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  1. Hi guys&gals. Please could some one help me with a link to downloading the styles. Websites any one ? Many Thanks.
  2. Thansk this is what i have been lokking 4
  3. hotdogs_r_us

    Sig Again

    Looks great m8 but 4 me i wud change the colors thats all
  4. Thanks 4 the reply. Dam u r good!!!!!!!! i tried making a Grid cudnt even do that ! lol oh well back to play blue background lol Cheerz Any Way
  5. Thanks guys all ur help much thanked Only prob is crating a sig now Cheerz
  6. No one out there than can help me ?
  7. How do u make sigs like > ThA_FiLeR See how he has those blue ice things stigging out and xper is bright cubed lin gon acrros, and other things like a 3D Grids, Digally lines stuff like that how do u do it? Any step by step wallthroughs wud be nice I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 cheerz w00t
  8. Only prob was coud'nt see any thing for icons? Also looking for like the starnderd xp ones like them but made to llook kool lol Cheerz 4 any help.
  9. Thankyou very much for ur kindness and the welcome lovely to be here Cheerz
  10. XeonInc thats wicked If i Give u a few Picks Of my and me m8s MODED Novas can u make erm liek them ? Sorry to be rude and ask! If so plez mail me at hotdogs_r_us@safe-mail.net Cheerez
  11. Hello There. I have Icons like blue red green floders. Alos have a Cartoon one and want more cartoon ones and funny cool ones any one know any webbys ? Or can any one mail me there? Cheersz Cheersz many Thanks for any help given.
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