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  1. I remember playing Granny's garden on the Amstrad@school, that was fun....that was on a B:\ disk 1992 that was Oh the good ol' days
  2. ****, is she that scary? She looks so innocent on the avatar...
  3. not forgetting that lethal html........
  4. Yeah Jerseygirl's trying to be mean XPerties sort her out :sorcerer OOOH I didn't see the show all button 4 those emoticons, thanks I wondered where the red 1 with hearts came from....blondely intentioned
  5. Yeah notepad, yes everyone hacks with that.....................????
  6. very good, but not as good as my one thats coming soon....watch this space Why didnt u put this thread in graphics?
  7. There's no symbol for crying!!!!!!!!! WHY? Beccatigger 2 does not tolerate abuse
  8. w00t w00t I'll even get beccatigger version 2 to make u dinner on delivery of alcohol
  9. Woah! Rewind! Ur telling me i need 2 move out???! I've been telling myself I need 2 move out I'm moving 200 miles away in Sept to Portsmouth+living in city centre (lovely, all hustle +bustle) But when I finish uni I will probs live in the country cos i'm still country girl@heart PS Make mine another b53, can u bring it over only I can only have 1 if I drive....
  10. LOL, why? why? why? why? SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, honestly, I cannot be any more annoying than my sis she's 9 and she's twice as dyspraxic as me lol Very naughty child...and she's just as bad w00t Sum1 told us that calling your daughter Tiffany was like putting the mark of the devil on them, how right they were
  11. Sweedie my mum doesnt even understand that u can use an external browser window with AOL, and ur telling me I gotta explain how to clear the cache..............ha ha ha I'll just do it myself and when I'm @ uni I'll do it when I come home. She don't use the net that much cos I'm always on it
  12. Hey and welcome, and beware of the flying zebra (dont ask me that's what they told me when I joined) OH yeah, I bite so b careful
  13. Well I've been 2 france nah nah Oh god, help me, I've been cooped up at home since half term and I'm going nuts. I only see other people when I go into my exams and then I cant speak 2 them
  14. OK thanks for the War, sum interesting things popped up when I did the cache sort out, and I looked up In Temp Internet files->settings->view objects, discovered a whole load of really suss stuff....... Removed it all and discovered symatec still had all this stuff running on my computer so I uninstalled that on add/remove programs. It hasnt restarted by itself since yesterday so things r looking up, but it tends to have a spate and then its fine......
  15. ICT A-level is flippin' business studies virtually These past 2 years the only things we've learnt about computers is what our teacher has showed us off-syllabus... I just say "look, this topic is boring, can we please do something interesting" and naturally I got it my way because he's young+can't control me muhahahahahah I'll never forget the day he got really angry: "Rebecca (even he only says that hideous word when he's angry), give me 10 reason why faceparty.com is relevant to your A-level" errrr.....
  16. S'ok everyone, sit back down He's had a baaaaaaaaaad day believe me
  17. LOL I did for a while too Poor u john. My friends were telling me bout when they did their business studies+they said they never finished their papers either. I got a B@GCSE IT and I was supposed 2 get an A*, but we had really bad teacher and cos I was top of the class she kinda overlooked what I could ACTUALLY achieve......... She left shortly after that and now we have our school sys admin guy teaching us A-level ICT, he's rubbish+he smells And there were only 2 of us doing ICT
  18. no it definitely doesnt have another 1
  19. yes my coursework was crap too, owing to that fact I knew nothing about databases and I had to make 1....and I did it in a week instead of 2 terms It was a B/C grade Could've been better there was a time when I actually cared..........
  20. The final question was: There are no laws governing the worldwide use of the internet, so it is left up to the e-business industry #state what might need to be regulated on the internet #How you might achieve this #what problems might occur
  21. Just had a bad exam. It was ICT (information and communication technology, so basically computers) and I was doing gr8, 2 hr exam+I finished the paper with 20mins 2 go, started checking thru my answers, yup fine, 5 mins gone, 15 mins 2 go Look down HOLY COW! Turn over back page OMFG 20 mark question (25% of papers marks) on back page aaaaaaaargh Difficult question bout internet regulation Needless 2 say I didnt do very well at that part...wrote about a page, reckon i got bout 8 marks for it
  22. I tried Vanilla COke IT was nice w00t
  23. But I dont have Zone Alarm................. Unless it comes with Windows I dont have it
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