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  1. The Robin Hood for the new millennium, that's right, a true hero of America. Galvanic as Dr.Phil he is! The future is near and it starts with Ballmer.
  2. No, and I wasn't aware of this incompatibility, thanks for telling. My only security is Eset Endpoint. Normally the shortcut works pretty fast. My guess lags can be due to overloaded system and also when certain active windows intercept key strokes.
  3. Agree with every word said, very well and precisely put. I see why they came up with windows 8, but I don't understand at all why on earth would they decide to let it run on desktops without the beauty of windows 7, without those aero goodies which Microsoft themselves used to call "the best UI ever in the OS history". Just how much extra effort would it have taken to simply keep all the good stuff so user decides: got a desktop then help yourself turn the eye candy on, got a tablet then leave it off by default. Especially given that all testers as one were literally imploring Microsoft to keep aero and flip. ------ @CharlotteTheHarlot posted some cool pics, and I fear that's a step further with Windows 9, this time without a pixel of redundancy.
  4. A big fan of autohotkey here, me, and I've used that approach successfully. However, in a few circumstances there's a huge lag after clicking that shortcut before metro comes up, like several seconds which is quite annoying. There must be a point in a system's dll to start metro instantly just as fast as from Charms menu.
  5. Looks beautiful if you keep in mind it resembles the style of metro. Has anyone come up with Vista start skin for StartIsBack ?
  6. My deeper impression of Windowd 8 is it's cool and fast, feels like more resistent to blue screens, and with a few new features to like, yet it's so dorky without real aero and without Flip3d. Sucks Bill Gates had quit keeping his eye on final concepts in Microsoft.
  7. Business license keys are now available: http://www.startisback.com/#business-tab Those who donated $10 or more during development have Business license. Congratulations! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Stay tuned for 2013. Version 1.4 will bring some Modern UI integration. Improvements for enterprise and individual users are also planned. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. Version 1.3 is indeed awesome, in addition to those improvements listed the jumplists` opening animation is a lot smoother now.
  8. Interesting, but IMHO transparent borders without Aero Blur are not as good as solid. What I truly want added to Windows 8 is Flip3D as in Windows 7. Yeah, blurring is my plan. But, starting from Vista (and Win7/8) it is not so easy to do. Technique which did work on XP simply does not work with DWM enabled. Although DWM renders windows into off-screen buffer, it is not possible to get pixels which are hidden under certain window - or better, it is possible to iterate over all windows in needed z-order, render them into my buffer and composite whole desktop (then get rectangle under window border and do a blur on it) on my own. It is very fast when you have two or three windows on your desktop. But performance will degrade with the amount of opened windows. Maybe there is another way but I have not found a solution yet... I know that windows 8 DWM is in fact Aero but without transparency, and thanks for the clarifications. Indeed it's a hefty task to apply transparency over DWM that just thwarts the Aero blur feature. I wish you good luck with the project. Perhaps it'll be easier going this route: http://www.neowin.net/news/windows-8-may-get-aero-glass-back-via-modder. I just find the lack of Flip3D greater annoyance than the lack of transparency, this was my point. Rebuilding missing Flip3D feature from scratch is quite a task too, but it's worth the effort..
  9. Thanks so much @Tihiy, all works as charm in this release. AeroByDesign is awesome and now it's my favorite skin. Although not new in this release, it's still worth to note another great feature: the shutdown button shows the yellow update mark once system updates are ready. Control Panel shortcut is cool too. ---------------------------------------------- Interesting, but IMHO transparent borders without Aero Blur are not as good as solid. What I truly want added to Windows 8 is Flip3D as in Windows 7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm reluctant to try the silent method, but still might that be some driver bugging out, what does your bsod error say? Every blue screen creates crash report in X:\Windows\Minidump, so a .dmp has to be there, of course if you haven't changed your system default setting.
  10. This sounds abnormal, yet I can't reproduce that. If you hit Ctr-Esc, do you get the start menu pop up in this case? Following on from your report, could such behavior be caused by: - some software running alongside that makes use of Win key? - the fact that windows explorer needs time to first load necessary libraries on startup for startisback's hotkeys to work? ----------------------------------- I would second this, if not user-defined input then the following keys would be good: 1. Start screen hotkey - LWin/Ctr-Esc - RWin - LWin+Shift - LWin+Ctr - LWin+Alt 2. Start Menu hotkey - LWin/Ctr-Esc - RWin - LWin+Shift - LWin+Ctr - LWin+Alt I'd prefer to choose LWin for the Metro and RWin for the Start menu.
  11. I haven't installed RC1.1 yet but I would guess that might refer to the context menu that pops up when you right click the start button. ----------------------------------- Trial: http://mirillis.com/en/products/action.html Free: http://camstudio.org/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Right, a small anomality. On the other hand, we recently had people complain about the orb missing under certain rare circumstances, such as in some cases with virtual desktops, on exitting full-screen mode etc. Since the orb is correctly overlayed when the full screen window is active, it's not a bug. Thank you for reporting. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Someone suggested earlier "to add custom frames to user picture" - sounds good but the destiny of this project is to recreate the original start menu as it is in Windows 7. It should be no huge effort to add a custom frame manually.
