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  1. As far as I can tell, I can watch WEBM video with no problems, as well as Flash video if I enable it. Have you checked how it works with a clean profile? Have you tried disabling all your plugins to get about:support to load? You could get some clues from there, like maybe it has something to do with your driver or hardware decoding being enabled vs not (have you tried toggling that?). Getting up to 49 could also help, recently the devs seem to be updating the GMP/EME code quite often. I can't really call myself a video expert (despite what this thread might suggest to people ), so hopefully others will pitch in on this if simple solutions won't work. @5eraph Glad I could could give back a little for your keeping tabs on the POSReady updates
  2. You could try this workaround to see if it works on 10.6 as well. I have to say I detest this type of disabling of working programs for idelogical reasons. There's not even any profit to be made from this for them. Not that a profit reason would be any better, but at least there'd be some sort of a point to it.
  3. says some another Product Manager. This could yet go down the path of Electrolysis, the addon signing requirement, and other famously slippery schedules Mozilla has set The thing is, if they start using newer toolchains without bothering about XP, the executables/DLLs will be incompatible with XP even if there's zero change in would-be program functionality. This alone wouldn't be that difficult to custom build or patch or fake around, but it would narrow down the user base mostly to us hobbyists who aren't afraid to mess with such things What I find strange is how cavalier many "community-minded" not-for-profit organizations (not just Mozilla) can be when it comes to supporting their legacy userbase. And in the particular case of Firefox, which has been losing market share with no trend reversal in sight, I somehow doubt that shaving off a still significant percentage of users will result in all those users immediately upgrading their OS just to continue to use Firefox...
  4. Thanks, @xper, seems to work fine for me now. The only thing I'm not sure about is how it now always starts every new page at the top. What I mean is, in case AJAX loading used to scroll the new page not fully to the top but only to the top post of the page, this new behavior may in turn annoy those who didn't see any problems when AJAX was on. Since it never worked properly for me, I don't really know if there's anything perceivably different for those users now, but in any case what I'm trying to say is that I'd be willing to forgo this fix if it causes annoyance to many others.
  5. It's really bizarre how they keep releasing these timezone fixes outside the regular patch schedule. This one for example was built on August 19 and it's not as though they'd need a huge amount of testing for something like this, so beats me why it'd miss September Patch Tuesday.
  6. This one is actually more of a relief, so I don't have to uncheck it every time . I suppose it was useful for those who don't use any other kind of protection, for me personally it was just a bother that would add several minutes to every update run with no perceivable benefit.
  7. Glad this got sorted pretty easily, I was afraid we're having yet another situation where something mysteriously works for one person but not for another with the same specs; those can be a real pain to sort out.
  8. Chris Cooper, Release Engineering Manager at Mozilla, states: Edit: FF 52 is currently scheduled to be released on March 7, 2016.
  9. Since you're not getting any replies, this must be a rare occurrence, but it's also been happening to me on FF/XP for a long time. I thought it might be a caching issue, but even with an empty cache I still get the Loading... thing and have to refresh. I've pretty much gotten used to it, but it does get annoying sometimes when navigating a number of pages in the same thread.
  10. Well, it still works for me and I'm not sure how to help, because I know you're far too proficient to suggest "the usual" (full uninstall/reinstall, clean profile, etc.) to you. If it's installed in the browser and showing up and enabled in about:addons and simply fails to load with plugin-container, that's one thing. If it's not even showing up in about:addons, there's something more seriously messed up. In any case, there sort of should be some type of error messages somewhere, like in the Browser Console.
  11. Maybe that movie used to be useful (the text under it seems to suggest it was Flash-only?), but right now I'm getting served WEBM video whether or not Flash is enabled and working. As for the second tester link, Flash works and the clouds are moving fine in the tree animation on ESR, but the page itself is a bit funny, because it says Sorry, your computer does not have the latest Flash Player installed. Please go to step 2. ( Your version23.0.0.162 Latest Version22.0.0.209 ).
  12. Flash plugin seems to work OK for me on 45.3.0 ESR. The new security features broke a couple of games I've hacked to be able to play them locally when I don't have 'net access, but either adding those SWFs in Control Panel > Flash Player > Advanced > Developer Tools > Trusted Location Settings or putting EnableInsecureLocalWithFileSystem=1 in mms.cfg fixes that. But that's only an issue for local content, web content seems to have no problems at all in either ESR or standard.
