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  1. Oh, sorry, the send button wasn't responding to my clicks and I assumed it just wasn't working, but it did, lol

    EDIT: Well, since i already double posted, i can use this to confirm that the last build from 2022 works flawless with all post eol updates up to 2021 installed.

  2. On 7/2/2023 at 8:55 AM, LiptonAcer said:

    After hard work testing all updates on Windows Vista; I finally managed to make the Extended Kernel of March 2023 revision 1 work with the Windows Vista esu! Several updates are problematic: KB5003210, KB4580385 are most responsible as well as superseded 2022 updates. Cumulative updates are also to be banned. The solution is: to remove all the 2022 updates that have been installed on the system and to install only the non-superseded updates which are security only, and to remove the two updates KB5003210, KB4580385 Then, we can install the extended kernel without having any problem!

    Updates 2022 need to remove : kb5009601-kb5010403-kb5011486-kb5011525-kb5011942-kb5012137-kb5012150-kb5012632-kb5012658-kb5013619-kb5013636-kb5014006-kb5014010-kb5014743-kb5014752-kb5015866-kb5015870-kb5016129-kb5016669-kb5016686-kb5017358-kb5017371-kb5018413-kb5018446-kb5018450-kb5020005-kb5020019-KB5021289-KB5021293-KB5021657

    Updates 2022 need to install : kb5009601-kb5010403-kb5011525-kb5012150-kb5012632-kb5013619-kb5014006-kb5014743-kb5015870-kb5016129-kb5016686-kb5017371-kb5018446-kb5020005-kb5020895-kb5021293

    I had the same problem as you and when I deleted the maj to replace them with the others it solved the problem. I made a video of my problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmPZTJX18sE


    It's still broken for me unfortunately. I haven't installed any 2022 updates and only had KB4580385 in the list to remove.

    After removing the update, Extended Kernel still breaks the entire system.


  3. I wouldn't be too worried about app support if everything wasn't based on Electron these days. If Google pulls the plug with Chromium next year, it's only a matter of time before programs like Discord, WhatsApp, Steam and Spotify and most the new launchers like Rockstar Games Launcher/Epic Games just stop working since you can't disable auto-updates (Except Steam and Spotify). Sure, everything except Steam can be bypassed by using the web version of Firefox, etc., but then you have to rely on the browser's notification system and things like system icons in the taskbar and per-app volume controls are gone.

    Kinda crazy to think that Windows 10 is now the "minimum" OS for perfect app combatibilty. In 2014 I installed Windows XP on my then current system to test how well it was still supported and had absolutely no problems with it. Then in 2016, XP/Vista went downhill at the same time.

  4. Yep, i also can't boot Vista with the new ntoskrnl. I replaced the file fron the MEGA folder used for 2008 updates.

    Status: 0xc000000f

    I finally found the issue, even though i routed cmd to the folder, where the installation files are located, it didn't replace the files.

    No wonder it can't boot if the files are missing. :D after moving the files manually, everything works nicely again.


  5. So i finally managed to do a clean install on my pc and install all the updates from the repo +2008 Updates. It took a whole day to install all of it but it was worth it.

    Extended Kernel works amazingly well with Chromium 90. Websites load really fast and YouTube playback also works without any issues.. oh and it's great to have Aero Glass back. The only thing that is kinda buggy are some extensions that just doesn't want to install "Details: "Default locale is defined but default data couldn't be loaded."

    I also tried to install Steam but it refuses to start since it detects the OS and won't install the update. (currently using my december 2018 backup i made)


  6. 23 hours ago, Sergiaws said:

    If you want Kernel EX on dutch Windows 2000 I recomend you to install Windows 2000 in English. Before this you can add Multi language pack. If you search in google you will find an internet archive linck.

    Yeah i ended up installing Windows 2000 in english first and installing the german language pack afterwards. Dutch is also a great language but unfortunately i can't understand it fully haha :D


    Just tried Pale Moon and wow, it works amazingly well. Now i need to find a better motherboard/cpu that is a bit more modern. My current Single Core P4 W200 PC doesn't really enjoy the modern internet that much :D

  7. It seems there's currently no way to obtain the latest version of extended kernel with german language support/or get the latest version of it in general? I don't mind installing the enu version (if it even works). The legacy update site doesn't show any updates (maybe because of language mismatch

  8. I don't think that anyone today is using Windows Vista for streaming or gaming but i'm pleased to say that the Elgato HD 60 S works fine on Windows Vista! It's a USB 3 1080p 60 FPS capture card which is widely known by Twitch streamers and is only meant to work on Windows 10. So @WinClient5270 you can add it to the list, if you like :)

    https://gc-updates.elgato.com/windows/drivers/hd60-s/download.php download the drivers from here, extract the exe with 7-ZIP and manually install the drivers in device-manager. The Elgato Streaming Software doesn't work because the installer blocks it but it's useless anyway because it doesn't have that much options and OBS is better for recording stuff.

    I'm also using the USB 3.1 TYPE-A PCIe CARD (works just fine on Vista) which allows you to play the games directly in the preview window with no delay! DRIVERS


  9. Elgato keeps saying that the drivers only work on Windows 10 and aren't meant for Windows 7.. well, it seems to work even better on Vista! I'm so glad to finally have it working on my fav OS and the solution is so damn simple.. Download the drivers from here: https://help.elgato.com/customer/portal/articles/2405414-elgato-gaming-hardware-drivers extract the exe and just install the driver with device-manager. manually. I don't know if the elgato capture software works, i'm using OBS which has more options and better recording abilities.


  10. Today's the last day that Steam officially supports XP/Vista. If you want to use Steam in 2019 and later, don't forget to make a backup of the steam folder and use the "-noverifyfiles" command to stop Steam from auto-updating itself. You can still download games and etc.. The only thing that might happen is that you can no longer use the store and the friend feature might break soon as well.. 

  11. You can stop Steam automatic-updates by adding this line (-noverifyfiles) to the Steam shortcut. Just remember to do a full backup of your Steam folder on 31. Dec 2018, so you can keep using the last available version on XP/Vista. You can still login and download games.

  12. If you're still using Windows Vista (like me) and would like to play games with the XBOX One Controller, then you're pretty much out of luck.. Right? No! You can actually install the Windows 7+ XBOX One Controller driver on Windows Vista without modifying anything. You just need to extract the .MSI installer and install the driver via Device-Manager. But you don't need to do all this since i already uploaded it for you..




    Have fun!



  13. 27 minutes ago, My1 said:

    what about 7? aside from the fact that it has an input method for tablets I dont remember much tablet specific there.


    Windows 7 has larger titlebar buttons, the taskbar (superbar) was especially redone for touchscreens and some other new touchscreen programs were added. I mean it wasn't drastically forced to everyone like they did in Windows 8, since the taskbar also had advantages for keyboard mouse users, but you could see what Microsoft wanted to achieve with future releases of Windows. 

  14. I'm amazed that Microsoft is still developing Metro Apps. Do people really use this crap? I mean just look at the Settings app, it's cluttered as hell and it's really frustating to use. Windows Phone is finally dead and people use Win32 apps on tablets. Windows Vista really is the last OS from Microsoft which had Desktop PC's in mind.

    I'm using Windows 10 right now, because.. i don't know.. and the only way to make it usable is to install StartIsBack (to have the Win7 start menu and taskbar) and Aero Glass for making Windows look normal again. 



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