make them continue support for WinXP and programs running on it. Why can't they leave it at least working instead of shutting down almost everything related to this OS? Greets.
  15. Yeah, I did run both DISM and SFC prior to the repair install, but they did not help, even though SFC found some corrupted entries (or so it said). I am pretty sure now that the culprit for this problem was a bunch of Samsung USB drivers for my aging GT-S6310 phone (Galaxy Young from 2013). Best :-)
  16. Hi cov3rt: I cannot speak for others, but myself I never liked the VLC player. It used to crash on me pretty often back in the days with the original WinXP release, if I am not mistaken. I am a die-hard fan of Media Player Classic (still keep using it today in Win10). Unfortunately, I was never able to find and old version of it that can run under Win95. Thus I resorted to using the otherwise hated Windows Media Player. Best :-)
  17. Thank you for your help, UCyborg: I followed your suggestion to the letter; when I tried "Check for updates" it did not find any updates to download and returned this stupid red line "Your device is at risk....". The only difference was that when I clicked on "View Installed Update History" it gave me completely empty screen. So I reverted back to the original folder Software Distribution. Best :-) PS. I finally found a way to solve the problem. This was done trough the so called "Windows 10 in-place upgrade or Windows 10 repair install". In essence, it is a re-installation of Win10 with keeping your programs and settings (which was very important for me to begin with). Here is the excellent article that explains the whole process: https://neosmart.net/wiki/windows-10-repair-installation/ Hope this will help another soul who finds himself in my shoes. I wish I could have found the culprit for the particular problem, but I did not have time to tinker with Windows due to time constraint. Peace to all :-)
  18. Hi guys, For about 2 weeks now I have been struggling (no success so far) with a very annoying problem related to Windows Update. Around Jan 10th, I got this thingy - see first screenshot. I have been reading and implementing some solutions found on the Internets, but nothing seems to work. The most common suggestion was to run Windows Update Troubleshooter (wu170509.diagcab), which I did several times, but it did not remove the problem, despite that every time I ran the Troubleshooter I got a success confirmation - see second screenshot. It seems Windows Update is not shot down completely, since I still get some updates, including everyday definition updates for Windows Defender - see third screenshot. My OS system version is Windows 10 x64 Educational, Version 1709, Built 16299.19. No hardware problems or conflicts; no apparent virus or malware infections (scanned with Symantec and NOD32 online scanners). If anyone has a solution, please share it - help is greatly appreciated. I just neither have too much time to tinker with the M$ id*** child, nor a reinstall is an option at the moment. Thanks in advance :-)
  19. Hi partner, When you type C:\Windows\Win, this manually executes the WIN.COM file - an important thingy for the OS to boot successfully (it loads the system files). Normally, Win.com is invoked automatically by IO.SYS, and possibly by Autoexec.bat (not entirely sure about this). So my humble suggestion is to check and see the status of IO.SYS - I guess that in your case it is either missing or corrupted. More info on the situation: http://www.davidakroyd.com/W98start.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WIN.COM Best :-)
  20. Good call, Jumper :-) I must be sleeping in my old age, since I fidgeted with WMP7.1 settings a lot, but somehow missed the d*** thing. So yes, WMP7.1 can also display subtitles with the help of VobSub 2.23, provided the latter is installed on the machine and the former has its Captions option enabled (see pic below). Now, I have two dedicated Windows 98SE machines, on which I use my beloved Media Player Classic to play video files. MPC has built-in capacity to load up subtitles regardless of whether or not VobSub is around. However, for the sake of the experiment, I installed VobSub and then used Windows Media Player 6.4 to play a movie. Subtitles popped up right away, even without the enabling of the Captions as on the Win95 machine. Being a total noob when it comes to software engineering , I will make a humble guess that VSFilter and its successor VobSub were designed to make use of Directx 9.0. Since I have Directx 9.0c on my Win98SE machines, and only Directx 8.0a on my Windows 95C machine, I think the above-mentioned guess is the only explanation. It is probably totally futile to hope that someone will make it their pet project to make either MPC or VobSub version that will work on Win95 too. Pity... Best to all :-) PS. I forgot to mention that DivX Codec Pro 5.2.1 also works perfectly under Win95C. Even though the installation gives you some warning in the beginning that this codec version is not supported on Win95, it installs and works perfectly.
  21. Hi ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~, If you have a taste for adventure and exotic, I'd advise you to give ClarisWorks 5 a try for your office needs. It is soooo much fun! <direct download link to unredistributable file removed> Best :-)
  22. Hi again Jumper, Sorry for responding a bit late. - WMP7.1 does not have "Captions" in the View menu. - WMP6.4 does not display subtitles in the captions box when VobSub 2.23 is not installed on the machine. - I uninstalled VobSub 2.23 and tried to install several versions (one at a time) of the VSFilter. It requires to put the stand-alone VSFilter.dll file in C:\Windows\System folder, and run the command regsvr32.exe VSFilter.dll. While the filter is loaded every time an AVI file is being opened up in WMP6.4, WMP7.1 and WinDVD 3.0, no subtitles are displayed. On a side note, I had to configure the filter via DOS command window in order to prevent vicious freezing every time I tried to play an AVI file in either of the above-mentioned players. The culprit was a checked option "Pre-buffer subpictures". Here is a very good guide on the matter, despite being in French: http://sweetkaraoke.pagesperso-orange.fr/Tutoriels/Tutoriel1_1b.html To re-cap the experience so far: 1. Only WMP6.4 can display subtitles, provided VobSub 2.23 is installed and Captions option is enabled (this opens up a caption box within the player window). 2. VSFilter loads up with all three player that I use, but subtitles are not displayed, even when Captions in WMP6.4 is selected. 3. No version of Media Player Classic that I tried works under Win95C. Best :-)
  23. Hi Yellow Horror: Thank you again for trying to help. I downloaded KB4011268 and tried to install it - and in typical M$ idiotic style I got a vague message that it cannot install because something else is missing (what exactly is not clear, my guess is previous update). I tried to see in Add/Remove Programs (Show Updates checked) what was the latest update for Office 2010. It seem to be from May 2016, which means that I have to seek out and download updates for the period of 1.5 years and apply them manually. I guess it beats the alternative of leaving Microsoft Update Agent to grate on my nerves for several hours while scanning for updates. Best :-)

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