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  1. Damn nfo viewer . msi

    Thanks totoymola Got the **** file!
  2. Service Pack 3

    If you're interested in the future of Windows, be sure to read this detailed report.
  3. What's the best firewall?

    This table shows the number of occasions since 2003 that various AV products have received a perfect score from Virus Bulletin newsletter's monthly tests. NOD32 10/10 100% Norton 9/9 100% F-Secure 9/9 100% Trend 8/8 100% Kaspersky 9/11 82% McAfee 8/10 80% AVG 6/8 75% Norman 7/10 70% F-Prot 6/9 67% Avast 6/9 67% I use NOD32..it's so low on resources that you actually forget the fact that you are running a antivirus & is currently the best as the table above indicates. Well just try it and i assure you that u will not even think of other choices!
  4. When Longhorn comes you take it or

    Here are Microsoft's Longhorn hardware recommendations: Desktop CPU: 3 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor with HyperThreading Technology 530 (or higher) or 3 GHz Intel Xeon processor with 2 MB L2 cache, or AMD Athlon 64, Sempron, or Opteron 100, 200, or 800 processor, single or dual-core versions. Mobile CPU: 1.86 GHz Intel Pentium M processor 750 (or higher), or AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology, Mobile Sempron, or Mobile Athlon 64 processor. RAM: 512 MB of RAM or more, all platforms. Longhorn Client release to manufacturing (RTM) May 24, 2006 (Expected) Source So make sure you get the latest, fastest & the greatest. I beleive the hardware requirements shown above is just a hint of whats coming our way. The best thing to do would be to wait a little longer.
  5. Service Pack 3

    Sorry Repost
  6. Service Pack 3

    I agree! After all Win2k is v5.0 & WinXP is v5.1 WinXP is basically Win2k with some added cosmetics. BTW i use WinXP SP2!
  7. It has been 7 years since Win98 was released

    I hope everyone that makes software follow the Adobe way & stop making software for Win9x systems in the first place . There is no problem with people using a 98 machine as long as they don't connect it to the internet. Most 98 machines connected to the internet are unpatched & firewalls are unheard of. See my post.
  8. Firewall For Win9x/me

    Like eidenk said i hope you are joking. A Windows 9x box should never be connected to the internet(it cannot be made secure) & when people don't use a firewall hackers spot the machine quickly & add it to their growing zombie network to send out spam & to conduct future worm attacks(like MS Blaster). soldier1st wake up!.
  9. Windows ME Service Pack

    I agree with soldier1st. I've had problems with NTFS read support utilities on Win9x systems. It's only likely to cause more problems.
  10. Adding More me Files?

    Here we go again.. I updated all the files inside SYSTEM32/DRIVERS with the newer Me one's. I don't have any problems. So i guess u guys can safely try this at home!.
  11. Adding More me Files?

    Well i just installed the Windows ME Networking Errors VNETBIOS.VXD Fix. Just extract the exe to a folder of ur choice & edit the 272991UP.INF file. Comment out all references to qfecheck. Right click & select install. Use caution though other Me updates may not work using this method.
  12. Adding More me Files?

    Tihiy Can you explain a little more about the second method. I can't get it working. I did change [Millshell_Inst] to [DefaultInstall]. But when i right click & select install nothing happens. Am i doing something wrong here?
  13. Adding More me Files?

    First of all a big Thank You to Tihiy It did work i just got a real speed boost I followed these steps And i ended up here The Start Menu/My Computer may act weired upon restarting. So make sure you have/make a Batch file with these entries on your desktop. Run the batch file. Restart Windows & Watch Windows Fly. To really benefit from "98SE2ME: Killer Replacements" you should try this method. Hopefully MDGx will add this to the next version of "98SE2ME: Killer Replacements".
  14. Windows 98SE Version Changer

    You see the reason why i ran these appz is to see how it detects the OS during setup. The setup quit there itself without continuing with the rest of the installation as it found that i am running an unsupported OS. Hope that clears your concern. B)
  15. Windows 98SE Version Changer

    It dosen't work After changing it to xp pro mode i restarted & tried to install acrobat reader 7 & office 2003 which promptly said that i was using an unsupported OS. As far as i am concerned this utility is useless