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  1. @Drugwash I tested it in a Win7 x64 VM and I could run the tool. Don't know why it crashes on Win 10. Though, the missing strings (screenshots in my previous post) are not listed in the extracted file from the actual startisback v1.0 for Win10 config file. Neither the EN strings nor the DE strings. So the problem seems to be something else and we'll have to wait to see what Tihiy says about the issue.
  2. Hey Drugwash, thx for the link. Unfortunately the tool always crashes when I attempt to run it in windows 10 x64 (ntdll.dll module error). Both compressed and uncompressed versions.
  3. Hey Tihiy, thank you very much for the v1 and free update to W10. Until now It's working ok apart from some cosmetic details that don't affect the functionality: several strings remained in english in the german version. Is this known, normal or did something go wrong with my install? Here the screenshots http://imgur.com/a/SC31k#0 Here what I did: 1. Upgrade Win 8.1 german to Win 10 german 2. Uninstall Startisback for 8.1 + clear settings+ license infos 3. Install Startisback 1.0 for Win10
  4. Thanks ace2 for your help. This should be pinned on the first page - together with the error message so Google can find it. Mr Muscle: no need to be rude. I read the first five pages and the last three, but there are currently 47 pages to go through - and not even Google finds any help when searching for the error message. It's not that I did report this and offer help to be rude, do you realize that? It's because it's not evident at all where the information is! What puzzles me is that the exact same version installed fine and has been working fine for a week, when today all of a sudden it stopped working. Take care, and feel comfort in that your software is really appreciated! BM, as I posted a few pages ago, I also really think it would be a useful thing to pin the most important infos on the first page, specially if they are not documented on your homepage. Not only this would make things easier to find among the meanwhile 47 topic pages, but it would have the great side effect to spare you repeating the same thing over and over again Of course, your topic, your rules, just my 2 cents
  5. Yeah, it's the basic problem of this discussion since the beginning. There are several posts how to get the glow effect, then new users register into this forum and ask again and again how to get the glow effect. There is several pages how to make this work on the latest Win8.1 Update but new users still register to complain that this does not work after update. And it's with every feature... if users read the discussion since the beginning, it would avoid any double, triple etc. posts and everything would be much more easier to read and find.Hey BM first I just want to say that I'm also not having any problems with v1.2.1 + Win 8.1 update 1. After windows update, AeroGlass automatically downloaded the new Symbols at it should :-) As for your remark, yes, this is also a huge problem I'm having with the thread because every 2 other posts ppl post some tweaks or correction of the posted tweak, etc. which makes it very difficult to follow and have an overview what works and what not and what is outdated and not, specially if you don't follow the topic every 2 minutes I think an idea would be to group all the actual tweaks, infos, etc. in the first post of the topic and continuously update it and point ppl to read the first post. This is of course only a suggestion.
  6. Yeah, my question was if the installer will also remove/change any redundant registry entries from the alpha/beta versions. I used the installer but still have those mentioned DLL entries in my registry, that's why I asked :-)
  7. Hey guys, it has been a while since I last post. BM thank you very much for the 1.1 release, it works without issues on my dual Screen system! I presume the Guide on the homepage is still not updated so just to be sure that I don't have any redundant remaining entries in my Registry from the Alpha versions, here a few questions: Are these still need (used the 1.1 installer): AppInit_DLLs LoadAppInit_DLLs (set to 0) RequireSignedAppInit_DLLs (set to 0) @Tusticles Is there any possibility that you make the Tweaker available or did you only want to tease us? A GUI Tweaker would be a great help for the poor ppl who hate to tweak the registry manually @All who complain about the $$$ I contributed a long time ago with far much more than $3 while back when Aero Glass was still in early Alpha and not working on my System and I don't regret 1 second for supporting BM on his work (although I practically only use 2 Keys). On this, I really don't give a **** how BM defined his donation policy. I think this is a great program and I'm glad someone does the work MS should have done (or better said: removed) and these ppl should, IMO, always be supported. I think $3 is really not the end of the world if you don't want to have the small "restrictions".
