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  1. Cool. Thanks. Any other thoughts, anyone? Zero
  2. It'd be nice if you could be more specific as to the "look and feel". As for the content - I don't want a site just jam packed with endless lists of tweaks that aren't relevant or appeal to only a small group of people. Far too many sites out there are like that. Zero
  3. Using DVD Shrink is not illegal, breaking CSS copyright protection is. Zero
  4. Yep, I was convinced that tables are the way to go, instead of frames. I've changed it. http://www.elitegurus.com - all in tables now. I will be adding the 'Printable' link to all tips/tutorials/tweaks, great suggestion! Thanks. The color scheme is staying, not everyone will like it but enough people say that they like it. Anything else? Zero
  5. Thanks for comments everyone. I'll consider making the iframe bigger but it seems OK to me. What are your screen resolutions set at? I know there are a lot more tweaks that could be added but I have seen far too many sites cluttered with tweaks; a lot of them being pointless or relevant to only a small group of people (tweakxp is a good example). The screenshots to accompany some of the guides is a good idea. I'll get on that. Zero
  6. http://www.elitegurus.com What do y'all think? Zero
  7. http://www.elitegurus.com Is it any good? Zero
  8. That's all of them.. I said I wanted to keep my drivers. Would you happen to know which directory the drivers are in? And what's svcpck.ini for? Why should I delete it? It would help if you explained your reasoning behind your suggestions rather than just throwing them out so that others can benefit more from your advice. Thanks for the reply, look forward to hearing back. Zero
  9. I have a 'clean' copy of Windows that came with my Dell a couple years ago (Win XP SP1). I have tried installing it and using the product key from this machine but it says invalid key. Zero
  10. Just got this in my email: So you were wrong un4given1 . Anybody know the answer to my question?? Zero
  11. From what I read somewhere, the OEM version can't be upgraded? Zero

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