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  1. Hypothetically yes, but I doubt it. The only reason they ported Vista's then-exclusive DX version was out of necessity because no one would install Vista and they wanted to people to use it over it DX9. Microsoft is making a pretty big try and consolidate everyone under one platform. I doubt Microsoft will get rid of one of Windows 10 biggest incentives by porting it to older versions of Windows.


    Yes, it's stupid to always make the newest version of DirectX exclusive to the new version of Windows, but it's not like MS has never done this before and they need to give people some incentive to change Windows 10. Although, until I still something that appeals to me I'm sticking with 7.

  2. Thus begins a new era of tweakers to make Windows do good things.  Again.


    Or it doesn't because Microsoft could lock everything down like Apple does because they know they can get away with it. I mean what are you really gonna do? Use Mac or Linux? Please don't make me laugh.

  3. You can skip for now, but Windows 10 is the last version of the Windows Microsoft will release. They will serve all any all updates to the OS through Windows Update. If you really hardline against Windows 10 you can use Windows 7 until January 14, 2020, which when they turn off support for it.

  4. [qoute]... still confused.... If your install includes networking, you are physically connected, and you've come to your Desktop, why *wouldn't* you have an internet connection?


    I don't know why i wouldn't have an internet connection. I'm using a MSDN Windows 7 SP1 ISO formatted to a USB drive. Maybe there's something I'm not doing or something I'm doing wrong, but I always have to install drivers to get an internet connection once I get through the OOBE and to the desktop. And since the OOBE & setupcomplete.cmd stages are before getting to the desktop I don't have an internet connection during those stages.

  5. I wasn't getting any help in the unattended section so I thought I'd cross post my inquiry into the main Windows 7 section in hopes someone can help me.


    I want to run a Ninite installer during the setupcomplete.cmd phase. However, since making an offline Ninite installer (what they call "freezing") is a Pro only feature so I need to have an internet connection if I want to run them.


    Is it possible to have an internet connection during setupcomplete.cmd?

  6. Windows 10 at this point was always Windows 8.2 by another name and with a new coat of paint. Or at least that what it was to me. What you like is still there, but what you dislike is also still there. I'll wait still the final product to see if this is still the case.


    One thing is for certain though. I'll keep using Windows 7 until Microsoft cuts support. Here's hoping Windows 7 is XP 2.0.

  7. I was using Camtasia Studio and HyperCam 3. They both had lots screen tearing when setting up an area to record. Camtasia results in a black screen and HyperCam 3 was much slower than real time.


    The way I found out about the screen tearing was because I was trying record the screen and make an animated gif to show you in case you didn't quite understand what I meant by "wiping".


    I would test more screen recorders for you, but I unfortunately I only know of those two.


    Also if this was fixed in your "other improvements" ignore this. With SIB+ installed and using the Windows 7 orb, it's "mouse-over" and "clicked" colours aren't seamless like in the actual Windows 7 Aero theme. I'm not sure if that's the theme or the orb causing that.

  8. New updates to Windows Aero theme for windows 8.1 Update 1.


    Dowload: http://xxinightxx.deviantart.com/art/Windows-Aero-478224917


    When a window's view setting is Details why is it that the column it is sorted by is always coloured? It's not like that in Windows 7. And why when I have the details pane enabled with OldNewExplorer do they wipe in like PowerPoint transition? Why couldn't you leave them static like they are in Windows 7?


    Edit: I've now discovered that Program & Features now wipes in as well.


    Edit 2: The theme absolutely does not like being recorded. Screen tearing galore.

  9. Ptd163, yes, that's the factory default theme plus Aero Glass for Win 8.1 plus my own theme atlas.


    Save for a small change to make light characters on a dark "glow", it is available on BigMuscle's download site.


    Here's a version that puts up a dark background "glow" behind title text, in case you like the light characters on dark background look.




    And yes, that's BigMuscle's own beta GUI application to modify Aero Glass parameters pictured in my screen grab, also available from his download site, and with which I changed the caption text color to white as shown.



    Could possibly give me a tutorial/howto on how you made the theme look your screenshot? I have all the pieces, but this is one part of Windows I'm not very good with.

  10. Sounds like you prefer a simple and functional desktop.  That's my goal also.


    I use the Windows 8.1 standard theme with Aero Glass for Win 8.1 and a minimalist theme atlas file here.  I've reduced the size of the window chrome by importing registry values saved from a Windows 7 system.





    So that's just the factory default theme that comes with Windows 8? Would you willing to share your theme atlas? Or maybe you could pack your theme into a themepack file? Because that is literally exactly what I'm looking for in a theme. I can grab AG from BM's website myself.

    Lastly, did BM make that control panel? Or is it third party?

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