  8. Hi bigmuscle, only a short feedback saying that the issues with rotated 2nd screen and the blur not working on the 2nd screen are now 100% working in new RC. It all looks great so far, until now, no issues. Thank you for this release and keep the good work
  9. No! I don't need screenshot which is similar. I need screenshot which EXACTLY correspond to debug.log so I can check all coordinates, compare them and see what is computed wrong. EDIT: so, I fixed the problem. If I disable video driver in VMWare, it allows me to rotate display and find the problem :-) The problem was that rotation does not only change screen degree to 90°/270°, but it also change from top-bottom orientation to bottom-top and rendering rectangle where bottom < top simply didn't work. I knew you would endup finding/fixing the issue :-) If you want me to test it, just say.
  10. Please read my post again, I added something to it :-) EDIT: On my screenshots you can clearly see issue #2: on rotated screen the frames are completely transparent (not blured); by moving the same object over to the non rotated screen, the frames get blured.
  11. Maybe we are talking about different things and maybe I'm not explaining myself correctly due to my bad english. Sorry about this. I'll try it again. There are 2 issues happening: 1) Trails drawn by the movement of the object when in the rotated screen - this issue definitely doesn't happen with the previous test dll but definitely happens with the b4 dll - with the b4 dll, the trails are ALWAYS attached to the left upper and lower edges of the object and when moving the object to the right. They're NEVER produced when moving the object to the left. Also, the trails immediately stop being drawn (on the non rotated screen) when the moved object partly reaches the non rotated screen. It is enough that a small area of the moved object passes over to the non rotated screen. As soon as a part of the moved object touches the non rotated screen, there are no trails drawn (though, the previously drawn trails remain on the background). 2) What I call "blur": the object (windows) frames are blured. Now, here what happens when I move the window over another object: - on the non rotated screen, the object (text, whatever) positioned under the blured area and covered by it, is visibly blured, BUT it is not blured if on the rotated screen (same objects only differently placed), meaning the part of the frame that is supposed to be blured is completely transparent when moved to the rotated screen but blured if moved to the non rotated screen which leads me to the conclusion that the blur effect is not working or being applied or how ever you want to call it on the rotated screen. - THIS issue happens with both builds Sorry that I cannot explain it better :-(
  12. Plz check your PM. Sent you the log. The screenshot is similar to the one I previously posted. You definitely must have changed something between those 2 build because I definitely don't get any trails or issues with the test dll. And, yes the trails are ONLY attached to the LEFT upper and lower edge of the object. There are no trails produced by the object movement coming from the right side of the object. I also realized that once the trails are there, they flash when I move the mouse on my main screen (and don't do anything else). Just only happened after I used F11. now it doesn't anymore. EDIT1: I also see now that the trails are only and always produced by moving the object to the right (horizontally, vertically, diagonal) and always attached to the left upper and lower edge of the object. Never by the movement to the left. Are these 2 points used for the calculation? EDIT2: I also realized that the trails are not produced if a part of the moved object reaches the non rotated screen, but only if the complete object in on the rotated screen. EDIT3: The issue is not affected by the display position set in the NVIDIA settings (rotated screen set left or right from the non rotated screen), I just tested. But as I wrote above, the trails immediately stop being produced if the moved object partly reaches the non rotated screen. I hope you can understand my infos in my terrible english
  13. No bigmuscle, I just tested it again... Test: - to drag the dwm.exe console window around the rotated screen Results: a ) With the dll of your test build: all ok. NO trails at all when moving objects on the rotated screen b ) With the new B4 dll: lots of trails when moving objects on the rotated screen You must have changed something in the new build that is affecting it. As for the blur, I see that it is not working on the rotated screen by looking at the windows frames. If I place a window over another object, these objects are blured on the main screen (in the blured area of the frame) but completely seeable (frame transparent and not blured) on the rotated screen I'll do the debug screenshot. Give me a second.
