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  1. Can anyone give me a quick lesson on how to get these experimental builds working with 14393? Thus far I've used only installers from final builds. Appreciate any help!
  2. Thanks! I'll try it for a while--actually, it's starting to grow on me a little. When you open a second window the inactive one goes clear and stays that way until you click on it.
  3. Thanks--guess I didn't see that. It works fine except I get a light to medium blue tone that I can't seem to adjust. The square corners gives me a clear tone that I prefer. Any idea how I can get the clear tone back? Thanks much for help!
  4. Please post a link here when you've completed it--it will really help from having to search for it. Thanks again for all your effort!
  5. No problem with today's upgrade to 10586.164.
  6. As I said earlier mine worked automatically but now I have a symbols directory under c:\aeroglass that wasn't there before.
  7. Try signing out and back in again. Gave me some sort of DOS box for a moment and after that was ok. Maybe it was doing the symbol download there.
  8. Got an incompatibility error that specified Aero Glass for 8.1+ (using build 1.4.5) after installing cumulative update KB3140743 that brings build 10586 to 10586.122, but it went away after a second re-boot. Anyone else experience this?
  9. I'm using this one: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/174668-experimental-builds/page-6#entry1112005, Noel's SquareCornersNoExtraColor10586.png. Made a substantial improvement. Am I missing something or is this a proper theme atlas for this build? I'm running 10586, not any insider build.
  10. Awfully quiet around here. What happened to all the drama?
  11. Like the new 1.4.5 release! Now works with Edge where it didn't do so before. Still lacking for Firefox but I believe it can be done with some tweaking.
  12. Thanks! Looks quite a bit better and have the colors back. Far from an expert in configuring this!
  13. Which themeatlas are you using? I use SquareCornersNoExtraColor10586.png with the layout file and have the blue and red buttons. Also make sure install aero glass theme is unchecked when installing. Thanks for replying. To be honest I'm a little lost. Where can I get that that theme and would I enter that under Theme atlas image in the Theme & Appearance using The AeroGlassGUI.exe program?
  14. I installed the stable version just released (v.1.4.5) and I could swear that at first the minimize and half-screen to full-screen buttons were blue when hovering over them--now no color at all (close button has always been red). I made some adjustments with the AreoGlassGUI.exe--was it something I did in there that changed them? Anyone have any idea how to get back the blue colors? Tried uninstall and re-install to no avail. Thank you!
  15. "We're just waiting for it to come around on the gee-tar is what we're doing." --Arlo Guthrie
  16. Users certainly have every right to ask for help but I also believe that they have the responsibility to first peruse the thread or whatever it may be to see whether their question has already been answered. I also believe that regardless of whether they have exercised that responsibility or not there is no excuse for users or developers to be other than polite and respectful of each other.
  17. It works for me on Build 10586 using aeroglass build 447. Another way is to uninstall aeroglass and then exact the file from build 447 in to C:\AeroGlass then install 1.4.1 I was able to get it to work although not exactly as you said and of course these versions--including 447--is not recommended by BigMuscle except for 10240. It's ok for a temporary fix until BigMuscle comes out with a final version for threshold2 (hopefully with an installer that configures it automatically). Thanks for help!
  18. What I do is start Windows in Safemode then replace the files in the aeroglass folder with the latest build then restart windows normally Not having any luck. Remember I'm working with threshold2, 10586. I started with the installer from 1.4.1 and then replaced with the files from build 333. Still getting a DWM error. Checked the registry for entries in BigMuscle's guide and they're correct even though it looks like that guide covers Windows 8/8.1 and don't see any instructions for 10.
  19. Can anyone help me on how to install build 333 in threshold2 10586? Tried following BigMuscle's guide to no avail. Thanks! The greatest thing would be an final version with an installer for threshold2--I realize that eventually we will have this and that it takes time.
  20. I‘ve just checked this with Firefox, there‘s no issue. A .7Z file is downloaded and can be extracted. Thanks! I was using IE11--works with Firefox.
  21. This works really well and appears bug-free. Can't download the GUI Configuration Tool--when I click on it just get a bunch of code.

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