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  1. ok...so can u tell me in which part of winnt.sif should i had that oempreinstall=yes?? and, on replies above, i posted my winnt.sif and batch file. what's the right folder to put the batch file please??
  2. heres my winnt.sif http://codestl.no.sapo.pt/winnt.rar and my batch file http://codestl.no.sapo.pt/batch_file.rar
  3. Hello guys, i'm trying to make an Unattended DVD with XPSP2 and Office 2003. i did everything like it says on this website tutorial....but when comes to install Office 2003....it gives me this error: http://codestl.no.sapo.pt/untitled.JPG Can u help please??? stay cool [[]]
  4. remove the avatar....upload the new one...then come to this topic and click F5
  5. but i cant find any digiras.chm file....and with the CD that i used as my Win XP...i never saw any error about this...and no i didn't used nLite...cuz i dont know very well what is it. NEW ERROR: just tested with Virtual PC...but no MS Office ....it copied 2 folders from CD...1 of them has the Office 2003....it should install
  6. Hello guys, i just created a DVD with Win XP Pro SP2 + Office 2003 Pro SP1...everything went well...but when installing this...i only had an error: cannot find digiras.chm . any help guys?
  7. Hello Guys, just dropping here to all know that, i'm the newest member around. hope i can help you guys, in every possible way.

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