  14. @bigmuscle did you change something in the transformation in this new b4? It is not working well again on the rotated screen. - objects are leaving trails when moved on the rotated screen (see screenshot) http://abload.de/img/unbenannt-1e5smq.jpg This didn't happen on that test build you sent me previous to b4. Also, blur is still not working on the rotated screen
  15. Wow, b4 is a total no go for me. I couldn't even start Windows 8.1. Same issue as reported. Both screens black, only mouse showing, I couldn't even start in save mode. I had to dettatch the SSD, attatch it via USB to another PC and rename the dll to be able to start windows again. I'll try the fixed file now. EDIT: Fixed version works again but still no blur on 2nd screen Wow bigmuscle you really scared the hell out of me with that first b4. If I didn't have several PCs here I would have been screwed :-) EDIT2: Do you need the minidump file or can I delete it? My minidump is 97Mb :-)
  16. No, the different monitor sizes were not the issue, but a problem with the transformation on rotated monitors (independently if they have same size or not, meaning, use same resolution or not). I said "were" because bigmuscle fixed it already on a test version he asked me to test. Only the blur is still not working on the 2nd screen, but I think he also fixed that too or found the issue :-) See my test on my dual-monitor (1920x1080 (std main) + 1200x1600 (rotated 2nd screen)): http://abload.de/img/unbenannt-1cud8k.jpg PS: IE? What is that? Something to eat?
  17. @energydream2007 and goldi if you didn't donate, you will have to download the correct version of MS Symbols manually. For donators, Aero Glass will download the necessary symbols automatically from the MS Server. If you didn't donate, you can click on "Retry" ("Wiederholden") button as often as you want, it will not work because if Aero Glass doesn't find the license.key file in the folder, it will not download the files.
  18. Offtopic I would go with the new Samsung 840 EVO (540/520 MB/s) instead of the OCZ Vector (550/530 MB/s) for RAID (although I myself have OCZs) . They are much cheaper and the performance is almost similar :-) And they have 1TB SSDs now too, which cost only a bit more than the OCZ 480GB Vector for more than double space
  19. How do you guys get that nice shadow around the windows like on MrGRIM's theme? My windows don't drop shadows, although I'm using his theme :-/ Is that a setting in the registry that I'm missing? Hmm.. I don't think Aero Glass is loading my themeatlas.png Edit: I missed it that in the latest beta you need "CustomThemeResource" in the registry again :-) Now it is working
  20. Yes, that's why I moved the dwm window on the top of the firefox window. You can clearly see that the text of the firefox is clearly seeable though the dwm window border (not blured) on the left part (2nd rotated screen), but not seeable (blured) on the right side of the screen (1st non rotated screen). So blur is not working on the rotated screen but it is working on the main screen.
  21. I never paid much atention to the blur...do you mean that glow thing around the window title text? If yes, then yes, it does. NVM, that is not the blur. No, Blur doesn't appear on the rotated screen... Screenshot coming in a few secs... Edit: You mean this, right? http://abload.de/img/unbenannt-1bxiqe.jpg
  22. @bigmuscle, read your PMs please http://abload.de/img/unbenannt-1cud8k.jpg
  23. @bigmuscle The problem occours always and always in the same way -> after windows start with Aero Glass, the 2nd screen (rotated) is black, the 1st screen is correct and when I move any object from the main screen (non rotated) to the 2nd one (rotated), it "washes" the black screen, the background starts showning in the parts of the screen where the object passes but the moved object is not displayed/is displayed distorced. I didn't try rotating the first screen...I will try it and report. Edit: I just did some tests and the results are always the same. On the rotated screen (independently if it is the main or the second one), the problem always occours: black screen, screen flashes when moving objects like mouse or windows across the screen, etc. - main monitor non rotated, 2nd monitor rotated -> main screen OK, second screen ISSUE - main monitor rotated, 2nd monitor non rotated -> main screen ISSUE, second screen OK

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