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  1. Glad to see this project is still getting updates. It has been in BETA so long i'm wondering if google is behind it LOL Going to retry it tonight,. Multi boot USB sticks have not worked for me in the past, then again x86/x64 windows 7 disks from MSDN don't either. (well they work fine in IDE mode but you cant load a 64bit storage driver with a 32bit installer and a 64 bit installer wont work for a 32bit OS...seems obvious but...) thats not your guys issues, just much easier to buy 10 4GB USB sticks and use each for its one boot installer Hoping this still works for XP, I dont buy optical disks anymore thanks again for keeping your project up to date
  2. Drag n drop did not work in Se7en (hell OS it is...) but same tips worked, thank you
  3. Just thought I would mention. Realtek does seem to be the cause of the problems. Ran into this a long time ago. http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=5...ghlight=realtek The newer drivers should have fixed the issue (did for me) and that was back in february when I posted that.
  4. Do not run /prep before you run /inf and remember to use imagex with /commit /unmount to actually make changes to the wim file. Yah i knew about /commit. But couldnt run /inf without running /prep first as it was considered "Not a valid windows image file"
  5. Yah I just tried doing that (followed all the Docs) Even went so far as to use C:\winpe_x86 instead of D: where I was doing all my stuff before. Rany copy arch C:\ imagex /mountrw peimg /prep peimg /inf imagex /unmount copy c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim d:\PXE\boot Netbooted laptop and still nothing. imagex /mount D:\PXE\boot\winpe.wim Browse to drivers folder and my new drivers are not their even though it said during the /inf that they installed successfully also tried running drvload... but got a no such command error... so I am assuming thats a command for after you boot up (yah just tried it on laptop but since the INF never actually installed to the WIM file, I am at a loss)
  6. Is on a Dell Latitude c400 so the driver is the 3com 59x serires.. I got the drivers and am rebuilding the image now. Mount using imageX and then using the /inf method. HAving a little trouble with it though as I cant find the finished .wim file. I did it before so obviously im a just missing something. thanks for the help guys.
  7. Okay ran the Windows AIK worked through a couple of issues with documentation (had to add {bootmgr} to one of hte last bcdedit sets Anyway. Get it booted up on my removable media LESS laptop. Ditched the standard boot file for pxeboot.com (going to ditch that too so I dont have to F12 tGet the command prompt). Have access to the files on the ramdrive. I am familiar with net use, as I managed to get windows XP installed by using pxelinux to load a netboot barts PE floppy image, and net use to the share and running winnt. Now I would like to go full straight up correct net install (without RIS) So made the PE disk. Get it on to the laptop and... No network capability whatsover. System Error 1231. I have read 5 differnet explanaiations and tried 4.5 of them Would have tried the 5th, but it invlovs making an answer file and that advice was 2 years old. I am using PE 2. But I tried I ran Win SIM and tried to create a unattended.XML file so that I could preset hte DHCP settings. Cant jsut create one so I load the winpe.wim and getthe catalouge error. Ignore and I can not make any changed after I navigate down to ipv4 tcp/ip settings. Argh Any ideas? I just want network access so I can do a real install and maybe even do a winFLP install (it is a older laptop). thanks Oh yah should point out none of the NET works as ipconfig returns no values on anything. ping returns system error. Can I build an old school SIF file fro mthe XP days? I read the unattend.XML is basically impossible to hand code...
  8. Hey all, been a while but I am back I have been searching the web for the last 2 weeks trying to figure out how to net install XP with OUT using RIS. I setup a machine with server 2003 yesterday thinking, oh well I will just use that, however the setting up of DNS/DHCP etc with a router in the loop was a little beyond me. I have a dell c400 latitude that has no floppy and no optical drive but has the option to PXE boot. I know how to setup PXE server (with tftpd32) and even managed to install ubuntu using this method. However, I am at a loss when trying to implement windows using the same method. Everything I google points to Microsft and RIS install. I have tried unattended.sourceforge.net, but they have to make it more complicated then it is apparently. I tried botting to an ISO and the laptop just sat there for 2 hours with a blinking cursor so I assummed that was not correct. If this has been covered in the forums already if someone could link me please, I am ignorant enough on the subject I suppose to not be searching the right keywords perhaps? Also if there is any difference between net installing Windows Fundamentals and XP I would appreciate it Thanks in Advnace.
