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  1. Description: Sets the computername Language: C++ Screenshot SetComputerNameGUI.7z
  2. isobuster is often possible to read cd/dvd that windows xp cant read
  3. Yes.. If the server has some sort of sniffer it is possible for admins to see websites, passwords, conversations and everything else that goes through the server
  4. I use "..\Xplode\XPlode.exe" in cmdlines
  5. nice desktop... what are you using for the computer info on the desk? Samurize on the right and Sysmetrix at top
  6. http://www.maxivista.com/multi_monitor.htm
  7. If you use Diskeeper you can run a boot time defrag
  8. it is gradient so you must select the color from the top to get the rgb.. Scroll down until you see something like: <style resid=taskpane> element [id=atom(sectionlist)] { background: gradient(argb(0,196,200,212), argb(0,177,179,200), 1); padding: rect(12rp,12rp,12rp,12rp); borderthickness: rect(1,0,0,1); bordercolor: white; } argb(0,196,200,212) is the rgb at the top and argb(0,177,179,200), 1) is the color att the bottom of the taskpane
  9. http://playboyskins.desktopninja.com/tutorial.htm There is a easy editable shellstyle.dll with a tutorial
  10. if you use the standard luna theme it is luna.msstyles and it is located in %windir%\Resources\Themes\Luna EDIT: But the easiest way is by using TGTSoft Stylebuilder
  11. It is possible.. You just need to hex edit the .msstyles file
  12. Some info about CAPTCHA and links to CAPTCHA scripts at the end
  13. First modifype sysdm.cpl and then cab it and replace it in i386 on the cd
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