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  1. "To initialize the XPCREATE environment"

    I agree; if it's no trouble then creating the dirs on the first run certainly makes the process smoother for the lame/lazy/biffs amongst us Is there any intention to make a dlurl available again, or will that remain in the commercial product only? I miss that fantastic facility. Thanks anyway for your huge effort; much appreciated.
  2. Prs Any key to boot from CD, before the Menu. HOW?

    This feature is a function of the w2k / xp / 2k3 bootsector. The official bootsector allows for keypress to boot to CD, then redirects to /I386/setupldr.bin bootsector, which does the rest of the chaining. You could use the official bootsector, then rename your multiboot loader as setupldr.bin in an I386 folder structure.
  3. 64Bit Window Software that works

    CloneCD , CloneDVD and AnyDVD (and later of each) have all been recompiled as 64bit.
  4. Winntbbu.dll or whatever

    Remove the old dll (back it up somewhere) and copy the new dl_ into the I386 dir. It will automatically be expanded as part of the XP build process.
  5. I had no problem after changing the 4 bmp resources 185 - 188.
  6. Here's my first attempt at a billboard. The image is by DivineError at DeviantArt, here. Download link for WINNTBBU.DL_ (500KB) here
  7. Bullet Images

    These bullets are indexed colour, so saving as 24-bit bmps might corrupt the library; don't know as I haven't tried that yet. I just changed the outside colurs in the index palette. [EDIT] You can add 24-bit images and even change the dimensions within reason. The trick is to ensure that you have a uniform background colour in the left bar and bottom right areas, then use those background colours in your bullets as suggested above.
  8. multi-boot/install older OS questions

    You may get away with the first disk, but unless you create Lite versions of W2K and XP, you will not fit them both onto one cd - certainly not slipstreamed with hotfixes and service packs. Traditionally, the X-in-1 cds have focussed on one core OS and added variants, e.g. W2K Pro, Server and Advanced Server. The reason is that because of the commonality of files in each distro, optimisation can be used by e.g. cdimage.exe. This optimisation removes duplicate files and replaces them with a pointer, thus compressing 1.5GB into less than 700MB. W2k and XP do not share enough common code to make optimisation work. When you do get yout DVD burner (<50$), I would recommend CDShell with BCDW plugin to do the multiboot work. Both products come with excellent example scripts to modify.
  9. boot from a and start the cd ?

    I use Smart Boot Manager, available here. Have a look around the site to get an idea. This small download is a DOS exe file. I store it in a folder named 'tools' on my bootable CD or BizCard and have a batch file as follows: @ECHO OFF echo Insert a blank floppy disk in drive A pause cd ..\..\tools sbminst -d 0 -y Note: the last line shows the necessary syntax to write a bootable floppy disk. Having created a bootable floppy, reboot the system with the floppy in place and force a boot to CD 0. This has worked very well for me in the past.