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  1. Hi, Someone know how can I get a password which is stored in the auto-signin "list" on MSN Messenger. The problem is that I have friend (very known sentence, well its true I have one who was forget his password ) who is trying to get his password. If someone knows how to get it, I'll aprecciate. Thanks Some Specifications: Windows: Windows XP, 5.01.2600 MSN Messenger: 6.1.0211 Thanks =)
  2. Opera is much better than Firefox. Well, Just my opinion. Firefox is like a step before Opera.
  3. May be firefox doesn't handle Flash transparencies too. Try iexplore
  4. Extraño, que browser estas usando ? Opera no maneja transaparencias en Flash.
  5. Thanks ! Very nice wallpapers :)
  6. Yes! The best image edition software is coming !
  7. Hi, this is my web for my little company. It's made on Flash. I would like to know your opinion. Good bye =) LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think is one HUGE mistake http://c.1asphost.com/mmsf/ Sorry
  8. Opera is far the most complete browser right now. anyone has made "mouse gestures" like opera has. the tabbed windows are great. and even the beta versions are very stable. Well thats my little opinion
  9. [quote name='slimy' date='Jan 10 2005, 01:50 AM']i wonder how exeem will be...[/quote] If you visit the suprnova website it says that no project is being developed by suprnova team. And about the thread, I think that Bit Torrent is the best p2p protocol avaible right now.- Bye
  10. Thanks to everyone, I think I'll stick with 2k and get another module of ram.-
  11. Yes, I've seen that post before, but my main question is if a p3 will be enough for a w2k3 and if a HUGE difference for a workstation in a 2k from a 2k3 ?
  12. What do you think about my avatar and my sig ? Good bye =)
  13. Hi, I'm Francisco from Argentina, I'm web/graphic designer and I loved this forum from the first time. Well, me english isn't perfect but I think that everyone can understand me. Saludos! (means Good bye in Spanish B) )
  14. Hi, I would like to know what is best for my computer ? I have a P3 1Ghz - 256 DIMM Ram - 30gb HD Now I'm using W2k SP4 but I was thinking on install XP Pro. Would it work slower, faster or just the same ? Oh, I use the next programs if you want to know if it will work faster or slower: Macromedia Flash Photoshop Java (for programming) Some games (Max Payne 2 or sth like that) and a little Proxy. Thanks.
  15. Hi, first of all I would like to say hello to everyone who visit this thread, and like you're looking amd new here. My question is "what is the difference between 2k and 2k3?" Now I've W2k SP4 on a P3 1Ghz with 256mb and a 30gb hd. Is this enough for 2k3 ? I don't like XP it still to buggie for me. Well, I think its all for now. Thanks =)
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