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  1. Of course I read it. I was just curious as to why people were claiming that their watermark didn't show up after adding they key. Not everyone is as clueless as you'd imagine on the internet.
  2. Wait so I'm using the latest experimental but still getting watermark? I checked my donation key and its correct.
  3. Nice! Could you share theme files (Atlas, reflection) or whatever you used? To increase blur radius use the registry setting "BlurDeviation" and you can set it beyond 100. That way the radius can almost be simiar to Acryllic's.
  4. Lol he is most likely trolling. Calm your farm - he wouldn't have made an experimental if he wasn't interested.
  5. Yeh of course. Running on windows 10 1703 b15063.540 x64 and aeroglass 1.5.5 (latest). It had worked before, maybe an update broke it idk. But now after a clean install of windows it wouldn't fully work. Only partially (i.e) atlas still gets used, but borders are transparent. Doesn't seem to be in errors in the debug.log even after downloading all symbols.
  6. I seem to have run into a brick wall and can't figure out what went wrong. I've done a fresh install of Windows just to check, but my borders are not getting any BLUR. They are transparent but are not blurring. I have checked the parameters in the registry as well as using the GUI to set blur value but it does not seem to work. Nor does the glass reflection values. Is something wrong?
  7. Bump. I'm having this issue as well! EDIT: The issue seems to originate from High DPI scaling or resolutions higher than 1080 or 1440 perhaps. My laptop is 3200x1800 and as a result, modern apps have a fat title bar and fatter caption buttons.
  8. Hi guys, is there a way to disable AeroGlass for ModernApps only? I prefer glass only on classic Explorer shell. As you can see, the title is fat and ugly on MS Edge and other apps...

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