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  1. Ah, okay thanks for telling me. Alright then I'll be looking out for it when ever you post the the preview version. Anyways keep up the good work will you.
  2. So I've just followed this from a MDL post, this is quite awesome I didn't think we would ever see the aero glass back. I for would like to say to bigmuscle Congrats on bringing the Aero Glass back!. But I have one question. Will this be able to be used on 32 Bit systems? or will it some how be limited to 64 Bit systems?.
  3. You can't turn it off but did you know that if you middle-click (click the scroll-wheel) the Start Orb, it'll open the Start Screen? Only if you don't change the default behavior of the scroll-wheel click, though. No I didn't know that, Man thanks!. That's pretty nice to know.
  4. Well, I've been using this. and I have to say I love it!. I want to say thanks for this great piece of software! Anyways Enough of the praise you already receive enough Well I have a most likely dumb question. Is there anyway I can like temporally turn the start menu off and bring back the hot corner for the start screen? I'm just curios that's all.
  5. So it would work with the Unofficial Service pack, and the Update Rollup now that's easier , It may sound like I'm lazy, but I'm on dial up. and I'm trying to find a way I can get all the needed files all at one time on some High speed internet. with that said This should work thanks!
  6. Currently, there is no one single file available, that I know of, that will update your system fully, hence tomasz86's long term goal of coming up with a new Win2k SP. Sorry if I jumped in and misunderstood something. Cheers and Regards Oh so that SP5, will not completely update my system, well that's no problem. so no worries. I'll just have update manually update my system then... man this is quite tiring :|
  7. Okay back with one dumb question? Where can I find those two files^... could you link them please? IE6 you can download directly from M$: http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie6sp1/finrel/6_sp1/W98NT42KMeXP/EN-US/ie6setup.exe and the other update you can find on the Windows 2000 Updates list: http://www.windows2000.tk/updates/ However, it seems that your system is not fully updated. I'd recommend installing at least all available official updates before applying any unofficial patches. Alright thanks, and I'm guessing that my Windows 2000 pro SP4 is not up to date at all... Could I install that Microsoft Windows 2000 Unofficial SP 5.1.2195 and will that update my system fully?... (I need to stop asking dumb questions)
  8. Okay back with one dumb question? Where can I find those two files^... could you link them please?
  9. Oh... that's why, thanks for telling me. It seems this'll have to wait till I get near some Wifi to pick up IE6 <__<
  10. Sorry Double Post... Okay I downloaded the file. Windows2000-KB935839-v22b-x86-ENU.EXE (is that the one I needed?) Well anyways... I execute'ed it and it extract's but after click the button Execute. It pops up with an error. "%InvalidIEVersion%" So what does that mean? EDIT:, never mind I think I figured out what I did wrong... I did not get the latesr kernel extension. Edit#2: never mind i killed windows 2000... Bummer.
  11. Oh okay. thanks, I didn't think I needed anything else but it seems I do >_<, Oh well Downloading now. Thanks for the help!
  12. Oh alright... I didn't see it <.< That was quite dumb of me. I found it now Thanks So this is the only file I need right? Windows2000-KB935839-x86-v2-ENU.EXE If so I think I'm ready to play around with 2000
  13. Hello, I'm quite intrested in trying KernelEx. But I can't find the download links?. I've looked in the first page, but the page linked is all in Japanese... Could someone maybe link all the files I would need? I would get them from the site. But I have no idea which Link is the one I should click.

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