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  1. Hello, I want to ask about a specific windows update before i install it. First let me explain. I recently gotten a couple blue screen of death's whenever closing out of the Chrome Browser. I've researched on google for many many hours, looked through many forums and sites. The BSOD i get is about win32k.sys -- I've downloaded "windbg" tool to look at the crash dump details, and it specifically states "chrome.exe" as the process that causes it. I'm not going to try and make this way too long to read, but after hours of research, there's supposedly a windows update that might possibly work. It's " Update for Windows XP KB959252 " - All the official microsoft links i found to this are either "404 page not found" or "file not found" pages. This page listed the kb959252 about chrome and win32k.sys, but links to a microsoft page that isnt avaiable anymore. https://www.ruggieroav.com/Microsoft_Updates_and_Fixes Eventually i found it from this website, finally: http://thehotfixshare.net/board/index.php?autocom=downloads&showfile=9650 I had to go to wayback machine to view a microsoft page that tells what files are modified in this update. And the win32k.sys file had a timestamp of 2008 But the win32k.sys file on my computer currently says: Version 5.1.2600.6514 - Time 2/6/2014 7:01 PM Is it safe to apply this update ?? I was worried that it might accidently rollback the version and time to this 2008 version. I just want to be extra sure before i install this update to see if it resolves the BSOD's from chrome. Just hope it doesnt make the file an older version if that makes sense.
  2. Hello, i saw this topic via google searching about this recent phenomonom, and i signed up to commet here, this is the only place with an "active" dicussion right now. I've been using AIM 5.5.3595 all the time most of my life, and i absolutely refuse to use any "higher" version ...and i was able to use it just fine until this really stupid "going away" message. It seems i was able to continue using it just fine no problem beyond March 15 ....until today March 23. I have a couple people who still use AIM once in awhile that i talk to But now i cant because of this stupid crap...i dont want to use 7.x ever. I had my AIM 5.5.3595 custom hacked as "dead aim" which included logging and other features like removing all the ads from the window and so on. (from 2004 i think) ..i thought maybe my modified "dead aim" is what kept my past the march 15 deadline.... but i guess not now. If anyone out there in the hacking world is able to come up with a solution to continuing using 5.x ...please i would be eternally grateful, i'm even willing to pay money if possible. (if that statement is against forum rules, i sincerely apoligize) ...i dont want to give up my AIM 5. *edit* i thought i could make it work by using the more recent connection server that "ksc.aol.com + port 80" in connection settings rather than the login.oscar ...but no I will check this thread at least once a day.. hoping for any update on this situation..

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