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  1. Have you tried rebooting since you last enabled that option?  I don't have those processes running.  I'm running Enterprise LTSB N, but I'm pretty sure at least SearchUI is still included with this version.


    Yes. Same result. Zombie processes that are ignorant of the setting and will resurrect themselves right after they are manually terminated via Task Manager.

  2. The Do not prelaunch SearchUI and ShellExperienceHost processes option doesn't do anything. I have the option checked on and the processes stay in the task manager and if I manually terminate them they just come right back.

  3. Interesting to see the expansion of the hosts list, including some nameless IP addresses in there now.  I'd have loved to see some comments on those entries describing where they go


    I reflected as many IPs into hostnames as possible with nslookup. A server failure, A non-existent host, and a timeout are why the 3 remain. If there were any comments about the nameless IPs it wasn't in the Reddit thread this post started from.

  4. Downloaded the MSDN Enterprise version ISO, but I don't see way to screen updates the way you could in Windows 7 like they said you could in Enterprise. Unless it's some obscure, buried setting which, knowing Microsoft's track record, it probably is. Or they just lied through their teeth and no version can screen updates. That's a possibility too.


    And I'm not talking about the utility that they put out their after the Nvidia driver debacle. Microsoft talked up the Enterprise version as the only version that could screen updates with an external solution.


    The VM I installed it on is also very laggy and sluggish. It frequently gets to point where I have force reset the VM just to able do things again. Definitely not a very rosy experience so far.

  5. The KB article explicitly states that it's only temporary. I don't see how this changes anything. You're still only delaying the updates. You're still only changing the when not the if. I think I'll install the Enterprise version and just not deal with this.


    An add-on to replace a removed feature... how original. :thumbdown


    They're covering their butts. They thought people would take it lying down, but they were wrong and had to scramble.

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  6. Why, for example, should my desktop be slower today on Win 8.1 than 2 years ago on Win 7?


    Because Microsoft forgot how make operating systems after Windows 7 and is now just coasting on their market and usage share dominance. I would be completely unsurprised if 7 goes through an XP style holdout considering how much work needs to be put into 10 just to make it useable.

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  7. Also, some claim DirectX 12 will make gaming better.  I'm no expert on that.


    The only thing that's really not an incremental improvement would probably be the apparent ability to stack VRAM.


    Example: You have GTX 980 Ti's in SLI. Normally the machine only sees 6 GB of VRAM because each card is using its own VRAM. However, with DX12 this would become 12 GB of VRAM... apparently.

  8. OMG!!!  The benefits are so many they are impossible to list.  Beginning with boot time, start menu, modern apps, and going way beyond.  Simply the absolutely best OS I have ever used.


    The Microsoft shill is strong with this one :P


    The boot time "improvements" are because of Hybrid Start which doesn't ever shut your computer off. It never clears the RAM. It's a glorified hibernate. So of course it's going to be faster. You're not cold booting. You're only ever warm booting after that first initial startup. The start menu is infected with Metro. Lastly, what exactly are the benefits of Metro in general? No it's okay, I'll wait.


    If there are any good things about Windows 10, they're under-the-hood. where the average user will never see or even know about any such things.

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  9. I'm waiting to use Aero Glass until RTM is out. Too many builds recently, 10166 just came out, 

    Ditto for me as well and that might be BM's strategy as well. Waiting for RTM gives him a static platform to work from as opposed to the TP which is constantly in flux.

  10. O.O


    Nice job. I will be all over this upon commercial release. That's one down now I just need OldNewExplorer and AeroGlass updated to Windows 10 then I will consider using it.

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