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Simo Hayha

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  1. Help!

    I was trying to install a LH M5 theme and I successfully did, but now I can't see my Taskbar on the bottom, I have a sidebar to the right but no taskbar. I want my taskbar too so I can view open programs and stuff. Please help.
  2. Digital Camera

    Welcome to MSFN, and you have to install the software for your digital camera, thats how I had to do it. Most digital camera companies offer their software on their website. Hope this helped you. Regards, Simo H.
  3. [Desktops] 2003

    Heres the background I was using, its the highest quality picture of a Lamborghini I could find without some website's name slathered all over it. Enjoy. ^^-Click for large version, very very large, suits almost any monitor. Thanks again to Xperties for the powertools and to Crispy for the code.
  4. [Desktops] 2003

    Heres the thumbnailed version, thanks for ur help guys.
  5. Chill your beer with Peltier!

    i found this place that makes their own margarita mix, its amazing, if u live along the eastern seaboard, let me know
  6. [Desktops] 2003

    http://www.dodstudios.net/uploads/uploads/lam.jpg how do u make thumbnails like the rest of u did?
  7. Matrix:Reloaded

  8. Matrix:Reloaded

    The TS-Esotric?
  9. Whats your max fsb?

    He must mean 533 MHz in total, not 533 MHz per bus.
  10. Chill your beer with Peltier!

    mm something to cool the margaritas in, party at my house! bring ur own booze
  11. Matrix:Reloaded

    mediocre cast. great movie.
  12. MSN Messenger 6 ..

    I beg to differ, I sent an entire 40 GB hard drive, 37 GB of it full, from one of my PCs to the one downstairs successfully. Didn't take very long either, 1.5 mbps cable and a wireless linksys router.
  13. hi

    hi new here, just saying hello ..hello