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  1. Hey Tihiy I've got a suggestion and a question. Is it possible for SIB+ have a silent installer variant? If yes, would you create one? Because I'd really love being able integrate your amazing start menu in my Windows 8.1 install.

  2. All those those walls of text for a message box suppressor :D

    I know right. I just a freaking message box. I'll admit popups are a pet peeve of mine, but in no way should it warrant all these walls of text.

    I'm curious though, if I set it to it's notification area behaviour to "Hide icon and notifications" how come it doesn't hide it?

  3. I installed Aero Glass on a Windows 8 Pro VM and it practically removes the taskbar's transparency. I'm not sure if that's because of AG or because it's a VM. If it is part of AG there any way to get AG and keep the taskbar's transparency? Will the final version have the taskbar transparency?

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