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  1. If manual fix is too complicate, perhaps can open this function to free version? The Win8.1 Lite systems has been plagued by this issue can get fix easier. TIA
  2. nuhi, by the way How can I manually fix this issue? Would like to do it on machine without NTLite installed. Thanks
  3. Hi nuhi, The test version runs perfectly. Thanks a lot.
  4. I am seeing this issue with my Win8.1: Can't Rename or move Any Folder In Windows 8.1 I use NTLite to modify Win8.,1, then install. Any idea which component I remove would cause this issue? Thanks PS. I am able to rename folder if I open a CMD window with administrator.
  5. Did not see this option available from Removal in beta 2525? Is it possible to remove this functionality? Thank you.
  6. Hi nuhi, Did not know that removing UAC icon from Control Panel is an OS constraint. I am good now. Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot, MagicAndre1981 Hi nuhi, Would like to report a possible bug. I have 2420 beta. Use a fresh ISO, remove UAC as planned. But after Win8.1 installed, there is still UAC icon in Control Panel. When click on the UAC, it shows error message that this link is no valid due to program is not there.
  8. Is there any side effect if I remove UAC? I always change UAC setting to lowest, which is not to inform me any changes. Remove it would make things much more easier. Just need to know if there was any dependency. Thanks
  9. Tseng

    Windows Firewall

    Thanks a lot, nuhi. I love Windows 8.1, but need use it jointly with Startisback and AeroGlass. Still always feel like missing one piece until you are back with NTLite. Your nLite has helped me a huge deal during XP era. Now you have came finally back for Win8.1, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work and what you have done for Windows user community. Wish you a great 2015 and hope we will see NTLite out of beta. I am sure lots of people are patiently waiting like I am.
  10. Tseng

    Windows Firewall

    As I am using hardware firewall of my router, the Windows Firewall is always disabled in my Windows 8.1 machine. Is there any reason besides protection not to remove Windows Firewall? I assume it is protected under Compatibility All for a reason or reasons? Thanks for all help in advance.
  11. Just bought NTLite personal version. 1st investment in 2015. Quick question: I have Office 2013 installed, and my mail client is Outlook 2013. If I chose to remove Windows Mail in the Live Install mode on my running Windows 8.1, will there be any side effect? I seem to remember that in nLite, (not sure it is XP or Vista), remove Windows Mail will render Outlook useless. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi BigMuscle, Now that Windows 10 Preview is out. Will you release new version for Windows 8.1? Thanks
  13. Will a new version with improved/enhanced features coming out soon? I remember that Bigmuscle announces such new versions around 5-6 weeks ago.
  14. Fully agree with Mequa on StartIsBack + Aero Glass for Win 8.1 are must have for Win 8.1 users without touch screen. These 2 applications help us to get best of both worlds (Win7 UI + Win8 improved speed & stableness)
  15. Tihiy, Could you make it an option to have "Show Destop" button? I think the area can be triggered is thiner in Win8.1 compare with Win7. But it is a really useful feature and would be nice to have it visualized too. TIA
  16. Is the only way to replace the AppInit_DLLs by going in Safe Mode? Win 8.1 does not allow me to write over the files.
  17. Just curious, the waiting period of the next update of RT&Lite is much longer this time. Any idea when the 1.6 will be released?
  18. Thanks! Indeed for the files right in windows\system32, just provide the file name and RT7lite can accept However need more than this to secure critical files
  19. Hi, I know where this function is, but not sure how to use it. ex. when RT7Lite asks for file name to be secured, how should I provide this info.? C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\acpials.sys <= does not work acpials.sys <= does not work drivers\acpials.sys <= does not work \drivers\acpials.sys <= does not work Thanks
  20. Excluded files functionality? Long story short, I'd like to keep the Light Sensor working in Device Manager. Even I chose to keep Adaptive Brightness, some files were still removed to prevent the Light Sensor to function. I manage to find out there are at least 3 files needed for Light Sensor to work. c:\windows\system32\drivers\acpials.sys c:\windows\system32\drivers\mudfrd.sys c:\windows\system32\drivers\UMDF\sensoralsdriver.dll How should I tell RT7Lite to use its excluded file function to ensure the above 3 files to be preserved? Any syntax I need to follow to make sure it is working? Thanks
  21. Trying to make a lite version of Win7 for my laptop, which has a light sensor to change the screen brightness. Using the original DVD, the system will have the Light Sensor installed. However my trimmed version of Win7 (no change to Driver section), the driver is missing. Anyone has idea which components this Light Sensor driver is associated? PS. I kept Adaptive Brightness as well
  22. Could anyone help to provide the info. of "Workspace Runtime"? What would be the impact if remove this component? TIA
  23. Hi, Will the RT7Lite be able to both integrate the SP1 to original MSDN Win7 DVD & work on SP1 MSDN Win7 DVD? TIA
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