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  1. Blackwingcat, could you tell me which versions of Intel and AMD AHCI and VGA drivers from Windows Legacy Update are the most stable and well-tested for now, please?
  2. I think you can try to ask bearwindows https://bearwindows.zcm.com.au/ or to make request on betaarchive.
  3. I think it's better to leave original ntoskrnl.exe from NT 4.0. I'm afraid that taking libraries from NT 5.0 betas would also bring many bugs and instability. Could you describe how will it work, please? Maybe I do not understand something. P.S. Will it be possible to use latest security updates with your wrapper? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PjCjrFOBlTg_u3LIaOWp6XQO5RYoJeob/view
  4. Do you recommend installing any unofficial post-EOL updates before installing Extended Kernel?
  5. You did not understand me. How to get MORE than 2 CPU support?
  6. Do I need Multi Core Limitter break patch in order to get >2 CPU support with Extended Kernel? Does provided NT Kernel include all security updates which were released for it before? Will such configuration be stable enough?
  7. Can I rely on DLLs dates (are changed DLLs newer than ones from previous release)? And what about detections by antivirus software? P.S. Why is your blog unavailable when connecting through Russian ISP?
  8. Checked Extended Kernel v2.9iG on VirusTotal. Do you know is that false positive? https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e774c8022d4cb532cbce1f337e22ad738c211c2d459a9121959703d17baf4d92/detection
  9. Here's fixed Russian version: https://sbornik-obrazov-dlya-bochs-i-qemu.ru/pub/Windows2000-KB935839-v29iG-x86-RUS-v2b.exe P.S. Is it possible to make localized 3.0 version using some existing libraries from 2.9i? Could you tell me, which files were modified since 2.9i version, please?
  10. Thank you! Then, here's my localized version. Could you add it to your website, please? http://sbornik-obrazov-dlya-bochs-i-qemu.ru/pub/Windows2000-KB935839-v29iG-x86-RUS-v2a.exe P.S. I've noticed that gdiplus.dll is not copied to system32 by default. How can I fix that?
  11. Ok, I've understood. How can I repack update.cab and inject it into .exe?
  12. Does kernel32 patching depend on any other system DLLs (or components?) Is there a way to get any logs from setup program in order to see what does it actually do? UPD. When I install the package first time everything seem OK (FileZilla works). But if I need to change some options after that, I have to re-download the Extended Kernel (some of selections are just ignored)...
  13. For example, I unselect "Disable InitializeCondition functions" and install Extended Kernel. After reboot I still get "InitializeConditionVariable" not found in kernel32.dll (no effect). Such things do not happen on original English version.
  14. http://sbornik-obrazov-dlya-bochs-i-qemu.ru/pub/Windows2000-KB935839-v29iG-x86-RUS-v2.zip Look, please. I've replaced text resources in Kernel32, changed its base address and recalculated checksum (after some localization-related hex edits)
  15. Hello again! After .DLL translation and rebasing I've lost ability to manage disabled Vista functions (cannot enable them). What could get wrong?
  16. Does it cause MSVCR90.dll not found error too? I replaced riched20.dll with older one and that helped. Thank you so much.
  17. Hello, I'm trying to translate latest 2.9 release to Russian language. I'am facing two problems: - almost all the apps using VC++ or MFC refuse to work properly until I install Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable package (even if it was not required in the clean system). It that OK? - when I'm running Extended Kernel setup program it gives some messages about pattern mismatch (?) but completes successfully. After reboot shell open/save dialogs are broken until I replace comdlg32.dll with original one or copy from Extended Kernel package (does that DLL somehow get corrupted in the process of installation?) (my fault)
  18. I've noticed, that FF 3.6 does not render background colors of HTML elements. Is there any solution?
  19. Hello, I would like to make an lightweight IE 6.0 add-on (to integrate it into Windows NT 4.0 distribution). I was very surprised, when I did not found any information about that. As the result I even do not have any example of such add-on. Full IE 6.0 distribution is so big and definitely not suitable for such purposes. Help me, please. I have only found references to OnePiece IE 6.0 SP1 add-on, but all the links are offline. I really need something like IE 6.0 core to make NT support more applications.
  20. Hello, does anybody have any updates mentioned here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/109439-slipstreaming-nt4-sp6a/ ? I've been able to download a few files, but most of links are broken for now. I'm looking for all the patches for Windows NT 4.0 WKS (ENG and RUS) released between SRP and end of support.
  21. Could anybody share Update Rollup 2 (no matter if it is discontinued), please?
  22. Any progress? When there will be release?

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