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  1. This is not just insecure, what happens if my laptop is tethered to my phone on a metered connection? Will WU waste my data? Another issue I had with the new update system is in 9926 in a VM that I only start once or so a month. I went to upgrade to 10041 yesterday and I also did not see a way to not install certain updates. Is there a way to deselect with this new system?
  2. The fact that a search process that I'm not using at all is using double the RAM as a media player that is open and playing a file is just sad. This really goes to show the bloat software has been recieving over the last few years. In Windows 7, the indexer uses around 10MB, and that's still too much. But in Windows 10 this is not the indexer, this is the frontend in the new Start menu and taskbar.
  3. I installed Winamp on my Windows 10 VM and went into Task Manager and noticed something interesting. The search process uses almost double the RAM that Winamp 2.95 does.
  4. Has anyone else noticed that when you unpin the Cortana search bar from the taskbar, whenever you open Start the search overlaps your open programs? http://i.imgur.com/cebFUB8.gifv

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