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  1. So, this 10240 is a rtm or pre-rtm? (cmd shows as "10.0.10240"). Aeroglass, in this build, works only if you close dwm.exe (rebooting) and if you don't touch windows. Probably as the debug symbols for this build aren't avaiable (for what I know)
  2. I'm on 10 build 10240, when the aero glass will be compatible, let me know and I'll test it (in on VM) thanks for FULL border glass
  3. Anyone knows if it is possible to hide command bar? (As I use classic explorer with customized icones) Or editing command/icons from showing in the bar? (There are tools for Windows7, but seems not to work in 8.1)
  4. Done, it seems I'd some leftovers / mismatched configuration of previous Aeroglass.... On Win8.1, should I use atlas theme or resource theme? (or both?) (Disabling from task scheduler doesn't stop it, but in any case it works nice now)
  5. Little question....... the atlas themes should be used in combination with resource themes (eg. win8cp.png) or they are independent? What colorizations parameters are suggested for these themes?
  6. Seems not work... I've already disabled Aero Glass in task scheduler but still boots :/ I'll check again
  7. I'd know if it's possible disable or uninstall aeroglass RC3 in Win8.1 (I'd prefer disabling it, as I'm pretty sure I'll want it back ). Thanks ^^
  8. "Cmd > Ver", says I'm on 6.3.9600, windows is activated correctly but windows store doesn't work (it loads than it closes... other metro seems work) Yes, I'm on local account.....should I create a microsoft account? (I wouldn't, to be honest xD)
  9. Hi everyone, I've (or I had?) Windows 8.1 RTM...... Does it autoupdate to Windows 8.1 Final? Which are their build versions? (RTM and final) Why windows store stopped to work? (I don't use it... but I think it's not a good sign however). Classic windows update works (I don't have updates since 13/12/13). It tells me to update windows as the version won't long work (maybe as it's an RTM..... but shouldn't I have the update via store/windows update?) If someone knows something, please let me know
  10. How did you do that? In control panel > admin tools > scheduled tasks, there is an Aero Glass activity, edit and correct the path to where the aerohost.exe is, then stop and restart the task. It'll starts With some colour colorization, the theme appears too flat (with other colours doesn't happen) expecially on inactive windows.. there's a workaround for that? (maybe I missed to set a parameter) It's possible to have perfect round corner also using a theme? (as Vista did) I'll continue to test (I should say "use" instead xD) it, however it's pretty stable and nice; thanks again big musc
  11. Doesn't work to me.. It installs (I think) without errors but when I reboot (if needed), I don't have nothing changed (aerohost not loaded?) Maybe it caused by leftovers of previous versions? What can I try? I want my glass back ^^ UPDATE: Whoops. Seems I had wrong path to aerohost in control panel. I corrected and now works.... The theme used, it's a bit flat however. Can I use a custom resource theme like previous version? Which one?
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