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  1. Free antivirus that's NOT AVG 8.0?

    I would recommend Avast as it has a good rating and does a good job and it is free. I too got rid of AVG 8.0 for much the same reasons you did, it has turned into bloatware and junk. Go here to find this free antivirus if you like: http://www.avast.com/index.html
  2. Windows Clock Won't Update

    I had this same problem at one time. If your using a firewall you have to configure the firewall to allow for the time to update if the firewall does not allow for that. If you do not know how to do that, then turn the firewall off and then update and then turn the firewall back on. If it is not the firewall, I cannot say what would be preventing this for you. But with the error you got, like I did, it was my firewall. Dakota
  3. SP3 is now on Technet/MSDN

    Has anyone tried to install this service pack on WindowsXP SP2 Media Center Edition? I am under the impression that those who use Windows XP media center edition have to wait to actually get it off of auto downloads from Microsoft for some reason. Just wondering if this will work on the Media Center Edition or not? Thanks everyone, Dakota
  4. error 0x800706f9

    Perhaps this will help you. IUnknown Extended by INameSpace INameRanges IHeap IContinuation IHeapFactory IModule ... E_UNRECOGNIZED_MEDIA 0x800706f9. http://research.microsoft.com/invisible/IUnknown.htm Dakota
  5. Help with broken registry entries

    I have no idea what registry cleaner you used, but most have a backup system with the software. If your software you used has a backup and restore registry to previous situation you can do that. If the OS system restore was turned off, you certainly cannot use that. So try to see if the software you used saved the system registry and if so, restore it to previous situation. If you cannot restore the registry then your in trouble already. If all else fails, you will have to reinstall your computer operating system. It is never a good idea to mess with the registry unless you know exactly what is being deleted or changed. I guess you kind of found that out. But if the software you used cannot restore the registry, you have no alternative but to re-install all that was lost and it could be the whole operating system.
  6. Which Os Is Better?

    Hi, I use windows XP sp2 windows media center edition. I like it, have had no real problems with it and does all I want it too. I run a Intel Pentium D processor 3.0 Ghz with a gig of ram. All seems to be working well, I cannot find anything wrong with windowsXP media center at all, in fact, I find it to be a very good OS. Everyone has their own ideas I guess of what is best, but all in all, if the OS works and does a good job for you, then that is all that is necessary. People have been discussing and argueing for years now which is the best OS and if asked of 10 different people, you will get 10 differents opinions and ideas of what they think is best. The worst system on earth that microsoft ever made ( I have been a computer technician for 10 years now ) was Windows ME, but even then, you will find people who think it is great. In time I shall change over to 64 bit, but I see no reason to do that right now as there would not be a plentiful real benefit to it. Just my opinions of course, Dakota
  7. Windows Live™ Messenger Invitation Topic

    I would like a invite if there are any left thedakotawinds@gmail.com Thanks much
  8. Computer Crashing spontaneously

    Hi, I had this same problem a few months back and I found it was the sound card driver that was in conflict and would cause the computer to crash or reboot. So your friend might wish to check all drivers. I bet he might find it could be that. Hope it helps, Dakota SunRunner
  9. My favorite browser is...

    Hi Well I like firefox and IE and can say I like anything that works correctly and is bug free, but I am beginning to beleive, there is no such thing. I took firefox off my computer for the third time, for again it demonstrated crashes and problems and this time, seems firefox did not like java. Guess I shall not bother with it any more. I am now using maxthon and find it to be more than able to do the job. Guess everyone has a preferrence and all are good if they work correctly. I am now waiting fo the new netscape, we will see how good that is. Dakota SunRunner
  10. Should Microsoft do a complete recode of Windows?

    Hi all, In installed sp2 and wiith no problems. But since sp2 has come out, it would seem that now we are faced with even more dangers to the systems. They fix one problem only to find another and then another. It might be in their best interest to recode it all and do it right this time, as I for one am sick of microsoft and thier sloppy work and very poor excuses. While many computer systems are being hurt and the people also, Microsoft is laughing all the way to the bank. It is very disheatening to say the least. I am also considering going to another OS entirely and that would be Linspire. Thanks all, Dakota SunRunner
  11. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AlwaysUnloadDll] @="1" this is the one that works, but since m$ does not make use of it since w2k it's irrelevant. you found a generous soul, next time try the search button, there isn't much people like @The Glimmerman Well since M$ does not use it any longer and it is irrelevant, then why post a answer to the question? Or am I misunderstanding you? Dakota
  12. Game Continuum will not log on servers

    Hi well I do not use windows firewall, I use zone alarm pro. In the software there are many different zones to different servers depending on which area you wish to play. They all use a different port to log on to thier particular server. The software finds the servers, all of them and there are many. When I try to log on, it says cannot log on or lost server connection or some such thing. Even when I turn off the firewall and anti virus software it will not log on to any server listed and gives the same error, connection to server lost. This is funny too, when I first installed sp2 the game played fine. But my computer did a flip flop on me and I had to reformat and reinstall everything. This is when the game stopped logging on to any server. So it is anyones guess I gather and I suspect if microsoft cannot figure it out, then maybe no one else can either. I thought perhaps NOD32 or the Firewall stopped it's log on, and it might yet be that, but I sure cannot find what it is. So who knows, but I thought I would ask the question here....I can hope at least. I am not too upset over this, as everything else works fine, no other problems, just this game. Thanks much, Dakota SunRunner
  13. Hi All, Here is a question for ya. I play a game called Continuum (or use to) formerly called subspace. It installed correctly and it engages correctly but will not log onto any servers to play the game. I installed the patch for the loop problem and it still will not log onto any server. I also shut down the firewall and virus protection in case that had anything to do with it and no go, will not log on to any server. I uninstalled it and installed it again and still no go. I have been having microsoft tech support helping me with it and their conclussion is, uninstall SP2. Wow what a revelation that was. Been playing with this for three weeks now. The game works but will not log onto any server. I have no problems with any other software on my computer, just only Continuum. It has me baffled and obviously Microsoft is baffled also. Anyone with any ideas? I will not uninstall SP2 for a game as I find thier security to be good. To me, uninstalling sp2 is admitting to defeat, but obviously Microsoft has no better idea than to do that. Thanks much, Dakota SunRunner
  14. Trouble with Service Pack 2

    Hi, Yes I would agree with the explanations given here by the other guys. It sounds to me like your system has become corrupt with a multitude of problems. You can rack your brain for the next day or two and still not get anywhere, especially if you canot get into windows properly. Your best bet: reinstall everything. the windows install will format and take care of everything. I see no other real option here. I installed sp2 on my families computer (mom and dad) and they have had no problem and it is a brand new dell. I hope all works out for you, as I now exactly how frustrating this can be, I went through this problem a week ago and I installed everything over again. Take care now and good luck to you. Dakota SunRunner
  15. Scroll delay in IE

    You also need to add more ram, you certainly do not have any where near enough. By the way your talking, you did not read anything the guy told you. Your computer will work much much better if you add more ram. All you did was reduce the color settings to satisfy not having enough ram, the problem will surface again unless you do add more memory. Dakota SunRunner