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  1. It's straight forward Windows 2000, SP4 set up within KernelEx. I can attest, it installed and worked very straight forward. Not well, mind, but it works.
  2. Even simple support of the newer standards would be appreciated. I can give or take HTML5, the charm and novelty of watching Youtube on Windows 98 can't be enough to justify the headache or sluggishness of running a mere 360p video. If it at least means MSFN and some news sites, for example, can render more accurately, that's fine in my book.
  3. Windows 98 is a memorable system to a lot of people. I grew up right in that era, my elementary school was set up wall-to-wall with Gateways in our computer lab, hours wasted on Kid Pix and the occasional flash games (the classic era of Macromedia Flash). I've set up a 98 machine with an IBM Thinkpad T23, based somewhat on a laptop given to me by my older brother once he got a Dell desktop. Said laptop would be mercilessly smashed against a wood chest because I could never remember the BIOS password (retrospect: it was "advanced"). That was the first, and last high-cost device I would break intentionally. IBMs are tough, but they can't withstand it all. I'm mostly in this stage to explore old games I used to play on Windows XP, but also to see how far I can stretch the system. I am shocked at how much I can do on a PIII and only 512mb RAM. If I wasn't so deep into Steam or Youtube, I could probably survive just using this laptop. I very much wanna see what "current" things I can pull off with this machine. Maybe try a super-old copy of Adobe Premiere, see how far that takes me.
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