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  1. Thanks totoymola Got the **** file!
  2. If you're interested in the future of Windows, be sure to read this detailed report.
  3. This table shows the number of occasions since 2003 that various AV products have received a perfect score from Virus Bulletin newsletter's monthly tests. NOD32 10/10 100% Norton 9/9 100% F-Secure 9/9 100% Trend 8/8 100% Kaspersky 9/11 82% McAfee 8/10 80% AVG 6/8 75% Norman 7/10 70% F-Prot 6/9 67% Avast 6/9 67% I use NOD32..it's so low on resources that you actually forget the fact that you are running a antivirus & is currently the best as the table above indicates. Well just try it and i assure you that u will not even think of other choices!
  4. Here are Microsoft's Longhorn hardware recommendations: Desktop CPU: 3 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor with HyperThreading Technology 530 (or higher) or 3 GHz Intel Xeon processor with 2 MB L2 cache, or AMD Athlon 64, Sempron, or Opteron 100, 200, or 800 processor, single or dual-core versions. Mobile CPU: 1.86 GHz Intel Pentium M processor 750 (or higher), or AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology, Mobile Sempron, or Mobile Athlon 64 processor. RAM: 512 MB of RAM or more, all platforms. Longhorn Client release to manufacturing (RTM) May 24, 2006 (Expected) Source So make sure you get the latest, fastest & the greatest. I beleive the hardware requirements shown above is just a hint of whats coming our way. The best thing to do would be to wait a little longer.
  5. I agree! After all Win2k is v5.0 & WinXP is v5.1 WinXP is basically Win2k with some added cosmetics. BTW i use WinXP SP2!
  6. I hope everyone that makes software follow the Adobe way & stop making software for Win9x systems in the first place . There is no problem with people using a 98 machine as long as they don't connect it to the internet. Most 98 machines connected to the internet are unpatched & firewalls are unheard of. See my post.
  7. Like eidenk said i hope you are joking. A Windows 9x box should never be connected to the internet(it cannot be made secure) & when people don't use a firewall hackers spot the machine quickly & add it to their growing zombie network to send out spam & to conduct future worm attacks(like MS Blaster). soldier1st wake up!.
  8. I agree with soldier1st. I've had problems with NTFS read support utilities on Win9x systems. It's only likely to cause more problems.
  9. Here we go again.. I updated all the files inside SYSTEM32/DRIVERS with the newer Me one's. I don't have any problems. So i guess u guys can safely try this at home!.
  10. Well i just installed the Windows ME Networking Errors VNETBIOS.VXD Fix. Just extract the exe to a folder of ur choice & edit the 272991UP.INF file. Comment out all references to qfecheck. Right click & select install. Use caution though other Me updates may not work using this method.
  11. Tihiy Can you explain a little more about the second method. I can't get it working. I did change [Millshell_Inst] to [DefaultInstall]. But when i right click & select install nothing happens. Am i doing something wrong here?
  12. First of all a big Thank You to Tihiy It did work i just got a real speed boost I followed these steps And i ended up here The Start Menu/My Computer may act weired upon restarting. So make sure you have/make a Batch file with these entries on your desktop. Run the batch file. Restart Windows & Watch Windows Fly. To really benefit from "98SE2ME: Killer Replacements" you should try this method. Hopefully MDGx will add this to the next version of "98SE2ME: Killer Replacements".
  13. You see the reason why i ran these appz is to see how it detects the OS during setup. The setup quit there itself without continuing with the rest of the installation as it found that i am running an unsupported OS. Hope that clears your concern. B)
  14. It dosen't work After changing it to xp pro mode i restarted & tried to install acrobat reader 7 & office 2003 which promptly said that i was using an unsupported OS. As far as i am concerned this utility is useless

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