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  1. Hi, It was my installation of 2k3 , i reinstalled it and now both, Acronis and Ghost, work perfect. Thnx for replys on my question. Greetings, Carlo
  2. Hi, I tried Ghost 7.5 , everything seems to go well, but after putting back the image i am not able to logon anymore. i get no error message's. the onlything i see is : trying to logon and after that i am kicked back to the logonscreen, no error messages at all. When i go to the event viewer with remote desktop connection there is a error message something like : you are not allowed to login..... What can be wrong ? Grtx, Carlo
  3. Hi all , who knows if it is possible to make a ghost image of a windows server 2003 disk or partition ? If it can't be done with ghost, is there other software to do it ? Greetings , Carlo
  4. Hi, Thanks for the answers , i already have enabled WIA , but it wont work (the wizard will show up, but only a few options to chose , not a option to copy the pictures to a specified location). When i used XP , the digital camera wizard was working perfect for me because the pictures on the camera (sony cybershot P51) automaticly renamed when the wizard copys them to my computer. I will try to find software for the camera what can do the job for me.. anyway thanks for the quick reply. Greetings, Carlo
  5. Hi All, I am using windows server 2003 and dont get a wizzard anymore when i connect my usb digital camera. When i connect my digital camera to a windows XP /2000 machine , i always get a wizzard what ask me what to to do (copy files/ print files) and automaticly generates file names for the pictures when it copy the pictures (picture 001 , picture 002 , picture 003 and so on) Someone know how i can do this in 2003 ? Greetings . Carlo
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