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  1. Thanks for the hint, i forgot this too, now it works also good for me, thank you bigmuscle for the Update!
  2. Looks also perfect for me, many thanks for your work NoelC.
  3. @bigmuscle Many thanks for this new Build, i`m on 14393.82 and with Build 631 AeroGlass didn`t work after i restarted the System, with Build 639 everything works fine, with AeroGlassGUI i`ve set the Blur effect radius to 1, looks good for me so far.
  4. Many many thanks BM, now i`m totally happy with my Win 10. Thanks a lot for all your work.
  5. Indeed, mostly i know what i`m doing and i hope it will also work in the Future!
  6. I had to make a fresh new install of Win 8.1, because i bought a new SSD, after installing all Updates including the big KB 3000850, i`ve installed StartIsBack+ 1.7, Aero Glass 1.3.1 and everything works fine, also my Avast Internet Security does not make any Problems but as i wrote, i`ve installed everything fresh after installing all Windows Updates.
  7. Many thanks for the Update Tihiy, after a new fresh install of Win 8.1, because i bought a new SSD, everything works fine with Version 1.7. Thanks a lot for your great work.
  8. Hello bigmuscle! Many thanks for Version 1.3.1, i bought a new SSD Crucial MX100 256 GB and made a new fresh install of Win 8.1, also got a new Machine Code after i`ve installed AeroGlass 1.3.1, with this new Machine Code i generated a new donation.key on your Homepage and everything works great. Many thanks again for your fantastic work.
  9. Fantastic work, for the Moment this is my favourite Alltime Theme, thanks a lot for it!
  10. That looks really great, looking forward to it!
  11. Many thanks for the Updates DoubleSAnimations, for the Moment i`m glad with the Vista Theme, with the new AeroGlass Update 1.2.5 from BM it works as it should be, good Job!
  12. Many thanks for the new Update BM, works great for me, it`s very easy and better than before, i mean without install the Debugger Tools and so on!
  13. Looks great, how did you get this Transparency for the Windows? Could you please tell me what do you have changed? I`m using AeroGlass Configurator by MrGrim, i`ve tested a lot of Settings, but never get this Transparency over the Windows and for the Startmenu
  14. Love your Aero X Theme, thanks a lot for it!
  15. @DoubleSAnimations Thanks a lot for Longhorn Evolution for Win 8.1, i use also StartIsBack 1.6, OldNewExplorer 1.0.7 and AeroGlass 1.2.1 from BM on Win 8.1 Pro with Update 1 and with your Theme it looks totally great.
  16. Many many thanks Tihiy for this new Version of StartIsBack 1.6 and also for OldNewExplorer 1.0.7, i`m totally happy with it and AeroGlass 1.2.1 from BM, i use Win 8.1 Pro with Update 1 and everything works great! .
  17. Many thanks Tihiy, i use Version 1.07 and it works great for me!
  18. Many many thanks, that`s now my favourite Alltime Theme for Win 8.1, thanks a lot for your great work!
  19. Totally agree with you MrGRiM! Think i will skip this Update too, because i love my Win 8.1 as it is with bigmuscle`s AeroGlass 1.2 and your 3.0 Configurator, thanks a lot for this .
  20. See if you have win8cp.png in AeroGlass folder, if you do remove it (win8cp.png) see if this helps. That helps me, thanks a lot, after Donation and copying the License Key into the AeroGlass Folder i had the same Problems, to delete the win8cp.png was the solution!

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