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  1. 1 hour ago, Dibya said:

    I found Z77/Z68 slightly faster than H61.

    i mean not only about h61, but all H/B/Q variants.  and there no diff in perf, other than def memory freq.

    1 hour ago, Dibya said:

    We should always think some future proof idea. 

    lga1155  released in 2011 year.  ie 5-6 year old. what here future?

    future - its 8+ cores, nmve msata, optane, pcie4, uefi, gpt... and sure dropping all legacy x86 (16 and possible 32 bits, mbr, bios, vga, vesa) on 2019-21 years.

    myself have z68 mobo, and ib cpu. but i buy this in 2012-13, and then it was not fututre, but present...

    i talk not, that Zxx is bad.  i talk, that there no big diifs bw chisets, if u have no interest on OC.

    but IS diffs bw mobos. some costly mobo on Z have less features, tneh other low-cost mobo on H/B/Q.

    and also remember, that Q chipsets have NATIVE pci, not via asmedia bridges... for some old pci card its critical.

  2. 3 hours ago, Tomcat76 said:

    The Asus P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3 has PCIe 3.0, has USB 3.0 (including front panel), 4 usable PCIe ports (if installing a dual slot graphics card) and 4 SATAIII 6Gbps ports.  I suppose I can get away with PCIe 2.0, but I would like to have the rest.

    u want use 4 ssd? really? no? then what reason find 4 sata3 6gbit?

    want usb3? ok https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/H67DE3/index.asp

    want pcie3? any lga1155 can give u 16 lanes pcie3 with ib cpu.

    so what reason find Z chipsets, if u not need OC?

    i can say one pros on Z mobos - they usually have radiators on cpu mosfets. this very good, if u will use this machine long time.

  3. 2 hours ago, Tomcat76 said:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't consider the H61 that much of an upgrade compared to the P55 I have now.  The others are used on mATX boards (at least with Asus).

    what relations bw matx, asus, p55 and h61??? what bad with this mobo, for sample?


    2 hours ago, Tomcat76 said:

    In fact, I want to move over to XP 64-bit completely if the programs I use allow me to.

    good idea. i use xp x64 appox 3 year, and found no big problems, except impossibility using 16 programs (not only dos, but also win 3 based).

    also xp x64 support gpt.

  4. 9 minutes ago, 98SE said:

    I use XP on Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs no problem

    what? can u show screenshots it? my interesting  DM window with HDD controllers properties.

    Just now, 98SE said:

    Yes this is old news and only relevant for overclocking and heat issues

    no. i have IB undervolted, but its anyway heat to 80C on load even with good tower cooler. with simple cooler from Pentium G630 (which i use pne year before i7) 3770 just overheat to 105 C. then as 2600 nice work, all it  w/o overclock 

    sure, underclocking can solve problem, but then no reason find 3770 and Z chipset... better use 2600.

  5. 6 minutes ago, 98SE said:

    On the other hand, I have read posts on forums stating that Ivy Bridge CPUs are running hotter than the Sandy Bridge CPUs.  Silence is an important factor for me as well.

    yes, IB and all newer CPU from intel have poor TIM inside,  vs SB which have good metallic TIM. all intel's cpu after SB relative hot under heavy load.

  6. On 27.09.2017 at 3:15 AM, Tomcat76 said:

    Question 1: the native USB 3.0 problem aside, are there any benefits for me to still pick a Z77 motherboard?

    NO, but that z77 newer and there more chances find this in market.

    and, are u sure, that u need Z model? u can buy laso h61/b65/b75 series, if u not want overclock.

    On 27.09.2017 at 3:15 AM, Tomcat76 said:

    Question 2: would the onboard graphics of the Ivy Bridge CPU (Intel HD 4000) be powerful enough to handle that, or is a discrete graphics card still required?

    yes, sure, and also 2k h264 videos, but not for h265/hdr/4k. but usually 3770[k] enough powered for software decoding all.

    also, i personally recommend find some asrock on z68 with etron usb3. i checked many versions etron drivers and found one, which has good  work in pae mode, so u can use patched xp x86 kernel and get all-in-one: xp/ahci/video/network/usb3/sound and up to 32 GB memory.


  7. I want just make simple tool for myself, not that overloaded monster as rp9. I can add more hotkeys, if u suggest, but without possibility for adding user-defined keys... For that tasks there exist many other big apps. Powerpro, for example - is nice tool!


    I re-upload oac in WiFi topic, but I'm not sure, that link will actual long time. File-sharing services usually del rare downloadble files. 

  8. Very little and simplest tool, which just add some usefull (at least for me) standard hotkeys from win7 explorer to 9x/2k/xp...

    Also want ask you, what name for it utility will better select - KeyX, or WinKeyX, or some other? :D

    Already implemented hotkeys:

    Win + Up Arrow: Maximize/Restore
    Win + Down Arrow: Collapse/Restore
    Win + 1..9: Run icon at position # in Quick Launch Bar (Pinned Apps replacement)


  9. On main machine (core i7 8gb, where i write this post now):

    on ssd (dualboot via bootmgr):
    - win7 (main os),
    - now win2k, was winxp;

    on hdd (tripleboot via PART boot sector):
    - dos7/win98,
    - now ubuntu, was slackware,
    - win7.

    On retro machine (p3 768 mb):

    on hdd1 (dualboot via ntldr):
    - dos7/win98 (main os),
    - win2k;

    on hdd2 (singleboot):
    - dos6/win31;

    on hdd3 (singleboot):
    - winxp.

  10. today i insert in my second comp (which p3) old (96/98 year) Intel PCI 100M Ethernet card. special for tests... 

    at first, i run test toool PCATTCP on p3 with 100M PCI card working under 98, and realtek 150M wifi on Core i7 under 7. traffic run via Zyxel Keeenetic DSL router (4x 100M ports and 300 Mbiit wifi).

    i get that results: 94 Mbits when "pcattcp -u -t" runned on i7 (UPload from i7, i7 is generate traffic, limited 100M PCI card on p3) and 66 Mbits in revert direction (pcattcp -s -c runned on i7, DOWNload to i7, p3 generate traffic, limited p3 performance?). its matched to 10/7 Mbytes/sec... here is UDP test, in TCP mode results is lower.

    after this, i repeat test with ralink wifi on i7 under 98 (i now can run usb on i7 with 98 using wdmstub, nusb and usbhub20 from 2k/xp, mouse, flash and wifi now work relative good, but glicerol periodially appear again)... i get 24/66 (yes, again 66 downlink for ralink dongle, with 98 on both ends) Mbits in UDP mode between two 98 systems. on screen is i7 machine with uplink (outgoing) test.


    but as seen, UPlink for our ralink wifi on 98 is much less then maximum... limited by 98? but on second machine with PCI ethernet we seen stable 66, and even more, 94 mbit!

    after this i run pcattcp -u -c -t on p3 (infinity traffic generation from p3 to i7 at 66 mbit speed) and fast (3-5 seconds) get bsod on i7 (where used our unfficial ralink with 98)...  

    so i think, this ralink driver have some little incompatibilities with 98 (obviously, cap? :D), but in general - work very good!

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