  13. (Couldn't find a better topic for this - I don't think it needs a separate one.) Avira ends product updates for XP Lasted much longer than the initially reported April 2015 deadline.
  14. Good to know. Unfortunately though, it doesn't seem to work for everyone. But I'm guessing BWC will make a proper fix for this sooner or later, there's still plenty of time until 51 is released.
  15. Added the info about pref changes needed for 49.0+ to the top post. media.gmp-eme-adobe.visible and media.gmp-eme-adobe.forceSupported are in; media.gmp-eme-adobe.forcevisible is out. Also removed some outdated statements and most of the edit markers that at this point only made the post harder to read. Thanks for your kind words. I know what you mean about those sites, but to be fair, many of them date back to when this method wasn't available yet.
  16. In addition to what @dencorso said above, you may also need to enable TLS 1.0 in Internet Explorer options as the WU website no longer accepts SSL 2.0/3.0 secure connections. Internet Options > Advanced tab > Security section (scroll to the very bottom) > check Use TLS 1.0. For improved security, it's also good to uncheck Use SSL 3.0 and especially Use SSL 2.0 - unless you need to visit any specific websites not capable of anything better. I'd recommend unchecking both and turning them back on only if some site actually stops working after that.
  17. No problem , I didn't think it was rude, it was just weird to see it written with caps as if it was supposed to be something grand when it's definitely not. I used the regular installer, not portable, but I don't know why that should make a difference here... I guess then it's back to waiting for someone to actually code something. That was really the one nice thing about the kludge: no coding required.
  18. Please don't call it The Solution unless you put it in quotes. It's a total kludge, even if it's worked for 2 people so far. Anyway, I'm sorry it doesn't work for you. I'm curious about how it fails now, because it certainly couldn't be giving the same error message about that missing import, so is it an access violation again? I'm asking because unlike you I (and, presumably, @DanR20) didn't have any issues with some other DLL missing, so there may be something significantly different about your setup. I mean I doubt USP5.2 as such would cause this difference, given the nature of the "fix". If you set those accessibility prefs, and all DLL dependencies also work out now, and you're using v2.6 kernel, I guess we've hit a snafu with the kludge.
  19. FYI, there's also been talk of this Firefox issue in the KernelEx thread and there's even a temporary "solution" of sorts, even if it is quite ugly. Should work for now, until someone actually gets to coding something.
  20. Installation worked fine, but firefox.exe kept crashing on program startup. Mostly HxD.
  21. Well, until someone develops a proper solution, there is a quick-and-very-dirty work-around that can be used. Take out your hex editor and in xul.dll, replace the string CoGetInterceptorFromTypeInfo with StgCreateDocfileOnILockBytes and CoGetInterceptor with OleGetIconOfFile. (Technically you should fix the PE checksum as well.) Basically, any not already imported function from Win2k's ole32.dll would do, I picked these because their names being the same length makes editing easy and the functions themselves seem harmless enough, should the problematic code path somehow get executed. For now at least, the added anti-accessibility precautions can probably prevent that and at least for me normal browsing worked OK. Unpredictable browser crashes are very possible, though. This was actually my first time to try out KernelEx for Win2000, and for some reason I couldn't get Firefox working with v2.8 at all (not even FF 48.0) and had to revert to v2.6. But if you had it working on v2.8 before, I'm sure it'll work with my cludge as well. Looking forward to harsh criticism from real experts for even suggesting this irresponsible half-measure
  22. @DanR20 Since these changes seem to have to do with accessibility features, have you tried stuff like like setting accessibility.force_disabled to 1 in prefs? I'm pretty skeptical about this really accomplishing anything (ole32 doesn't seem to be delay-loaded), but I guess it doesn't hurt to try. I don't have Win2K at the ready to try this out myself.
  23. And MS statistics of Windows 10 upgrades probably don't take into account reverters, including those who "upgraded" only for the sake of registering their free license for potential future use. I myself have added 4 machines to the "upgraded" count, none of which have actually been running Windows 10 since then.
  24. Added the somewhat unfortunate news about Primetime CDM never getting official support on Windows XP to the top post. . @King Kadelfek: Glad I could help and I definitely appreciate you taking the time to sign up just to thank me
  25. Did some testing with 45.2.0 ESR, and everything seems to work if an additional change is made to media.gmp-manager.url. I assume this applies to other 45 ESR versions as well. See the opening post for the details.

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