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  1. Loving the new version, I've been adding all the taskbar features to some imported themes. If I could request one thing it would be to have the classic pop up clock that would read a timedate.cpl file with custom clock images. Something I can confirm is the taskbar always reverting to the default after every refresh of wsb testing mode or changing of themes. Both the taskbar skin and start orb selection are effected by this. Thanks for your work!
  2. ONE is what allows the shell32 images in control panel for example to be shown if you're using a custom VS. The same thing happened when Anniversary Update came out, Tihiy updated ONE and custom themes worked fully again.
  3. Hi Tihiy, it looks like ONE might need to be updated for the upcoming creator's update. I could get themes to work on build 15025, but the UI files in control panel won't apply anymore. The arrows in my screenshot show what parts I mean.
  4. Hi Big Muscle, thanks for this new version of Aero Glass, everything is working well now for our themes on Virtual Customs
  5. In regards to CiB I think it's a great idea having all the offerings of ONE and SiB++ combined into a single app. Also an alternative to Aero Glass would be great, maybe something similar to Winaero Glass. Right now Aero Glass is a must for a large percentage of custom themes, due to the way it correctly renders title bar caption font colors and backgrounds. Aero Glass is a good app but there are some problems it has sometimes with the retrieval of symbols and also many pop ups due to incompatibility or key notifications.
  6. Hi, I posted about this issue on Virtual Customs, Mr GRiM advised to write it here since it's a bug and so you will see. It's an issue with StartisBack++ on RS1 builds involving the taskbar immersive context menus. StartisBack is enabled for current user, there is a huge taskbar right click menu: Disable StartisBack normal, smaller right click menu: Thanks for reading.

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