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  1. On 09.01.2017 at 10:42 PM, MrMateczko said:

    Aren't LAN/WiFi speeds under 98SE slow in general?

    no. win9x (and win3x also) network perf in general havent big diffs between other os. 

    today my ralink is VERY GOOD work! VERY. today i havent anything problems with speed!!!

    i can run all tests. uplink match my adsl tariff - exactly as in my win7/2k... look on screen 


    its was uoload test. now look on download. i cant run iperf3 on 9x for downlink test, so here present only ftp download. 


    its kbytes, not kbites. its good speed - i first time see such wifi speed on 9x. 

    but yeasterday iperf and other tests just not work. i does not changes on my configuration

    possible today Alpha Centaury's activity is low, and this help work my wifi :D 

  2. i possible found main problem.
    when i test speed on 2k, OUTGOING speed is high - its match my UPLINK, 1.5 mbit, hundreds packets per sec, as show Odyssey.
    but when i do test on 98, OUTGOING speed is low, very low - one-two packet per 10-20 sec!!!
    it all was about iperf test. this test just stay w/o any progress. one time after manual abort it show me speed 4 bit (not kbit!) / sec.
    but if i try connect to http or ftp site - i can download with speed 30-40 kbytes / sec. packets in Qdyssey runs at hundreds per sec...
    very strange wifi under 98... :wacko:

  3. Have a little problem... Netcps speed test give max 800 000 bytes / sec. This match closest standart speed 6.5 Mbod 


    but with 7/xp this device work at link 150 mbod. Why it is not connecting at 150 on 9x? I use usb2 port. when i test ordinal 10 mbit pci ethernet card, i get 2000 kbytes / sec, so this is not limit of my p3 machine. 

    Have any ideas? 

  4. maybe, but on 2k this rtwlanu_xp.sys is not work also - code 31. i will find other versions rtwlanu..
    tried with 2k three diff versions of rtwlanu.sys. two - latest (5 mb size, 2016) and oldest (1 mb, 2012) give code 31. third (2012, released three month later) - bsod. its first time, when i see BSOD on 2k...

  5. here i write, that buy on aliexpress new wifi dongle, how say seller, based on rtl8188... its was delivered today, and i do some tests...

    it's vid/pid is USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8179 (rtl8192eus), first founded product with match - TP-Link TL-WN725N Ver 2...

    i get driver from TP Link. checked it on my win7, and it work. driver file is rtwlanu*.sys, not rtl8192su.sys, how i think. minimal wersion windows, that req in inf file, is XP. here is no 2K version. rtl8192su.sys is not work with this device absolutely.

    rtwlanu.sys not req any unimplemented functions. i will try run it on 2k and me... but i have no hope. on 98 i already have code 2.

  6. Hello! I many times try run my usb wifi dongle in 9x, and now, after four years owning this device, i can say - it work! 

    u can look on my screenshots: 



    in this post i want say, how u can do it for our devices... post will periodically updating. 


    what need having for experiments: 

    WDMEX from rloew. i am sorrry, but w/o this u need yourself implement one stupid function - NdisInitializeString. W/o this function driver RT2870.SYS (and many other drivers for 2k/xp) is just not starting - we see error code 2 or 10 in DM. 

    So i assume, that u have implementation of NdisInitializeString. if so, can continue. 

    one NdisInitializeString is not enuogh. driver req some other imports, which i can close old good WDMSTUB. 

    after this, i check in debugger, that driver loaded w/o errors, and try using it with help Odyssey, but w/o good results. adapter was present in DM, but not present in Network Properties. then i try ME, and immediately get results! i connect to my router and can out in Internet. 

    but on 98 it not work. Sweetlow say me, that support NDIS5 in 9x is poor, and recommend use NDIS3. i try, and all success. 

    here i attach my work inf file for Ralink driver version date 27.Dec.2010. this driver work with Odyssey 4.52 and WPA2 AES. Most new version from official site can not connect... 

    this inf req UR work. U MUST manually add into VID/PID for our device!


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  7. 3 hours ago, MrMateczko said:

    There are no drivers for 9x for this WiFi chipset Only for Win2K and newer...

    There are drivers for 9x for the RTL8187 chipset. Looks like you bought a wrong one, sorry

    yes, i know. its not error. i want try run 2k drivers... :D if you do not try, then nothing new is discovered. but if try - so at least some sort of hope.

