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  1. Hey all, what are your thoughts on booting WinXP from some sort of Flash media, USB 2.0 seems to be the fastest at the moment. Anyone know if it will work? Is this a bad idea? Would it be feasible to run a 2GB flash card for the OS and IDE/SATA hard drives for everything else? Let me know your thoughts on this... ...It seems to me it would be blisteringly fast!!!!!
  2. I got it, I used WinRAR and made an SFX archive and it had options for a pathname, worked like a charm....
  3. hmm, no dice. maybe if i make it an sfx and try out some command line paramaters to extract it to where i want it.
  4. I have a custom application at work that doesnt have an installer. To install it we just copy the folder to the program files directory and run the registry entries. My question is on a Win2K unattend install how would I copy that folder over to make an unnatended install of the app, ive got the registry entries there allready. In winxp I just make a $Progs folder and it automatically copies the files over. is there a script I can write to do this for me in 2K? I have the program in 2KCD\$OEM$\$Progs\The Press of Ohio\TPOmac, and it needs to go to the respective program files folder on the installation. Thanks for any help.
  5. Hello everyone!! Anyone know if a silent install for the ODBC Unidata Drivers? Maybe even a way to preconfigure them while they install? I'm making an unattended install of Win2K for work. Thanks in advance for any help.

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