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  1. Awesome info there and yeah I picked up on the fact that it wasn't the same sfx module used around the place and have made my auto extract pff file and works great on w2k/xp/vista (chose to extract to %appdata% since vista has all the new permissions stuff). I changed the icon and made the dialog show with a short message, works great. Thanks again. edit: after checking out more parameters there is a neat shortcut creation line too which is really good!
  2. Well in the help file I have with 7-zip here it lists parameters for config.txt but doesn't mention "InstallPath" So if it did I'd have been good to go...
  3. Nice one thanks I knew it was something to do with the config.txt Is there a list of parameters anywhere, they are hard to find... Thanks again
  4. How do you just create a 7-zip sfx that extracts to a specified directory/place automatically without prompts? Example. Portable FireFox, doesn't need to be installed, just needs to be somewhere... I setup a stripped out version of PFF and 7-zip'd it up again (sfx) but when you execute pff.exe it asks where to extract to. How do I get it to just extract to "c:\" ? Thanks
  5. (laptop) I've split my drive in half and have xp sp2 mce on one side & 5536 on the other, both boot fine. This is actually the 1st version of vista I have installed. I've downloaded lots of builds, just never got around to installing it. I want to stick this on my media centre computer (tv) it looks pretty good. I just don't know how the digital tuners are going to go...
  6. I've installed AVG Free, its working fine... http://free.grisoft.com
  7. How did you do it? I'm starting from W2K3 SP1 source :/ EDIT: You use vanillas 2k3
  8. Where can I get this please? EDIT: Bit more searching found it here
  9. How's that help the people at home who need to access the computer at the same time as different people? Remote Desktop is no way is equal to Remote assistance, surely you know this........
  10. after much time installing xp sp2 brand new & updating it in a vmware session this method in the sig9.com article works fine... granted i haven't done much with it yet as i was purely just getting it to work. the only problem will come when an update overrides the dll and you'll have to replace it again i'm guessing.
  11. Go here to read more: http://sig9.com/node/110 Basically 2 users using the compuer at the same time 1 person sitting in front of the computer monitor doing stuff AND 1 person connected remotely via remote desktop Usually you can only have 1 person connected at a time; 1 person sitting in front of the computer monitor doing stuff OR 1 person connected remotely via remote desktop This is a std feature of Windows 2003, XP nealry had it introduced in SP2 but M$ decied not to do it
  12. what about replacing the file via script that runs just after the splash screen disappears and windows logon appears? I'm in Sydney(city1), computer is in Brisbane(city2). I can only interact with the PC via Remote Desktop Connection. I need a script that can delete/replace the file in the dllcache & system32 You know how chkdsk & partition magic & other tools can kick in before the windows logon process starts, how do you interact in that part of the boot process??? TIA
  13. Its definately the ryanvm pack, my vmware test session takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to install.... Makes me wonder if its actually doing anything, but it is as the hdd & cd device lights are flashing. It installs just fine though, just takes a long time Oh well the price of convienence
  14. Sounds to me like this is happening. Auto 1. windows cd setup 2. reboot 3. runonceex 4. not deleteing the folders/files 5. reboot 6. ready to go Manual 1. windows cd setup 2. reboot 3. runonceex 4. not deleteing the folders/files 5. reboot 6. ready to go 7. run cleanup.cmd 8. files/folders deleted I reckon add reboot in your cleanup.cmd and add another runonceex to run deletethebloodyfiles.cmd. So 1. windows cd setup 2. reboot 3. runonceex 4. not deleteing the folders/files 5. reboot 6. run deletethebloodyfiles.cmd 8. files/folders deleted 9. reboot 10. ready to go Whatcha think?
  15. So I want my Docs & Settings to be on a specific partition, in this case d:, during the use of a windows install the partitions get moved around so that when I go to install again D: is no longer D:..... So is it possible to use some sort of Device ID /Unique ID instead of a random drive letter that keeps changing? Thanks

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