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  1. I can't say I totally agree with this, but I don't like military advertising in the movie section when I haven't viewed any war movies on my console. I'm just not going to buy a next gen console till my 360 breaks
  2. Its not news as i've seen the ad's before for legit relevant content, but now I see ads for the army and other gross stuff Can anyone suggest wether this is happening on PS4, if it isn't ill switch platforms ?
  3. I just noticed these annoying advertisements on the Xbox 360 Since when did gaming consoles become a marketing platform ? Then I came across this, http://www.techradar.com/au/news/gaming/consoles/xbox-one-has-advertising-and-kinect-on-its-mind-1164251 eeeeew I don't want ads in my face and a Kinect sensor spying on me for companies, how Intrusive and gross...
  4. Yeah i could imagine the meme's with windows 9...hogans hero's, nazi stuff etc LOL
  5. Microsoft licencing…they see you coming

  6. I would be surprised if you gain traction with this, corporation wont sue MS as they never had to activate Windows XP Microsoft has never really cared about hobbyists...
  7. What if they release it and its just a boot loader to a cloud OS :-/ office 365 style
  8. I cant say im enjoying dealing with UEFI BIOS's at all

  9. The scenario goes like this, I had a computer that had windows 7 installed and recently we purchased a new computer which I used imagex and the Windows AIK to make an image of and apply to the new machine. The first PC was a Dell Vostro 200 and the new machine was a HP EliteOne 800 G1 SFF After applying the image to the new PC, it would not boot. So I went exploring in the BIOS and found a settings BIOS Sata emulation IDE/AHCI/RAID I changed the Sata emulation on the 800 G1 from AHCI to IDE and it booted Has anyone experienced this kind of behaviour before or am I just taking crazy pills ?
  10. If it has a sticker that says Windows 8 and no COA it will be in the BIOS which you can extract via many software tools available online, just google it.
  11. no comeuppance LOL

  12. The easy short way is to download the ISO but that requires a retail key, talked about here http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/162319-win-7-iso/ The more complicated way is to download the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 8 and use the dism to make an image from a PE based boot stick. The key which is usually embedded in the hardware for Windows 8 OEM so in theory you shouldn't need a key.
  13. Windows K = Version for Korea LOL in case we start providing services to kim jong un LOL
  14. Cool well ill give it a try and see if it fits my technical needs then run it by the software assurance people and see what they say. As we have licences to run embedded.....Also for some strange reason we have Windows K licences LOL.
  15. The OP's transverse question seems to me to be equivalent to your unasked question #3, and both seem to me to be improperly phrased, because both the adoption of WES 2009, or the spoofing of it, will, at most, accomplish the OS continuing to be patched... but neither can possibly keep *"them"* getting patched!!! However, everybody here (me included) seems to have concluded that the OP really-really meant "the best way to having the OS continue to be patched", so that, if so, question #3 has actually been asked. Holy Crap! Just answer the poor guy's question. Talk about semantics. I cannot believe the flaming BS I took from you idiots, for stuff just like this, but it's OK if you guys do the same crap. Man, talk about club mentality. I think maybe you are overreacting, you have to keep in mind that "IT" people are not the most sensitive types out there and English is the second if not 3rd language of many people on this board....not that I would presume to speak for anyone else. I asked a question and they are used to reading between the lines for the less IT literate...when you analyse a problem and feel like you don't have all the information then that can become frustrating...I am HAL I ask a simple question and want a simple answer...input and output...but most people will ask a question and expect you to know what they know about the problem and to extrapolate something from there....
  16. The virus I experienced was back in 2001ish before dcom rpc exploits became really common. I didn't believe in patches back then but you better believe I started patching after that scenario.
  17. LOL I just wanted to know if anyone had used it....it looks like no ones has so I thought case closed...I wasn't looking for anyone to read between the lines, just a simple question.....but I appreciate suggestions and idea's.
  18. Its silly to assume that every pc that connects to the internet will get infected LOL, but people used to run port scanners...I remember when I was younger we used to just snoop around the internet trying to log into PC's with administrator and blank password. No intention of doing anything just to see if we could be the next great hackers LOL (until I realised hackers are much smarter than this). I had a machine with windows 2000 on it and It was infected with a virus, I had Norton AV on it just not the XYZ patch that was needed to stop this exploit (I had just connected it to the internet via dialup). I believed someone might have port scanned this PC and then used a virus with an exploit geared to take advantage of my unpatched 2000 setup. I wonder if any of these new tethered smartphones have any kind of firewalling built in ?
  19. I was more exploring options as to the best way to continue running an XP environment with a minimal attack surface, I have had a look and started to download the evaluation. I was just curious wether anyone had worked with it in the past and knew the secret knock to the catacombs of knowledge. I have been following the posts about POSready 2009, I wouldn't just post unless I had searched the forums...:-) It seems like a deadend but I will give it a look, never know what you might discover on a lark... Thanks you all for your suggestions
  20. Has anyone got experience with the OS, http://blogs.msdn.com/b/windows-embedded/archive/2014/02/17/what-does-the-end-of-support-of-windows-xp-mean-for-windows-embedded.aspx excerpt: I have a gang of stubborn applications that need a Windows XP environment and I thought this would be the best way to continue having them patched.
  21. The most reliable machine I ever came across was a novell netware 3.1 server that had not been rebooted in 8 years LOL. As for windows I’ve never seen a machine that lasts long term, maybe industrial pc's that I’ve setup with a scheduled reboot that no-one uses (Windows 7 by far the best). Windows 8 seems to be slightly better but I don't have enough people running it yet to comment Intelligently. I think a major factor in stability seems to be the structure of the "Windows Profile" as you can see MS has been tinkering around with it for years. I spend a lot of time troubleshoot corrupt windows profiles.
  22. I didn't call the games mindless. I've only ever played the CoD games, so I guess my reply was a bit judgemental. However, my only intent wax to sum up the videos, and that's what I saw in the videos. I'll bet those games are great to some people. I've played CoD: World at war, and I don't mind it, but it's not my favorite. The Xbox/PS3 appear to be better for battle games. However, out of the 3, the Wii is the youngest, so in my mind it should be supported the longest. I think the Wii should get the internet back so it could be used for what it does best (racing, sports), but if gamers want to play battle games, use another platform. I respect your opinion fully. I was just stating mine. No offence taken, The wii could do everything and is a super fun platform, i'm considering buying one just so I can play a few games that I miss.
  23. As a user of mindless games like COD and Assassins Creed and battlefield I cant tell you that the WII platform is immature at best (online, corting the big titles, controllers), you can't sell your brand forever on past success. If the company was run by enthusiasts and not business people they would be reading forums and keeping there finger on the pulse. Can you say Atari..cough...cough...It makes me mad that they let business people ruin these companies. They did a lot of things right also but that doesn't matter if you cant capture the hearts and minds of the mob.
  24. Just look at how much the OUYA got in its kickstarter (yeah I know its dead now) with Nintendo billions behind it and their catalog of games...and loyal followers (I would switch to Nintendo just because I had a nes and loved it, if the platform was solid LOL) one word unstoppable. I believe they can fix it but not with the current management team...another case of Corporate rot, management teams that do nothing and aren't gamers making decisions.....enthusiasm breeds success...
  25. Microsoft have a good chunk of the market so they can get away with more ATM, if Nintendo want to make a comeback they need to "think different" just my opinion mind you. open network gaming, solid media centre, external drive support, social media support, implement something like mame, open source it and let the enthusiasts build on the platform....not gonna happen but what a platform that would be.

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