    RTL8187 (and RT2680) - not USB devices, mostly mPCI/PCIe. I have no slots to insert them...

  8. 7 hours ago, LoneCrusader said:

    If anyone can obtain and provide the debug symbols (HDAUDBUS.PDB) for KB888111 and/or KB835221 for Windows 2000

    possble in XP DDK? or VS 2005? 


    i run Wifi (with my usb dongle, based on RT5370) with Odyssey Client Manager! 150 Mbps WPA2/AES mode. 

    12426666.png ]

    and also install VBEMP NT version. look and work perfectly. but IE6 + 2K is absolutely non-suitable for MSFN, Google, and even Yandex... :D Good look only Ru-Board - its open normally even on 98SE with IE5 and IE3/ Opera 3 on Wfwg... 

    month back i buy on Aliexpress usb wifi based on RTL8188... so as suggest, that it can run on 9x. or no? :D check, when will delivered...

  9. i run HDA on 2K. dxdiag get clear, nice sound, all good. what i do:

    install only bus (for sample hdabus98), but not full 888111 - get two new subdevices. here only one is true audio codec, second is HDMI for intel HDG, and really implemented in Intel Display driver (now not work). 

    try install Realtek driver via my hda98.inf - insttallation done, but after say that cant run driver.

    try install Realtek driver from original folder - insttallation done, say nothing, but driver cant work and and ask reinstall after every reboot. 

    manually copying portclass & sysaudio syses from 888111 folder to system32/drivers (under 7, sure) - realtek work :D 

    also i try manually replace usb*.sys to XP's files - no changes, nothing good... 

    [strange, i remember, that make screenshots in 2k with fscapture, but now cant find, where its be saved...] found.



  10. uhhh... with this 2k appear many problems with install - i want install it on that fatr32 part, where 98, as i already do on P3 machine. but on Core machine appear strange problems... i kiiled half day and at end install 2k to ssd partition instead my XP. it was so slow, that i shocked... 2k want not turn on DMA mode on SSD, i do it manually...

    and afetr all i see... i see, that here dont work even ordinal USB2, which do work fine in 98 via NUSB 3.5... :wacko: here no even mouse!

    i anyway try install drivers for Etron, Intel HDG 4000, and HDA... nothng of this work... :angry: 

    but have one GOOD news :D my hdabus98 inf work on 2k :D it install bus and do enumeration... after this appear two new audio subdevices... i try install on one my HDA98.inf (converted inf from realtek's driver), it is installed succesfully but say that cant run some file...

    after this stupid timekillng i restore boot my 7 and 98 and go here :P later i will try install original drivers from realtek.

    sorry for poor speak...

  11. 7 hours ago, rloew said:


    i know.

    i know, that this process can be year long and give no good results.

    i understand, that ur tool (extender) is very cool and useful.

    but what i get, if buy ur extender, and after half year or year we get nothing? :huh:

    for sample: i have Tenda usb wifi, based on ralink rt5370 (rt2870? so many chips...), his driver req one unimplemented Ndis*.

    your extender give me some warranties? no, sure, driver can left unusable.

    or other sample: Etron USB3. i get xp driver, check this on xp - all good. i slightly modify driver for 9x, chek imports - all need implemented by wdmstub. but driver is not work - error 10, installed only xhci, no hub in subdevices, no enumeration. and what i need do?

    i even have no BSOD - me did not catch hold here, for to begin debugging... and this without WDMEX.

    let us then we, for begin, will try to run this usb3, which does not need to buy anything.

  12. yes... it bad news. here is list of functions, exported by wdmstub:





    in our issue wdmstub implement those 


    rest 21 is unimplemented. 

    i can debug with WinIce (SoftIce Win 3x/9x Kernel mode debugger) - i do DMRP (Drive model reading patch) for ESDI 7 years to back. 

    WDMEX as seen is nice, but i have no $21 (uh, one dollar per function?) now. and i absolutelly have no interest for buying something, that after requires my additional work "as a slave in the galley"... 

    1 hour ago, LoneCrusader said:

    I experimented further and found that a "HKR,,DevLoader,,*NTKERN" line must be present in the INF or the driver will do absolutely nothing.

    yes, i also so think... 

    what is u try hdaudbus.sys from 835211? i see some diffs in bootlog when replace file from 888111 to 835221.

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