  9. Yah DHCP did mean DNS sorry lol hydr0 Actually I was suggesting going completely static. This allows one to remove DHCP from the list of possible errors
  10. MY unattended install works perfectly in VMWare, but I have having problems with the media I have available (mainly an old 4X CDRW ) I will be getting more CDRs next week, but I was wondering.. If I just copy all the files to a formatted HDD, and then boot with WinXPE what else will I need to do to make it a successful install? I understand that I will have to change the winnt.sif to unattend.txt, is there anything else I need to do? Trying renaming winnt.sif to unattend.txt then installing windows via c:\I386\winnt32.exe /unattend:unattend.txt /noreboot and seeing how that works out Worst case scenario I will have to add my installs and regtweaks after wards I suppose (I do have to reboot however to initialize setup)
  11. When you setup ICS on the dialup network (bear in mind the computer with the dialup must ALREADY be dialed in, use something like Keep-it-alive to keep it from signing out ) The wireelss device shoud be set to (This is donw automatically in windows) There for all other computers on the network should be set to 192.168.0.x (x=any number other then 1) With DHCP and gateway set to Then there should be internet access As for why doesn't it work on the 98 machine? I have yet to see a wireless device that works on 98 98SE and up is what they all require... Good Luck!
  12. Almost finished my unattended... TEsting phase one revealed some minor errors (forgeting to mention what folder setup.msi etc was in the install.cmd file) Acouple of things I dont understand... my OFfice 2k3 and FP 2k3 unattended installs which seem to have installed okay, delievered this error message (once on installing Office and once installing Front PAge, both ar eslipstreamed SP1) ERROR : 1406 Setup can not write the value DW0200 to the registry key \Software\Microsoft\PCHealth\ErrorReporting\DW\Installed Google tells me this is an error related to the windows installer, and receommends updating to 2.0? I already slipstreamed al lthe hotfixes I could so I do not think that is the answer (could be wrong though ) Also my Klite pack gave me a message saying it did not have permision to write to lr50_qc.dll (might have been .dl_ in which case it would not be able to write it, but...why?) Any help is appreciated. Thanks Neuro
  13. Okay just like the other post I fixed it too.. I switched from the CD Image utility recommended on the unattended guide to magic ISO and now it works
  14. Ok this is not my first unattended disk and I did search the forums before posting, so if there is an answer for this somewhere..I apologize. I am building a XP home SP2 sleep streamed all hotfixes slip streamed IE7 slipstreamed, about a 50 themes and 100 sound effects added in, plus about 35 applications. All pretty standard stuff I also used the hacked uxtheme tcpip and msginas... and after a fwe retries I used the hacked sys_oc.dl_ to disable file protection. I have tried the uxtheme.dl_ download from the unattended guide (which, might not be good because it would not expand... got a damaged error.... So I tried another DLed one. Samething. I tried adding an unpacked one from my current OS (also sp2) nada. So I took my current hacked one and makecabbed it and popped it in This is killing me. What am I forgetting? Thanks in Advance
  15. about:config I think Not big on firefox so I cant be sure
  16. If you used the massive reg tweak file available on the forum... it has a notation that it will cause some probrlems with DOS and 9x windows... might want to look at that...