  12. $3 2 licences is not that expensive, much cheaper than Start8. Send 1 to July Green, right? Yes, not only folders, but other shortcut types as well, such as control panels, etc. Funny thing is, I had a "Program and Features" link from my Windows 7 install, that remained in StartIsBack, but it is impossible to readd it if I remove it or have to reinstall Windows. It is EXTREMELY simple to pin ANY item you want, 1. Pin any shortcut like "notepad" 2. Right-click that pinned item > Properties > Shortcut > Target, just change your target path. e.g. Control Panel path: control.exe Recycle bin: explorer.exe shell:RecycleBinFolder Windows update: explorer.exe shell:::{36eef7db-88ad-4e81-ad49-0e313f0c35f8} Mouse Properties: rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL main.cpl,,0 etc. To change the shortcut icon see%SystemRoot%\system32\imageres.dll.
  13. This has been reported before and I guess fix is coming, but you are spot on the search texts are now by default grey in Windows 8: It would be great if you could outline the exact steps to get that bug - this way bugs are located and get fixed. You could create a new user account to try StartIsBack there, and see what's different in it. Works fine with a new user. I tried killing all the processes that are open in the regular user account but not in the new one, but still does not work. I have no idea what else is different, sorry that I can't be of more help. Still if you find ways to reproduce that behavior don't hesitate to report, plz. Thanks for the edit. It's a false positive, By design StartIsBack works without a single service or an .exe running, and therefore it entirely relies on its .dll files that can't work if they are not linked to in the registry. AVG sniffs registry modification. My Eset Endpoint with the latest updates detects nothing at all. Right, user profiles can be on any drive, not just C. And yes, it's great to have best of both worlds, traditional Start menu and Metro. The program is currently in beta testing so just stay tuned to the announcements in the first post of this thread.
  14. As far as I know, the lower left-hand corner is on to-do list, and likely it will be available soon. I cannot reproduce this bug, but other folks may be able to. Can anyone else confirm this bug?
  15. IMHO Vista is better than 8, definitely nicer and cooler despite the fact it's a little slower on old hardware.
  16. It would be great if you could outline the exact steps to get that bug - this way bugs are located and get fixed. You could create a new user account to try StartIsBack there, and see what's different in it.
  17. Wow, even IObit made a Start Menu program? Nothing wrong with having the option. That way every user gets what they want.. 'Send Feedback' and the sky crawling tallness of this menu are amazing. Has anyonne tried beta 2, any improvements? www.iobit.com/iobitstartmenu8.php
  18. No problem with Desktops from Sysinternals either. P.S. One issue with Sysinternals though, if you switch to another desktop and then hit startisback's metro hotkey, it launches metro and automatically switches you to the first desktop. Apparently, such behaviour is by Sysinternals' design.
  19. It does. I use Dexpot and DeskSpace, I often switch between my desks and I see no problem at all.
  20. Does it open normally after the first time it fails? No, I can't open them from the start menu. Only from control panel or the metro screen. It's weird because at first it worked, I'm using beta 4. And by the right click menu I meant the one that is default in win8 desktop, with many tools in it in in the lower left corner. Alright, why don't you outline the steps too reproduce it. Of what I've tried: 1. Open the startisback menu and search for 'Sound'. From the search results I choose 'Sound' and the sound menu appears as it should. All's perfect. 2. Goto charms or metro, hit Win-Q and search something, then launch it, and it starts up fine. I see no problem.
  21. Does it open normally after the first time it fails? The keys will be cheap enough. Just stay tuned.
  22. 1. StartIsBack is not freeware. RC version is due soon. Then you can purchase a key. Stay tuned for the first 2 posts in the first page of this thread. 2. You can use classic shell software along with StartIsBack menu without any conflicts. I use both too. In this case StartIsBack will override the start button, but you can invoke classic shell's menu with its hotkey. 3. Just right-click on the start button, start menu properties, and set the desired number of recently opened programs to display. That's it, just like the start menu in 7, nice, fast, and reliable.
  23. I don't think it's possible without modding of each individual metro app. Why would you need different languages in your metro apps, is there really much use in such approach?
  24. Yes. But he says taskbar didn't switch between tasks, which is weird and if it reproduceable, then it's a bug. The taskbar does switch between tasks, no anomalies at all. Let's test 2 modes, 1. Full-screen: hit LWin, it takes me to the desktop with the start menu open and the game minimized in tray. The taskbar is OK. 2. Windowed 3d game mode: hit LWin, the start menu panel opens on top over the windowed game. The taskbar is OK, nothing unusual, the apps runninng in it, previews functional. TO SWITCH TO ANOTHER APP, you need to first minimize the windowed game because JUST LIKE IN XP/7/VISTA windowed games are topmost, such behavior is normal.
  25. Yes. But he says taskbar didn't switch between tasks, which is weird and if it reproduceable, then it's a bug. The taskbar does switch between tasks, no anomalies at all.

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