  17. Well the third is not really an option if I am looking to create a UA cd for this system I think I might just be trying to do too much. Istarteed creating an XP bootable That worked Then an XPSP2 bootable and that worked Instead of trying to make a UA XPSP2 Bootable I went straight to making a super CD with about 20 appz included a 6KB registry tweak etc etc Since CDs are cheap (and I even have 1 CDRW) I should have built up to it. make a driver pack XPSP2 bootable Then work on incorporating my themes and sounds then add reg tweaks then add appz that why I could better diagnose the errors. sigh.... If this super DVD does not work I will try it that way LOL
  18. I assign all my partitions as primaries though, I have yet to create extended and following logical partitions (To create a logical partiton, you have to have 1 primary parttion on the hdd, then create an extended partiton on the rest, then fill the extendd partitions with logical partitions (logical is just a nice way to say virtual) You can then take the logical partitoins and do things like spanning. (Spanning is taking 2 logical partition on seperate HDDs and joining them so the OS thinks its 1 parttion. It is similar to striping, except that the first parttion must be filled before the second is touched)
  19. I have run into problems setting up netgears and linksys for people... I really like the belkin series But overall probably linksys just because it has a better market share. (Making used ones easier to acquire as well as online support) Back on topic: I have had no problem installing the drivers for my wireless PCI card... And automatically joining networks... havent looked into the ssid thing, as I am reading off an open network, so as soon as windows turns on for the first time it asks if I want to connect to it, cause its open and whammo... off we go!
  20. I think it also assigns priority to the first parttiion on 2 HDDs I formatted one one drive C D E and formatted another s and z On fresh reinstall I ended up with hdd0 C: E F hdd1 d and g grrr
  21. Ahh, thanks for the info. Yeha I am going back to the runonce method. I tried beingtricky last time and loading hte agp/smartgart during hte driver install. Think I should just do it all at runonce. ECHO. ECHO Installing ATI Catalyst Software ECHO Please Wait start /wait %systemdrive%\install\ATI\Setup.exe -s Just going to go back to this method though It stinks that I cant test it in VMware
  22. Actually I was thinking if I put the m in the system32\Drivers folder, then I would not need to uset he oenxxxxx sif line Or perhaps incorporate he minto the drivers1.cab in the i386 folder or something working on other stuff ATM, will check this out (if no one already knows the answer) in VMware later If it works this is a great method for building personal oem disks, however it still wont do anything for oems for other people (so knowing more then one method will be important)
  23. If I use the commented SFX file do I need to add any switches to the install command? Still trying the install.cmd method, later will work on the learning the other format for runonceex Or can I just popp in start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Adobe\reader7.rar Thanks!
  24. I tested it about a hundred times and thought the only erors I had left were do to the VMWare (I could not test my ethernet/ wireless ethernet or display drivers) though I think I narrowed down one of my biggest problems.. .which was the display driver was being installed before AGP or GART... Sygate kept crashing, until i uninstalled and reinstalled it. then it was fine Kept getting win32 errors, memory errors and RPC would drop out and reboot in 60 seconds So.... It might have been a batch file problem, maybe it kept trying to run them or something. Dont think so The mmeory error I pegged to adobe7 though. Did a fresh install of XP pro and manually updates everything, reinstalled all drivers etc to get to this point to rebuild the disc Installed adobe7 and withing 3 minutes had memory errors. unin/rein stalled and have not had a problem yet... so I have come across a new method I think of installing drivers... (see the drivers forum) Gonna readd the appz that I know were successful. Got rid of 3 installrite appz.. (am I repeating myself...) ignoring alot of the fluff on the forum... Going for OEM installs instructions from most of the manufacturers sites... Though with Install shiels and MSI I have had NO problems with silent installs.... and that is all thanks to the guide and the forums... Wish there was more information on identifying install types. But.. I will get around it. Keep up the good work all!
  25. Decided the best way to get drivers for my unattended CD was to extract the ones already on my system, right? SO I mossied my way over to c:\Windows\system32\drivers\ And found a WHOLE list of drivers. Now I have not gone thorugh every driver on my system to see if they all are located there, yet. But I have a feeling that they are. So... My thinking was... can I delete the drivers.cab from the install disk if I put that whole list into either the $$\system32\drivers folder on the disk? Or just pop them in the drivers folder. and then in the winnt.sif just put OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\" This would save me a lot of trouble of managing every single little driver, and just make sure my entire system is up to date (And maybe even get rid of ALL the windows drivers and use all manufacturers drivers!!! heh heh). Any driver master help is appreciated

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